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9 Best Gender Swap Apps To Turn You Into A Woman – 2024

Medical science is so advanced today that you can now change your gender with the help of various surgeries. But if you want to answer yourself what would I look like as the opposite gender, you don’t need surgery but a mobile app.

Face swap apps

Yeah! Now you can change your gender simply by using a mobile app. I’m here listing out some of the best gender swap apps that will show what would you look like as the opposite gender. All these apps are top-rated with the best user reviews and can magically transform you into the opposite gender.

Nowadays people are making short video reels on YouTube and Instagram. It is a trend that a single person is playing both the male and female gender roles. For such creators, these apps are no less than a blessing. But before you jump onto the list of best gender swap apps, you must read What is the gender swap app?

What is The Gender Swap App?

Earlier when guys ever wondered what would I look like as a girl filter, Snapchat was the only app that offered such filters that turned a man into a girl. 

Snapchat has offered few girl filters but now there are full-fledged dedicated gender swap apps available to download. These apps allow you to visualize or digitally transform your appearance to resemble a woman or a girl. Or if you are a woman, and want to check your man version, then also you can do.

All the best gender swap apps mentioned hereafter make use of various technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition, to change a man’s appearance in photos or videos. These apps typically offer a feature that allows users to transform their gender appearance by swapping their facial characteristics with those typically associated with the opposite gender.

In a gender swap app, you can upload a photo or take a new picture with its default camera feature. The app then applies filters, algorithms, or AI models to modify the facial features, such as the shape of the face, hair length, makeup, and other gender-associated features. As a result, you will get an altered image that shows how you might look as the opposite gender.

Note: Please note that I can’t assure the safety, accuracy, or availability of the below-mentioned apps. It is crucial to exercise caution when downloading and using any third-party application. 

10 Best Gender Swap Apps To Turn You Into A Woman

Gender swap apps gained significant popularity in recent years due to their ability to provide a fun way to experiment with gender appearances. Besides gender representation, these apps enable you to explore additional features like age progression or regression or the ability to modify other aspects of the face beyond gender.

1. FaceApp – The Face Editor 

Looking at the popularity of this app, I must add this to my list. FaceApp has 60+ highly photorealistic filters to let you edit pictures and videos seamlessly. The app offers you fantastic face filters, attractive backgrounds, and other creative tools to photoshop your looks in just a blink of an eye.

There are multiple options you can try with your looks, say impression filters that change your hair color, and hair volume, add beautiful makeup, and smooth wrinkles,  remove acne, add color lenses, and much more. Apart from that, there are aging filters to make yourself look younger or older, weight filters, morph photos with your favorite celebrities, etc. All in all, this could be a one-stop app to get all the fun filters for photo editing.

2. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer 

The reason I have added Face Swap Booth – Face Changer app to my list is the unique face-editing features it has to offer. It is powered by advanced AI tools that enable users to swap faces with multiple faces. What I find unique is the mix and match of different facial features and blending them into one single picture. Say,  you like eyes from one face and mouth from another. 

I also like its live face swap feature, wherein you can swap faces with anyone on live calls. The app gives you the option of superimposing one face on another or superimposing any kind of object on your face. Rest you can expect all the basic features of a gender swap app.

3. Face Gender Changer App Swap 

The curiosity to know what would you look like as the opposite gender gave rise to gender swap apps. And, Face Gender Changer App Swap app is the perfect fit for everyone. However, this is available for Android users only as of now. 

This application can change your face into a woman, old age, or child,  and you would also be able to know the creepiest photo of yours. With its endless tools and features, you can makeover any picture and add face masks. Even your facial expressions can be changed from funny to sad to angry.

4. Cupace – Cut Paste Face Photo 

Cupace app works simply on the cut-and-paste method. You can simply cut your face from one picture and paste it on another picture. This is quite a useful app if you are a meme maker or often need face editing in a picture. So it is a photo editing app that can be used as a gender swap app also. 

Plus, it allows you to add text, stickers, and emojis to your edited photos. All your edited photos are saved in your phone gallery so that you can share them with your friends and use them again. Editing faces on group photos is the USP of this app however you have to manually highlight the faces.

5. Face Lab: Gender Changer 

Face Lab app provides a range of features, including a gender swap tool, to change your gender appearance in photos. It can generate a real transformation of your face. This app allows you to swap faces with any friend or celebrity, creating a gender-swapping effect.

It is primarily a face editor app that offers a wide range of beautifying tools. Using these tools, you can transform any face into the opposite gender and can also make it look young or old.

6. Banuba – Funny Face Swap 

Banuba is a fun and prank gaming selfie app with more than 1000 filters to choose from. Not on your photos and videos but it can change your voice too, so in my opinion, it is a complete package for making fun reels, videos, and pranking your friends. 

I personally like its on-trend emoji maker to express any emotion you want your audience to feel. Compared to other similar apps, I found the feature of this app best suitable for creators. Altogether,  the app has the power to create an all-new funny avatar of you by changing gender, voice, and expressions.

7. Face Swap Live 

Face Swap Live app applies real-time filters to your photos to see how you might look as the opposite gender. This app is meant for swapping faces only. Now you can add mustaches if you are a girl, to look like a man, or if you are a man, you may add long hair, or change eyebrows to appear like a woman. And the best part is that you can do this in real-time.

Being a digital video creator, I personally make use of this app, and I love the perfection of the way filters are applied. Lightning, position, glasses, everything is so perfect.

8. Snapchat 

The list of best gender swap apps is incomplete without the mention of Snapchat. Although Snapchat is not a dedicated app for gender or face swap it has got some amazing filters that get the job done for you. 

A large community of creators makes use of Snapchat to experiment with various characters and role plays. My favorite is the “My Twin” filter. This filter shows what would I look like as a girl filter. You may find this filter next to your Avatar icon on your Snapchat screen. 

9. Face Story – AI Artist Cartoon 

Last but not least app is Face Story. This is available on iOS only. Like all the other apps mentioned here, this app also has amazing handpicked features and filters to transform your looks. Some of the popularly used filters are aging filters, cartooning, face swaps, and gender swap ones.

Downloading and installing this app is totally free but there is a premium version also to unlock its full potential. If gender swap is your only purpose for using this app, you are good to go.


So, these were the best gender swap apps to find out what would you look like as the opposite gender. All these apps are approved and verified by Google Play and Apple Store but please double-check once before you download. I have installed and used all these apps before adding them to this list. so, next time when you need to swap your face or gender, pick any of the apps mentioned in this article.

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