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12 Games Like Trials in Tainted Space for 2024

Trials in tainted space is Fenoxo’s 2D, single-player, adventure, text-based video game and has a fanbase of its own. The player gets to customize his own character based on his own choices in the game, including his complexion, height, and even genitals. 

The main storyline is based on the choices made by the player during customization. In the beginning, the player is in his mother’s womb and after being born gets to interact with the existing characters. 

The fans of trials in tainted space have been found looking around for games like it for a little change of site while the real taste of the game remains untainted. So in this article, keeping in mind the need of such fans, we have listed 12 games like trials in tainted space.

Games Like Trials in Tainted Space in 2023

  1. Icewind Dale 2 Complete

This video game by Interplay Entertainment genre is action-adventurous and it is one of the best alternatives to trials in tainted space.


  • It is an RPG, single-player, and multiplayer. 
  • A sequel to the Icewind Dale game that is set in the Forgotten Realms.
  • It is about a war that raged between the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale and some mistreated races.
  • Isometric angled views of the environment
  • New characters apart from the originals
  • The problem occurs in downloading
  • No option for a refund in play store
  1. Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter

This, of the same nature as the other Iceland Dale games is another of the best alternatives to trials in tainted space


  • It takes place in Kuldahar where the player meets a shaman and then is transported to Lonelywood
  • He has to save the Ten Towns from the threat of a barbarian attack
  • The player has to choose six teammates of the same race.
  • Included races gave attributes that can be enhanced over time
  • Interesting core features like party based scenarios
  • Archer can be used when you complete the early main quest
  • Stable network connection is required
  1. Fall of Eden

Fall of Eden is developed by Fenoxo and it is an Adventure single-player video game that is text-based. It is one of the most famous games like Trials in tainted space.


  • The player gets to customize his character however he likes 
  • He meets the goddess Aria and is then teleported into the world of the game
  • The player can interact with the other characters and has to complete quests with the help of the goddess
  • Interactive
  • Pre defined dialogue boxes
  • Many characters available
  • Lags too much and affects the gameplay
  • Phone overheats and leads to damage
  1. Waifu Academy

This game by Adult Game Creator is a puzzle, romantic, adventure and single player video game.


  • Good way for interaction
  • Can make own choices
  • Lots of ads thus irritating
  • Stupid game and extremely distracting
  1. Corruption of Champions

This was created and developed by Fenoxo and it is a single-player and text er*t*c fantasy game. If you are looking for games like trials in tainted space, you have to check this out.


  • The player is taken to a world of demons and crazy monsters
  • He has to interact and encounter different enemies
  • The enemies will have a tendency to rape the player if he is not being careful
  • After defeating the enemy the player can choose to either leave or rape them while on being defeated the player becomes a slave.
  • Good way of interaction
  • The player can completely modify the character 
  • Not free of cost
  • The sequel is no better
  • Lack of customization features
  1. Corruption of Champions 2

This game is the sequel to the Corruption of Champions created and developed by Fenoxo.


  • The player has to fight off demons in a mystical world
  • Can choose a race from a variety of races
  • He has to interact and encounter different enemies
  • Whoever wins can turn the other in a slave and rape them or let them go
  • More options for customization than its prequel
  • Can also customize the genitals
  • Introduction of a companion
  • Crashing is very frequent
  • Lack of customization features
  1. SoulSet

Soulset was created and published by NoBreadStudio for various platforms and is a high ranking one in the list of games similar to trials in tainted space. It is an adventure based visual novel and a single player dating simulation game. 


  • Has choices and multiple endings 
  • The player has to avoid death and successfully maintain romantic relationships with both male and female characters
  • The predetermined character is stuck at a place with five other characters whose memories has been erased
  • Magic is a part of the daily life
  • Has 18 backgrounds and 30 character spirits
  • Contains rich storyline
  • Includes beautiful anime characters
  • Seven characters to take on and twenty alternate endings 
  • Different storylines with different paths is amazing
  • Extremely interactive in nature
  • Can be confusing without a guide
  • Many unexplained details
  1. Wagamama High Spec

This game is an extremely adventurous video game and is one of the best alternatives of trials in tainted space. Beautiful cast of anime characters are featured in this game.


  • It includes the protagonist Narumi Kauki.
  • There are lots of characters.
  • It is an anime based and single player video game.
  • Contains an exciting cast of characters
  • Includes detailed graphics
  • Contains an exquisite storyline
  • Most of the contents are cut out
  1. Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I

This game is published and developed by Studio Attic Salt and is among the alternatives of trials in tainted space. This is an adventure video game with choices and also is a mystery-based visual novel.


  • It takes place in the span of the interwar period
  • Laura Silver is a gun admirer and a detective sent for an epic investigation to a mysterious land
  • There is an existence of a peculiar creature in the foggy waters the case of which the detective reads and investigates
  • The player has to make certain decisions to advance 
  • Multiple endings
  • More than seventy thousand words available 
  • More than eight hours of total gameplay
  • Thrill elements
  • More than 100 decisions
  • No text skip button
  • Contains supernatural elements
  1. Nekojishi

It is a dating simulation game developed by Team Nekojishi. It is published by Orange Juice Dog. It is a single-player game and a visual novel. 


  • It includes several mysterious spirits, royalty and newfound powers
  • The player takes the role of the protagonist who has to move to a foreign land
  • It is free of cost
  • A visual novel games about the consequences
  • A single player game
  • Contains spoilers
  1. Don’t Make Love

Don’t Make Love is developed and published by Maggese for PC. It is one of the best games like trials in tainted space.


  • In this game the player gets only two options-making love or taking the risk of death.
  • It is a text based game.
  • Contains dynamic soundtracks, hand-drawn graphics and lively characters.
  • Helps in maintaining a balance in relationship
  • Player has a choice to type his or her response
  • Contains malicious contents
  1. Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls is very similar to trials in tainted space and this must be listed among games like trials in tainted space. It is a text based RPG game with a bit of an er*t*c skew. This is by developer Benji.


  • Text based and sexual themed
  • Revolves around the main character 
  • Can connect with the enemies 
  • Different combat modes come with their own advantages and disadvantages 
  • Variety of options for interaction during the game
  • Several unique moves for combat
  • Can choose the combat modes
  • Lack of customization features


All the games listed above are games similar to trials in tainted space. All these games have their unique styles and layout and strive to entertain its player to the fullest. Whether you like the Trials in tainted space for its getup or character customization or storyline, none of these games will disappoint you. There are even games listed that are by the same developers. So we hope we have supplied you with a proper list of games like Trials in tainted space and you will find a game that you like.

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