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10 Sexiest My Hero Academia Female Characters

My Hero Academia is perhaps one of the most popular Shonen anime series that has captured the attention of anime fans. It is an action-packed series with fierce battles and heartbreaking stories. That should make the anime series quite an exciting option. 

But does the series have any of the sexiest female characters? Yes, there are. Let us check out the best female characters from the series My Hero Academia. 

10 Sexiest My Hero Academia Female Characters That Can Swoon You

The series My Hero Academia is all about battles and gore. But, even then, it has a few female characters that tend to stand out. 

1. Himiko Toga

She is a villainous character, yet she impresses anime fans with an outstanding characterization. She has been a hot favorite with male fans because she is one of the sexiest My Hero Academia female characters. She is wild and messy but still quite a unique character in the series. 

Himiko Toga

She has a bright smile, and you would find her blushing almost forever. She is typically seen in a schoolgirl uniform. She is seen wearing a red scarf, a beige cardigan, and a brown cardigan. Though she is a villain, she eventually falls in love with the Hero Killer Stain.

2. ERI

ERI is one of the most unique characters in My Hero Academia. She is a little girl with pale blue hair and off-white long hair. She has wide and innocent eyes. She also has a little spiral horn poking through her forehead from the upper right side. 

ERIShe has the quirks that can help her bring the dead back to life. She can also make them younger. Despite her powers, she is very vulnerable, and this leaves her powers being used by the villains. She is a rewind person in the series. 

3. Nejire Hado

Nejire is known for its sunshine personality and stunning looks. She is seen as a talkative girl and a little air-headed. She has a quirk named Wave Motion. With this, she can turn her powers into blasts. She is a girl with a fair complexion and average height.

Nejire Hado

The anime fans consider her more feminine than most other girls. In fact, we would treat Nejire as belonging to the category of cute girls rather than sexy girls. She is one of the girls that is known as as Big 3. 

4. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura is no more in the series. But, when she was part of the series, she was very beautiful. She has a face that is calm and beautiful. She is also a funny character, which further makes her an exceptional choice. 

Nana Shimura

But we cannot see her in action anymore. In fact, the character was just like a guardian. She had a pale skin. One of the features that made her look beautiful and sexy was the mole below her lips. She used to wear a dark hero attire which was a bodysuit.

5. Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama is known in My Hero Academia for her muscular body. She has a dark and toned skin. Despite her short stature, she does impress with her good looks and fighting spirit. She also has red eyes, which give her a mischievous look. 

Rumi Usagiyama

She is typically seen in a white hero costume, with the exception of her purple boots. She appears like a fluffy rabbit with a pair of white gloves on her hand. She is known as the Rabbit Hero because she has a quirk that gives her the rabbit attributes. 

6. Ryuko Tatsuma

She is the Dragon Hero in the series. In fact, she is the no 1 Pro Heero and has a very distinct look. She is one of the coolest among every hero in the series. She is actually the second-highest-ranked female hero in My Hero Academia. 

Ryuko Tatsuma

She is dressed in a seductive burgundy cheongsam that draws attention wherever she goes. She does have a strange appearance. Even when she has a human appearance, most of the time, she has dragon wings that sprout from her head. 

7. Kaoruko Awata

Kaoruko Awata is known in My Heero Academia as the bubble girl. She, too, belongs to the category of Pro Heroes. She is a part of Endeavor’s agency. Even when she is quite quirky, you would also find her quite sexy. Short dark blue hair and brilliant yellow eyes.

Kaoruko Awata

She has a few sensual attributes that define her. Her outfit typically involves a high-necked crop top, black tights, and huge white boots. The light blue skin further makes her look quite great. 

8. Cathleen Bate

Cathleen Bate is known for being the Number one Pro Hero. She arrived in Japan to fight against Shigaraki. In fact, she is no more in the series, but she fought a powerful battle before she died. She is also known as the Star and Stripe hero. 

Cathleen Bate

Cathleen was beautiful and curvy in her looks. One of the most vital factors in her demeanor was her confidence. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her the iconic sexiest female character in the series. 

9. Ryuko Tsuchikawa

She is yet another attractive female character in the My Hero Academia anime series. She has long and blonde hair. The fringes fall on her forehead, which makes her look more attractive and gorgeous. She has a quirk called Earth Flow, which lets her manipulate the Earth the way she wants. 

Ryuko Tsuchikawa

She is known in the series as Pixie Bob. The outfit is outstanding with a blue attire similar to a cheerleader costume with cat-paw gloves, a blue-striped cat-tail, a headgear, and a pair of transparent goggles. 

10. Mina Ashido

She is one of the most popular beauties in the series. She goes by the nickname of pink. She has a very curvy figure that makes her the sexiest female character ever in the world of My Hero Academia. 

Mina Ashido

Her thick thighs, athletic build, and curvaceous shape would make her one of the sexiest women ever in the shonen anime series. She typically wears a tight-fitting, skin-tightening hat while performing hero activities. 

Over to You

That was the top 10 list of the best and sexiest female characters in the anime My Hero Academia. Even when the series is predominantly dominated by male authority, the female characters do come with equal importance. 

Which character did you like the most? Share your preferred female superheroes list with us.

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