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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Car Charging Apps

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to surge for controlling the pollution on our mother earth as it is proven that electric vehicles don’t pollute our environment as petrol and diesel vehicles do.

And due to the surge in usage, finding the most efficient and user-friendly charging options becomes more critical than ever. I have seen that in many countries EVs are launched but charging solutions for them is still a question. However, gradually things are settling well but at the moment, I am writing the content, I can say that the people in my vicinity who took EV, are not so happy as they have been facing issues related to battery, and charging.

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Luckily, there are numerous electric car charging apps designed to make your EV experience seamless and hassle-free. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best electric car charging apps available today, helping you find your perfect charging partner on the road.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Car Charging Apps

1. Zap-Map

Zap-Map is a UK-based app that has become the go-to resource for electric vehicle drivers. It provides comprehensive information on over 16,000 EV charging points across the country. The app allows users to filter results based on connector type, network, charger speed, and payment method. Additionally, the app offers real-time availability data, helping drivers avoid unnecessary detours and make informed decisions about their charging stops.

2. A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is an essential app for EV drivers planning longer trips. It helps you plan the most efficient route while taking into account your vehicle’s battery capacity, charging speed, and available charging stations. ABRP considers your car’s model, weather conditions, and driving preferences to provide you with the most accurate and efficient route. It also integrates with popular car systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making navigation a breeze.

3. Chargemap

Chargemap is an invaluable resource for EV drivers in Europe, offering detailed information on over 150,000 charging points across the continent. The app provides real-time availability, user reviews, and photos, helping you make informed decisions about your charging stops. Additionally, Chargemap Pass, the app’s integrated payment solution, makes it easy to pay for your charging sessions at thousands of compatible stations.

4. PlugShare

PlugShare is a global EV charging app boasting an extensive database of more than 300,000 charging points worldwide. The app allows users to filter results based on connector type, network, and charging speed. PlugShare’s community-driven platform lets users add and update charging stations, rate their experiences, and share tips with other EV drivers. The app also includes a trip planner feature, making it easy to find charging stations along your route.

5. ChargePoint

ChargePoint is a popular charging network, with over 100,000 charging spots globally. Their app makes it easy to locate nearby stations, view real-time data, and start charging sessions with just a tap. You can also monitor your charging progress, receive notifications when your electric car is fully charged, and track your charging history. ChargePoint supports popular payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay, making transactions hassle-free.

6. Pod Point

Pod Point is a leading UK-based charging network with over 3,000 charging points across the country. The app allows you to easily locate Pod Point stations, see real-time availability, and initiate charging sessions. The application also features an intuitive dashboard that displays your charging history, carbon savings, and charging costs. Pod Point’s user-friendly app and reliable charging network make it a top choice for EV drivers in the UK.

7. Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge, formerly known as NewMotion, is a comprehensive EV charging app that provides access to over 250,000 charging points across Europe. The app enables users to locate nearby charging stations, begin charging sessions, and discover real-time information. Shell Recharge also offers a user-friendly dashboard that lets you track your charging costs and monitor your carbon footprint. The app supports various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and the Shell Recharge card, making it a convenient option for drivers across Europe.

8. BP Pulse

As one of the UK’s most extensive charging networks, BP Pulse offers thousands of charging points throughout the nation. The app’s user-friendly interface enables drivers to quickly discover nearby chargers and offers customisable filtering options based on connector types and charging speeds. Seamlessly pay for your charging sessions through the app, and utilise the dashboard feature to track your charging history and costs. BP Pulse also presents monthly subscription plans to cater to the needs of frequent EV drivers.

9. EVgo

EVgo stands out as a leading charging network in the United States, featuring over 800 fast-charging locations across the nation. With the app, users can effortlessly find nearby chargers, see live status updates, and customize their search preferences based on connector types and charging speeds. The EVgo app supports in-app session initiation and payment, ensuring a convenient experience for EV drivers. Moreover, the app’s notification system keeps users up-to-date with their charging progress.

10. Ionity

Ionity, a joint venture comprising major car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, aims to establish a comprehensive high-powered charging network throughout Europe. The app allows users to access live availability updates, pinpoint Ionity charging stations, and tailor their search preferences based on factors such as connector types and charging speeds. With the Ionity app, EV drivers can also initiate and pay for charging sessions, offering a seamless experience for those traversing the European continent.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, EV charging apps have become indispensable tools for EV drivers, providing essential information on charging station locations, real-time availability, and integrated payment solutions. By familiarising yourself with these top electric car charging apps, you’ll ensure a smooth and efficient EV driving experience, whether you’re commuting within your city or embarking on a long road trip. Download your preferred apps today, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind they offer.

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