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15 Anime Characters with Red Hair {Is Your Favorite in the List?}

The intricacy in the narrative style and way of storytelling has turned anime into one of the most engaging sources of entertainment for this generation. It has beaten the barrier of being told in a different language and found its way into the hearts of the young and the old. It has a narrative style that is different from any other and it makes the viewer question a lot of things and so the experience becomes much more engrossing. Many people will say that they watch it for the portrayal of Japanese culture. Anime can be trusted to showcase Japanese culture quite well.

Red hair, as we know, is one of the rarest hair colors and though anime has characters that have shocking hair color, red always catches the eye. And don’t we all have a soft spot for redheads either way? While some go by the stereotype, some break it, and together there are quite a lot of anime characters with red hair that deserve mention.

15 Anime Characters With Red Hair

One of the recurring things in anime is characters with hair that steals the show. Although there is not a definite trend. In an anime, a redhead character can be anyone from a protagonist to a sidekick to the antagonist. So while making a list of characters with red hair we must make sure to talk about the female anime characters with red hair from all the diverse animes. Some characters may play the main part, some only minor, but what is common in the characters is the very red hair. 


He is a notable character in Fate/Zero and the favourite character of many. He is the Rider servant for the Waver Velvet. But the main trait about him, and why people most remember him is that once upon a time he was Alexander the Great. He is one of the very popular anime characters with red hair.


  • Just as the king of conquerors should be, this character from the outside can be seen bursting with heroic energy while inside, he is definitely a softie. 
  • His honourable side will definitely make you fall for him.
  • This great proud man who is a beast in the battlefield is also the one most people hold in very high esteem and rightfully so.

Ranma Saotome

We know this is an unexpected character to include. Was she that striking? Only you can tell. But we felt like we had to for the controversies there have been around this character among the anime fans. She is a very popular anime girl with curly red hair.


  • Ranma starts off as a male protagonist of the anime series “ranma ½”. No it is not a case of him being transgender. His gender changed drastically from the effect of a cursed spring. 
  • Now the temperature of the water had a hold on which gender Ranma appeared as, cold for a female and hot for a male. You will have to watch the series to know more.

Chise Hatori

Chise Hatori is from The Ancient Magus Bride. She is a Sleigh Beggy. The heroine of a tragic tale, Chise Hatori wins the hearts of many. It is hard not to love her and so she had to be mentioned among the female anime characters with red hair.


  • She is the user of a very rare type of magic which leads her to get purchased by Elias to be his apprentice. 
  • Before finding the opportunity to sell herself, Chise Hatori lost hope to the extent of wanting to end her life. 
  • But as it happened, her quality of life improved after she encountered Elias and she proceeded to win the heart of everyone with her selflessness.


He is from the anime The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.  While talking about red haired hot guys, his name is sure to cross our minds. He becomes a favourite almost as soon as he is introduced. 


  • Benimaru is loyal and powerful. To top that is cool and a heart-throb.
  • In the show, he is introduced as the leader of the Ogre Tribe on his way to kill Rimuru. Then he proceeds to join Rimuru and evolves into a Kijin. 
  • His power increased as a consequence. But not only his, but the power of all his tribe, who then swore their allegiance to Rimuru following his example.


We find Asuna in Sword Art Online. She is the love interest of the protagonist Kirito. She is seen as one of the ten thousand players who are trapped in-game and makes a journey to survive. Asuna remains a remarkable character throughout. She is one of the very popular female anime characters with red hair.


  • She is one of the strongest warriors in Sword Art Online. 
  • Through her own merit, she becomes a high rank in the Knights of Blood. 
  • She slowly gains significance as the story unfolds. 
  • She and Kirito form an exceptional bond and following the events that happen Kirito focuses on rescuing her.


He has a massive number of fan followers and is a polarizing character of Naruto. He belongs to the anime Naruto. Though he is a loathed character, he has made his name in the list of top favorite characters. 


  • He has been depicted as a cold character. 
  • He is also an unnerving antagonist who in the course of time was seen to redeem himself. 
  • He is more or less similar to the remarkable character Naruto. But they are created to fight against each other. 
  • He is typically a withdrawn and silent character. 
  • He often keeps on threatening others including his own siblings when their conversations feel like a nuisance to him.


He features an extensive cast of characters. Soma is a notable character in Food Wars. He has a lasting scar over his left eyebrow. He got this scar while he was trying to prevent ingredients from touching the floor. He is one of the very popular anime characters with red hair.


  • He is a determined and talented character. 
  • Soma is also a bit cocky. 
  • He is an up-and-coming chef. 
  • He is immensely devoted to his family’s restaurant. 
  • He is incredibly creative. 
  • His resourceful character impresses the viewers a lot. 
  • He can make friends very easily and is undeniably a social person. 
  • Soma has a very flexible mindset but his bad side is that he has involved himself many times with the activity of teasing.[/su_list]


Tanjiro’s hair gradually fades and becomes red. He comes from the series named Demon Slayer. He is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. 


  • He is a kind and loyal young man. 
  • He is very determined with whatever he does. 
  • He has a connection with fire. 
  • He is highly dedicated to saving others. 
  • He always gets motivation to make himself better. 
  • He is a lot sympathetic towards many demons when he feels after killing them that those demons were also humans at some point of their life. 
  • His gentle nature is a really beautiful side of his character.


He is a part of Black Butler. He has a mild obsession with Sebastian. A lot of excitement has been brought to the show by Grell.  He is one of the chief parts of the manga series. He is one of the very well-known and good-looking anime characters with red hair.


  • He is a famous antagonist. 
  • His character has got an essence of intensity. 
  • He is a rather cunning character and a bit ruthless too. He is flamboyant and a bloodthirsty character. 
  • Grell is somewhat sadistic. 
  • He is also a capable fighter and fights equally against sebastian.


He is the perfect side character that surely demands appreciation. He belongs to the Sword Art Online. His growth in the show impresses the viewers. 


  • Klein’s growth in the show is highly admirable. 
  • He learns the basics of playing game like SAO. 
  • He gradually gets trapped and that is the time when he learns to survive. And thus, becomes one of the most powerful and strongest fighters in the game. 
  • It is merely impossible for anyone to beat him and his real life experiences.


She is the pilot of a giant mecha whose name is Evangelion unit 02. She is a very famous character of Neon Genesis Evangelion. She has a love interest over Shinji. She is one of the very beautiful redhead anime characters female. 


  • She is often depicted as having a heavy personality. 
  • At times, she can become devastating. Although deep down we can see her having a fear of rejection. 
  • She has the intense need to put herself in a position higher than the others that surround her. We frequently find her standing on high ground. 
  • Her personality is a depiction of her profession of being a pilot. 
  • She is definitely a sore loser, to the extent that she is devastated by it. 

Ezra Scarlet

We all know a little or more about the characters from Fairy Tale. so it’s no big surprise that Ezra will be included. This redhead has indeed crossed over from the cliche about redheads being perky. She is one of the most famous redhead anime characters female.


  • Ezra is strict and critical, although she herself may get a little impatient from time to time. 
  • She is known for controlling the guild members of Fairy Tale with a firm hand. 
  • An outstanding fighter and a high-class wizard – Ezra is ready to put her life on the line when it comes to it. 
  • Her admiration for her childhood sweetheart Jellal Fernandes has led to her taking the last name Scarlet as suggested by him.


Sora is part of the legendary gaming duo named Blank. He is one of the chief protagonists of the series. He is one of the chief playable characters in Kingdom hearts. He appears as a child with spiky red hair. 


  • He is fond of gaming and is always eager to make his gaming skill better. 
  • He is very protective and caring about her sister. 
  • He is a bit of a pervert. 
  • He possesses an outgoing nature. 
  • Sora is also manipulative at times and encompassess a high sense of self-confidence.


She is a comic character who is one of the chief protagonists. The real name of Ed is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. He is a child prodigy. He is one of the very popular anime characters with red hair.


  • She is an androgynous teenager. 
  • She has the character of being a bit wild. 
  • She is an expert in hacking. 
  • Despite everything, she is kind and incredibly caring. 
  • Though Ed is a bit eccentric. She is an incredibly cool character. 


Kurama is perhaps the most popular character of the nine-tailed beasts. He possesses a massive quantity of chakra that allows him to unleash mass destruction with the help of his roars. He has two forms - human form and demonic fox form.


  • He is extremely good-looking and smart which makes him the heartthrob of several girls. 
  • He is a cunning character when in demonic fox form. 
  • He has the ability to use his demonic form of powers which contradicts his human form. When he is in his human form, he becomes a gentle character, he encompasses characters such as calculative and analytical. 
  • His human gets him a red vibrant hair color while the demonic fox form gets a silver hair color. 
  • Kurama is considered to be the strongest of the beasts.


Have you been browsing for male and female anime characters with red hair for a long time? Then there was an article that might solve your problem within a couple of seconds. All of the mentioned characters are extremely famous and well-known in their genres. They belong to the topmost popular series and TV shows. Now that you know all these characters in more detail, it will be a more enjoyable thing for you to watch them on TV.

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