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Top Five Temporary Email Address Generators

If you’re an Internet fanatic and you spend most of the time surfing the web, you would have come across the phrase disposable or temporary email address generators, ever wondered what that is? 😯 Temporary email address is an email address that can be thrown away or disposed off after some time. Unlike your real email address, you don’t need to carry around these temporary email addresses forever with you! 😎 🙂 Their most common application is online subscriptions; whether it is for signing up for a social networking site or gaining access to some community or forum. Most of the times, you do not wish to give out your real email address because of security leakage or spam threats so you get an access to the temporary email address that acts as a “mirror” for your real email address and shields your information! 😎

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Temporary Email Address Generators

One way of having temporary email addresses is to sit down, spend  your entire day in making hundreds of fake email ids for yourself, use them and end up forgetting their passwords! 😛 The other simpler way is to get an access to temporary email id generators that can do all the work for you. These id generators generate temporary accounts for you, forward your emails (the one that you have subscribed to using that temporary account) to your real id, keeping your information secured! 🙂 Here are some five temporary email address generators for you:

Temporary Email Address Generators

Top 5 Temporary Email Address Generators


10MinutesMail, as the name implies, is one of the temporary email address generators and disposes the emails within ten minutes.

10 Minutes Mail

Pros of 10MinutesMail

While registering for some social network site or any kind of website, the requirement is to give your temporay email address so that they can send you a validation email. The sole reason of wanting an email address is to send the confirmation email, therefore, instead of giving away your real email id, you can use this service that will dispose of the id after ten minutes.

Cons of 10MinutesMail

Sometimes, you get an error like “It appears that you have already created an account with us” while using 10 Minutes Mail. This is because the site starts blocking the 10MinuteMail domain, however, this error goes away when the admin swaps in a new domain.


HideMyAss is another website that lets you have temporary email addresses for yourself.

Hide My Ass

Pros of HideMyAss

Unlike 10MinutesMail, HideMyAss lets you decide on your own when to delete your email id. Whenever you feel like you don’t want that particular id anymore, you can delete it. Moreover, you get their proxy which lets you surf the Internet without disclosing your IP address.

Cons of HideMyAss

It’s not free and doesn’t allow you to reply back to emails.


Dispostable let’s you have hundreds of temporary email addresses by keeping things fairly simple and easy to understand.


Dispotable - Temporary Email Address Generator

Pros of Dispostable

Simple interface, suggests unique email ids too if the user is confused about what email id to make.

Cons of Dispostable

Unread messages that are older than 2 days get deleted. Therefore, the user needs to constantly check his Inbox so that he doesn’t miss out on anything important. Moreover, doesn’t allow the users to reply to the emails.

GMX – Global Mail Exchange

GMX or Global Mail Exchange is another email id generator. It comes with a virus protection program that helps in locating and eliminating of worms, Trojans and viruses.



Pros of GMX

Lets you have 9 different email addresses and allows us to send and receive emails using them. You can delete an email address anytime you want.

Cons of GMX

Unlike other email id generators, GMX (Global Mail Exchange) does not happen to have a common base name. For this, it may take several minutes for the changes to take place.


GuerrillaMail is also one of the most popular temporary email address generators. It’s simple, easy and flexible to use providing its users with many disposable email addresses.

Guerrilla Mail


Pros of the Best Temporary Email Address Generators

It checks for new emails after every 9 seconds or so. If you want, you can copy the email address (that has been assigned to you) to clipboard and then send an email. The best part about GuerrillaMail is, you can reply to the mails received using GuerrillaMail. You can attach 150MB file in your email. For me, GuerrillaMail is the best, thus I wont list out any cons of it! 😎

These are some of the temporary email address generators that you can use in order to get temporary email addresses.

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  • Another disposable email site is dudmail.com – no registration required. You get free email forwarding (with attachments) and a 14 days holding period for any incoming mail before it expires (and gets deleted =)

  • Quite interesting stuff from you Zainil!

    Thanks for presenting about temporary email address generators with its pros and cons.

    Will try it whenever needed.

    Keep sharing the tech stuffs 🙂

  • waow, great post Zainil. Seems you have done a lot of research before writing this piece. I haven’t used before but I have heard a long ago about 10 minutes mail. Thanks for putting up these together.

  • This was awesome tutorial Zenil. Registering the sites with your original email brings you a lot of spam emails..

  • With the ever increasing online spams and threats, it has become inevitable to protect our personal information from being misused. One shall use temporary email addresses wherever possible and keep the personal details protected.

  • NIce Listing Zainil 🙂

    Really !!! you said rightly that some time we need to access only for a few time. That time we don’t want to send our real mail ids.
    This could be the awesome way to to access on certain sites which requires a servey or similar thing.

    Thanks for the great info 🙂

  • Hi,

    I use mailguard.me
    It has great features…like…

    It is also possible to set up a number of addresses in advance and specify that they lie dormant until the first email arrives. Upon first email arrival and address activation, then the expiration timer can begin. With this feature it is possible for a user to create a number of nice looking addresses in advance that may be used in printed or other permanent form. These addresses can be handed out when needed without having to manage the expiration properties. The expiration properties will not become active until the first message arrives.

    Thanks for your information.

  • Wonderful list – will try these generators, but I have one question – will the info (real email where you forward messages) stay unknown and secure? Or someone can use your temporary email to get to know the real one, but in this case there’ll be no sense and security in using one

  • This post is going to be very helpful to me. Because, I’m receiving lots of spam ads on my classified site with this types of email id!

    I had no idea about this before..

    So, I have to work on email script to band this types of email.

  • Dispostable is one of the best temporary email address generator.
    And it can be use with many of the automated tools to create profile and backlinks too.
    I have never tried any other service mentioned above, but have a good experience with dispostable.
    By the way, very impressive logo. 😛

  • I love temp email addresses, so very handy for many things. 10 minute mail has been my preferred temporary email provider for years. Great list.

  • 10 minute mail was my favorite for a long time, but as you mentioned it seems like tons of places have started blocking them. I suppose it was only a matter of time though considering how popular they are.

  • Great article indeed, its a really help me to generate email addresses in bulk quantity. Once we have the list of emails, how do we access those email address inboxes? Does this only tell us that it is available, and we have to manually activate it with a password on the email host website?

    • These emails are usually used for signing up on the sites on which you don’t want to enter your personal email but you need to signup to access some features. In such case, you can make use of such generators to generate fake email addresses. You don’t need to do any settings, just generate and use. Inbox will be given you there on that site only.

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