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31 Hottest Anime Female Characters

Anime has been the favorite of all the 90’s kids out there. Undoubtedly, its Japanese accent and unique graphical representation capture our interest. The female anime characters especially catch the most attention due to their explicit looks and great personality. If you are searching for the hottest anime female characters, this article might be helpful.

Types Of Anime Girls

There are various types of anime girls. They are mentioned as follows:


These types of anime girls are tough from the outside. Though they are very sweet and gentle on the inside. They punch their boyfriends and also say mean stuff whenever they are nervous. But they are actually very caring. They are probably the sweetest girlfriend one would ever find.


Yandere girls are likely to be just the opposite of Tsundere girls. If you are a guy who tends to have a protective girlfriend, then Yandere is the type for you. Primarily, you might think her to be a psychopath from her attitudes, gestures, and behaviors. Yandere girls get violent at times to show their love and affection towards their close ones. But this is chiefly out of love. 


From the outside they seem to be emotionless and super cool. But they can even beat the Tsundere girls when it is about their closed ones. Kuudere girlfriends are quite interesting. They possess a warm personality with a cold exterior and are definitely one of the most favorite types of anime girls.


It is hard to find Dandere girls as they are very rare in real life. They are extremely shy.Yet they are determined in their own ways and possess an incredibly down-to-earth personality.


These types of anime girls are very easily satisfied. Moekka girls have a carefree nature and their energy of a damsel in distress makes people want to protect them. They make a pretty good girlfriend if you can get past all the crying.


types of anime girls are really fascinating but that comes with some awkwardness and nerdiness. Rather than going out, they would rather be engrossed in their own stuff which includes sharpening weapons. Beauty with brains? Here you go.

Idol Singer

They are all you can ask for – cute, appealing, talented, confident, engaging, pretty, dainty and everything in between.


These types of anime girls are cats in human form – needs and gives a lot of affection. They will bring delight and annoyance both making you adore and detest them at the same time. 


If you have a thing for subordination, this is who you need. These types of anime girls like to be bossed around. They will happily do the cooking and the cleaning. Also they are dead loyal.


Meeting people with the same obsession is the best thing ever. Someone with an anime obsession dating another with an anime obsession? What more is needed? This is perfection indeed. 

Best 31 Hottest Anime Female Characters

 Sexiest Black Anime Characters Female – List of 10 

Mila Rose (Bleach)

A magnificent Arrancar with brown skin, green eyes, and long wavy dark hair. With her well-proportioned figure, she looks just like an amazon warrior. This proud and confident character is certainly intimidating. When you talk about black anime characters female, you have to take her name.

Yoruichi Shihoin(Bleach)

Brown complexion and dark hair, she is a sight to behold. She has mid-length hair in braids with bangs. 

Miyuki Ayukawa(Basquash)

She is Dan JD’s childhood infatuation who moved away. She continues to have unreciprocated affection for Dan. She makes an immensely strong afterimage as a black anime characters female.

Hilda(Eureka Seven)

She is a quiet lady in authority with a commanding charm. We also see her as a mother figure. Her sharp yet inviting personality makes her memorable. If you’re thinking names, consider Hilda among cute anime girl names.

Yao Ro dushi

She is a dreary and determined character. When she found out her goddess was in the wrong, she changed her whole religion for that. She has caramel coloured skin and silver hair.

Sister Krone(The Promised Neverland)

Notable among black anime characters female, she has a very scary outer appearance which contrasts with her welcoming smile. She has dark dreadlocks and darker eyes complete with her bold lips.

Hiryute Sisters(Danmachi)

They are Tione and Tiona. Tione is a determined character who changed for the better in the name of love although rebounded back again later. Tiona is not the one to keep the peace, yet she is mindful. Together they leave quite a mark upon the viewers.

Caldina(Magic Knight Rayearth)

She is an artist. She is also a trance expert, illusionist, and also a professional killer. The red gems of her arrest all she meets. Her name makes it to the list of cute anime girl names.

Hild(Oh my Goddess)

Hild is one of the very hot female anime characters. She is bright and dizzy, also manipulative and savage. She has the ability to leave a part of herself behind as a young lady and wreaks havoc with this. One of the favourites among black anime characters female would be Hild.

Carole Stanley

She is pleasing, welcoming and tenacious. Despite her friendliness she doesn’t seem to have many friends. Her mid length dark hair is mostly seen in a braid. Casual to leather coats – this girl can pull it all off.

 Hottest Anime Female Characters  – List of 11 

Rias Gremory

That attractive girl from High School DxD anime? That’s Rias Gremory, one of the hottest anime female characters. She’s of noble heritage with fair skin, long red hair and blue eyes. Her habit of wearing glasses whenever she is pondering over something gives a nice character quirk and makes her more memorable. 

Lucy Heartfilia

This hot blonde with a cute ponytail on her right flaunts herself and rightly does so. She is self-confident, logical, well-read, and also writes. So basically you get a blonde with brains who are also tough. 


In the series K-project, Neko is a Silver Clansman. This girl can shapeshift herself into a cat. With differently coloured eyes and pink hair that goes down to her knees, who can forget one of the hottest anime female characters?


She is one of the main characters of the series One Piece, a navigator of Straw Hats pirates and most interestingly a cat burglar. That ginger hair looks gorgeous on her. Aslo have you considered Nami as cute anime girl names?

Hinata Uzumaki

She belongs to the Hyuga clan in the Naruto series and goes on to marry Naruto. This soft-spoken beauty is known as the Byakugna princess and rules the hearts of every anime fan as one of the hottest anime female characters.

Erza Scarlet

She is one of the hottest anime female characters. From fairy Tale she is a S-class mage. This redhead is iron-willed to protect her associates no matter what it takes.

Misaka Ackerman

This girl has got her own fanbase. In the attack on titan, she was rescued by the lead Eren Yeager. She is one of the toughest fighters, fit and well-toned with grey eyes.  


She is one of those stunning female characters who everyone has daydreamed about at least once, whether they admit it or not. She serves as the fifth hokage in the famous anime Naruto. She wears her long blonde hair in two pigtails, brown eyes and has those signature anime thick thighs complete with big breasts and prominent hips. 

Yoko Littner

She is the female lead in the series Gurren Lagann. In her black and red bikini top, this redhead is a bombshell. She is one of the very hot female anime characters.


A badass assassin, swift fighter, Night Raid and espionage – what more could there be to offer? She is one of the reasons to watch Akame Ga Kill! And definitely one of the hottest anime female characters.


Now presenting to you a murderous diva. She is the mercenary from the black lagoon anime series. In her black crop top, ponytail and bangs, she is ready to kill – literally or otherwise.

 Blonde Anime Characters Female  – List of 5  


She’s from Fate/Stay Night and can definitely be said to be the best-loved female warrior. She may appear to be ruthless but that’s just her cover in her journey to accomplish her goals. She hides her doubts and insecurities with her strength and this makes her even more enchanting. She can top the list of the most appealing characters in anime, but given her character, she would rather die than acknowledge it. And since we are talking about her, let’s not forget her gorgeous blond hair making her the first choice for blonde anime characters female.

Shinobu Oshino 

She is from Bakemonogatari. In addition to her cute alluring eyes, her set of fangs has got the attention of a huge population of anime fans. Her character developed from the mysterious quiet girl to a much brighter personality.

Kaori Miyazono

Kaori is positively one of the most famous among blonde anime characters female<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. She’s a violin player and her appearance matches with her performance. Her free spirit and blonde hair is an inspiration both for the other characters and her fans.


Even in a show like Claymore, full of blond characters, Teresa stands out. This should definitely secure her position as one of the most attractive blondes in anime. Elegant but also badass? You must be talking about Teresa.

Tsumugi Kotobuki

This gentle sweetheart, also known as mugi, is the pianist in a club band. Her gorgeous blond hair, swinging to the rhythm of her music is bound to catch the eye. When it comes to blonde anime characters female, she has to be here.

 Sexy Thick Anime Girls – List of 5 

Raikou Fate

We get Raikou as a female character in the video game Fate/Grand Order. Many even go the length of considering her as the best character not only from this game but many other games. However, what she’s most known for is being very attractive with the focus on her thick thighs. She is of course one of the sexy anime thick girls.


L’Arachel is another eye candy from the Fire Emblem franchise. She is a princess inside and out. Noble heritage, clothes and looks – she has it all. She has her light green hair in two braids. She is also a sexy thick anime girl. Her cape and short white dress does justice to her perfectly thick anime thighs.

L’Arachel is focused and challenging and wants to be loved by all. However, the flaws in her characters are overshadowed by her appearance.


She is undoubtedly one of the sexy anime thick girls. In the Battle Royale game Fire Emblem there is the option to play both the male and female versions of the character Corrin. But after one look at the curvy blond, nobody is going to possibly go for the male version ever. This princess gets her royal blood from two royal families too. Corrin tops the list when it comes to cute anime girl names.

Rumi Usagiyama

That athletically built thick girl from My Hero Academia is Rumi. This dangerous girl is not to be messed with. She’s self dependent and never ever backs down. Though not a sexy thick anime girl, but if you’re looking for cute anime girl names, might even consider this too.

Charlotte Smoothie

One of the best fighters of the One Piece series, she has the ability to drain fluids from both living and material things. So this one is very intimidating and thick.


Anime is highly expected to win more hearts. It has already shown its important role in changing one’s emotion, personality, and behavior. 

Now that you have come to know about 31 hottest anime female characters, I hope you can choose the one you like the most.

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