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Top 5 Phone Spy Apps for Android and iOS

The digital world these days is a scary place for your child without parental control. You never know where they are, who they are talking to, and how safe a person is for them. While it’s certainly not possible for you to hover over your kids 24/7, smart monitoring software can solve the problem. Another field of use is to spy on your partner to confirm or dispel your suspicions of infidelity. Reasons for use may vary.

Being a parent, I think such spy apps are life savers because it is too difficult to monitor my kid’s activity on the phone. But, with such apps, monitoring is easy, and also, we can block certain types of websites and ads.

So if you are looking for reliable surveillance spyware, this guide is for you. Here is a quick checklist of the top 5 phone spy apps to monitor Android and iPhones, along with a few tips on using them.

Best Spy Phone Tracking Apps in 2022

The market is buzzing with tracking solutions, but here are our top 5 picks for the best phone spy apps, given user feedback and scale of use in the US:

  1. uMobix: The Best Overall Phone Spy App

Available for both Android and iPhone, uMobix is best known for covering a wide range of popular mobile apps like Telegram, Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Tinder, Facebook, etc. Along with that, you also get to track their basic communication channels like calls and text messages. 

What makes uMobix different is that it not only lets you monitor the device activity but also gives you real control over it. For example, if you find any inappropriate app that you don’t want them to be using, you can remotely delete it.

Along with this, setting up your uMobix spying app only takes 5 minutes. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy, uMobix team is always there to help. 

  • Monitors 30+ apps
  • Gives you complete control
  • Easy to navigate
  • Real-time updates every 5 minutes 
  • $1 trial offer
  • Plenty of features, including keylogging, listening in to surrounding sounds, screenshot snaps, etc.
  • 1 subscription – 1 tracked device (it is possible to unlink and link as many devices as you need)
  1. SpyBubble: The Best Undetectable Android Spy App

With plenty of loyal customers, SpyBubble has a positive reputation on the net. This tracking app is compatible with Android and iOS and some of its best features include remote call recording, where you can not only eavesdrop on conversations but also keep a record in case you need to confront them later, an automated keylogger that captures every word they type in, and a GPS tracker to always know about their current location. 

Whether you are worried about your child lying about their whereabouts, stepping into restricted areas of the city, or if you are simply worried about their safety when they are late, a SpyBubble spying app with location tracking is all it will take to put your mind at ease. 

  • Undetectable 
  • Individual control panel
  • Remote monitoring of SMS and IM chats
  • Affordable pricing
  • Does not have a geo-fencing feature 
  1. Cocospy: Best Multi-Platform Spy App for Both iOS and Android

Kids these days are pretty smart, and if they get the whiff that you might be tracking their social media activities, they will certainly come up with an alternative. That’s why Cocospy extends its monitoring feature to all popular social sites like Discord that are usually used by Gen Z. 

Another benefit of using Cocospy is that it allows you to activate the device’s microphone and camera to see where the target person is at the moment, who they are with, and what they are doing.

The Cocospy stealth mode will not only ensure you leave any traces of spying on the target device but will also keep the app hidden. So in case someone does doubt you for spying, they won’t have any evidence against you.

  • Screenshot capturing
  • Requires no rooting or jailbreaking
  • Easy installation 
  • Impeccable customer support 
  • Some features are available only for Android
  1. XNSPY: Trustworthy Spy App for Parents

XNSPY is a spying app used by industry experts and entrepreneurs. Naturally, there is hardly any other platform that beats it at feature diversity. Some of its most advanced features include remote control over the target device, custom analytics on their activity to show their frequent callers or total browsing time, and 24/7 instant alerts. 

With XNSPY, you don’t have to keep looking for updates. It will automatically notify you about every new activity. If you want a better insight into their day, turn on the surround/ambient recording feature and listen to everything happening around them. Its keylogger feature basically records every keystroke typed into the monitored device. So even if it’s a small exclamation mark or a full sentence, you will have a record of everything.

  • Live demo 
  • 100% undetectable
  • Instant custom alerts 24/7
  • Keystroke logger for every app
  • Affordable pricing
  • No free trial
  1. Spyic: Best Spy App for Remotely Controlling the Target Device

Spyic features are pretty similar to other reputed phone spy apps, but what makes it so popular among parents is its money-back guarantee. Along with that, Spyic is secure, available in many countries, and trusted by millions. 

Some of the best features of Spyic include social media tracking, browsing history monitoring, location tracking, and keylogging. The reason why Spyic is better than simply stalking them on social media from your own account is that you can actually check their private posts, stories, and messages, even if they are hidden from you. Another additional benefit of using Spyic is its unique SIM card tracker.

  • Monitors group chats with ease
  • WhatsApp spy without jailbreak or root
  • Multimedia file monitoring
  • Affordable payment options 
  • Remote installation for iOS by applying iCloud credentials 
  • One-time physical access is required to install it on an Android device 

Reasons to Spy on Someone’s Phone

Whether you want to spy on someone’s phone or not is a very personal choice but if you have been considering whether you should do it or not, check out how it might be helpful.

  1. For Your Child’s Safety

It’s hard to be a parent in today’s world. Whether it’s the digital world or life outside screens, there are dangers everywhere. While you cannot have physical access to them all the time, you can certainly have a virtual passage into their personal lives to ensure they are safe and with the right company.

  1. To Catch a Cheating Partner 

Getting cheated on is hard, but what is harder is getting out of an abusive relationship with minimum hassle. It’s not always as easy as walking away. Legal issues like shared financial assets and your child’s custody require evidence. Even if you want to confront them, you need proof to stand your ground. And there is no better way to catch them red-handed than spying on their phones. 

  1. To Track Employee Productivity 

This is slightly different from the other scenarios. For example, if you are using these phone spy apps for professional reasons, your team deserves a disclosure. Phone spy apps can help you monitor their calls, call duration, keystrokes, emails, and so on to ensure they are not slacking at their job and adhering to company guidelines.

Features to Look for in a Phone Spy App

Browsing through endless hidden spy apps but not sure what to look for? Here is a quick checklist of the five most important features every spy app should have:

  1. Location Tracking 

When it comes to your kids, you might not be too worried about what they do on their phones as long as they are home. But what about the times they have to step out of your sight for hours? The only way to know they are safe and at the right place is through spy phone apps that get you real-time location updates

  1. Call Logs

Whether you need to keep an eye on your teenagers or a cheating spouse, the call logs reveal a lot about a person. It’s not about finding out who they are talking to. It’s actually about checking if they are talking to someone they shouldn’t or if they are lying to you about their relationship with someone else. Everything you need to know about what they are up to lies in their call logs. After all, it’s the most basic channel of communication.

So while texts will give you an idea of what’s cooking, look for a phone spy app with a call-logging feature to know the whole story. 

  1. Stealth Mode

Spying on someone else’s phone isn’t exactly illegal, especially if it’s your own child or partner. But not everyone will understand your concerns or appreciate you looking into their phones. So make sure you pick a phone spy app that comes with a specially designed stealth mode to prevent you from getting caught. 

  1. Social Media Monitoring 

As children step into their teenage years and begin to ice out their parents, social media becomes their best friend. We are pretty sure your child’s social media accounts and online friends have seen more of their real side than you have lately. So if you really want to know what’s going on in their lives, spying on their social media accounts is a great start. 

  1. Keylogger

Sometimes people are smart, and simply checking their messages and social media is not enough. For example, what if they are looking things up in incognito mode? Or simply writing their feelings in the Notes app? If you want to know everything that’s going on in their minds and phones, you need a keylogger. 


We understand how overwhelming it can be not knowing anything about your child’s personal life or if your partner is unfaithful to you. While there is nothing that can prepare you for what you might face, these phone spy apps, especially our top spy software, uMobix, can surely ensure you aren’t left in the dark as compared to other spy software listed here. With features like call and text monitoring, media file access, browser history tracking, and much more, nothing stays hidden from you.


1. What data can I spy on with just the number?

Depending on the spying app you choose, there is no cap on the number of things you can monitor on the target cell phone. You can track their phone calls, text messages, GPS location, social media accounts, photos and videos, calendar events, and much more! Some apps even go a step ahead and let you eavesdrop on your surroundings by remotely turning on the microphone. If you have just a phone number, it is possible to pin down their location via GEOfinder.

2. What social media can I spy on? 

It depends on what monitoring app you have picked. But usually, the most popular hidden spy apps help you monitor all the popular social media sites Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, and other messaging apps. You just have to see what applications your prospective phone spy app offers before sealing the deal.

3. Can I put a phone tracker on a target device without touching it?

It depends on the device you are monitoring. A lot of Android spy apps will require one-time physical access to the other device to install the software. But breaking into iPhones is a little easier than that, and you might need access to their iCloud credentials.

4. Can I track an offline device?

The target device does not have to be online to be tracked. Even when it’s not connected to mobile data or WiFi, you can still check their calls, texts, social media, and other activity. The best part is some of these tools also offer real-time location tracking without an internet connection

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