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20 Anime Characters with Brown Hair #YourFavorites

The complexity in the nature of narration and storytelling type has made anime one of the most appealing time passes for the generation. It has surpassed the barrier of language and made its home in the heart of the young and the old. Anime is known for showcasing cultural traditions authentically and thus pulling in people from different cultures. 

Now if you are an anime fan you will ofc course agree that more than anime being universally appealing, some of us are here for those characters. So today, for the fans of the brunets, we will present to you a list of the anime characters with brown hair.

20 Anime Characters With Brown Hair

Anime is known for its characters with hairs that are bound to catch the eye. In the sea of pinks and purples and blues and greens and whatnots, brown is a more subtle colour. It does not stand out. Even so, anime has offered us one of the hottest characters that fling around their very mundane brown hair and tugs at the strings of our heart. Here we will present to you both categories of male anime characters with brown hair and female anime characters with brown hair


We see her in the anime spice and wolf and sure she left a very soft soft in our hearts. She is the deuteragonist. She is nonhuman and a wolf and also the harvest deity who ensures that the harvest is bountiful.


  • Holo is nonhuman and ageless. 
  • She flaunts red eyes and brown hair.
  • Although nonhuman, she can take the form of a human girl apart from her true form which is that of a wolf. 
  • She, however, doesn’t seem to shed her pair of wolf ears and her tails but takes measures to cover them up. 
  • The character is smart and knows what she is doing. 
  • This good humoured, although somewhat very reserved.

Houtarou Oreki

This is one of the characters you would definitely fight for, for the fact that you will feel that they never end up getting enough credit. You will find this brown hair anime boy in the anime Hyouka. He is the protagonist of two anime series.


  • Houtarou Oreki has the appeal of the introvert who couldn’t care less about the world around him. 
  • If he has nothing to say, he won’t speak at all. 
  • He is arrogant and apathetic. 
  • This quiet character however has excellent deduction skills. 
  • Although sometimes, in his attempts to conserve energy, he will end up wasting the energy more.

Kenichi Shirahama

We find Kenichi Shirahama in the anime Kenichi : the mightiest disciple. At first you will be feeling sorry for him, but as time goes there is a strong character development. He ranks high in the list of male anime characters with brown hair.


  • He was pushed around a lot in school, mistreated, bullied and even abused. 
  • He has a weak constitution and does not defend himself when someone shoves him.
  • This changes when he meets the daughter of a martial artist, Miu Furinji. Martial arts gave him the confidence he lacked. 
  • He fights back and strives to be a better person. 
  • He becomes capable of and does help others in need.

Nagisa Furukawa

This brown hair anime girl is one of the main heroines of the anime Clannad. She even has a theme song of her own, named after her. Talking of her brown hair, her two prominent ‘ahoges’ form the letter m on her head.


  • Nagisa is the damsel in distress. 
  • She has a weak physique that holds her back from displaying her full potential. 
  • She is sweet, petite and innocent. 
  • Nagisa plays a major role in the series and definitely her presence goes a long way in developing clannad into what it was – a romantic anime which was deep and emotional.

Yuuri Wakasa

She is one of the four main characters in Gakkou Gurashi also known as School Live. She has a resourceful big-sister personality. You may also know her as Rii-san.


  • She is the ray of sunshine bringing with her the optimism everyone needs, the president of the school club and in charge of almost everything. 
  • In the horror series, Yuuri Wakasa is mainly seen keeping the characters’ heads right. 
  • She can be quite serious when it comes to taking care of her comrades. 
  • Usually she behaves in a very collected manner. 
  • In terms of survival she is definitely the one that leads the group. 
  • Her big-sister attitude comes out when she scolds someone who has been careless.


Next up in the list of female anime characters with brown hair is definitely Raphtalia from the rising of the shield hero. She has got a hold of everyone’s hearts since 2019 and we cannot find someone who doesn’t like her to some extent even if we tried. 


  • You can definitely call this one the latest waifu in the scene. 
  • She can be called a good natured person as a whole. 
  • She was previously enslaved and then rescued and given freedom and for that we will see her being grateful. 
  • She goes on to be the first companion of the shield hero and later the heavenly emperor. She has tea red eyes and brown hair. 
  • She can be given very high points for loyalty.


Now strengthening the list for male anime characters with brown hair we have Sieg from the Fate Apocrypha. He is the main protagonist of the series. He is one of the homunculus.


  • Sieg is treated no differently than the other homuncluses. All of the characters who are homunculus in the Fate Apocrypha are treated really badly. 
  • They don’t even generally have their own names. 
  • Sieg brings about a change in the way of things. 
  • He coincidentally becomes a runaway and along the way of his journey goes around inspiring his fellow homunculus.

Mai Taniyama

Do you know Lucy Hearfilia? Then you may know this brown hair anime girl who has been voiced by the same voice artist. We find Mai Taniyama in the series Ghost Hunt as the main protagonist. She has reddish-brown eyes to go with her brown hair. Her character sets her apart from the other teenagers of her age group. 


  • Mai is a character with a very striking personality. 
  • She is years ahead of her age. 
  • In certain aspects of life she crosses the boundaries of maturity of a regular teenager. 
  • She is very solid in her beliefs and doesn’t get carried away easily. 
  • She’s never seen to accept arrogance just because the arrogant person possesses a pretty face. 
  • Her character sets her apart from the other teenagers of her age group.

Sousuke Sagara

That badass brown hair anime boy who leaves you in awe? You must have been thinking where in this list of anime characters with brown hair will you find Sousuke Sagare. Well, here he is. You can’t have seen Full Metal Panic and ignored this one boy. 


  • He was born into the war and raised up to be tough. 
  • In the military, he grew up as a child soldier. 
  • He is seventeen going on eighteen and the level of skill and understanding he showcases of the military including weapons, killing and terrorists is terrifying to say the least. 
  • Although being this brilliant in his field, you can see him being awkward socially. 
  • He is always poised and stiff.

Umiko Ahagon

You possibly didn’t expect a list of anime characters with brown hair which did not include Umiko Ahagon. She is an Okinawan from the anime New Game. 


  • She is someone you dare not mess with. 
  • You can’t disrespect or slack off or not take your duties seriously as far as she is concerned. 
  • She is a lead programmer and portrays the stress of the job. 
  • She plays paintball. 
  • Behind all this toughness there indeed is a soft woman and everyone falls for her there.


Tatsumi is a Revolutionary Assassin. He has been described as the person who brought an entire era to an end. He was the owner of the Teigu Incursion until he was fused and finally became a dragon. You do not mess with this brown hair anime boy.


  • He was a young fighter and always wanted to live his life happily. 
  • But at times, he can also become violent if his friends or his ideals are threatened. 
  • Tatsumi was kind, level-headed, generous, and had a friendly vibe. 
  • He displays a massive comradeship and is a skilled fighter. 
  • His enemies are also affectionate towards him. 
  • He is skilled in swordsmanship, blacksmithing, and hand-to-hand combat.

Sun Seto

Sun Seto is the lover of Nagasumi Michishio. The group named Seto group is run by his father. She is one of the most beautiful characters with light brown hair and pinkish red tail. 


  • She is a brave female protagonist with beautiful fair skin and a notable brown hair anime girl
  • She has an average figure with a relatively large bust. 
  • She is an average, calm, and smart girl who is the only one in her family with a clear head. 
  • Sun Seto can also demonstrate a great deal of inner strength. 
  • She is also a capable sword warrior and a brave fighter. 
  • On the battlefields, she frequently uses her Song of Heroes which acts as a catalyst to power up her warriors.

Shiori Shinomiya

Shiori Shinomiya is an employee of the Momoyama Tourist Board. She has an immense love for her hometown. She is dearly called “Riri-chan”.


  • Shiori prefers the presence of order. 
  • Her bright and optimistic personality will surely impress you. 
  • She never hesitates when it comes to helping someone. 
  • She has high housework ability. 
  • She has a hobby of seeing off and meeting people in return. 
  • Shiori is a quiet girl and loves to engage herself in reading books. 
  • She is a bibliophile from Maijima Private High School.


Belldandy was created by Kosuke Fujishima. She made her debut appearance in Afternoon in the year 1988. Belldandy is also being featured in a novel and two TV series, three OVA series and a movie


  • She has an elemental affinity towards wind and air. 
  • Belldandy has been picturized as a beautiful and powerful young woman. 
  • She has strong nurturing tendencies, an innocent and trusting character. 
  • Belldandy possesses powers such as telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, and levitation. 
  • She is incredibly helpful and keeps her true identity a secret. 
  • She has a very conservative nature. 
  • She has always shown her immense affection towards animals.


She is a ten-year-old Pokemon coordinator and is another one of the much-talked-about female anime characters with brown hair. May made her debut through the anime Get the Show on the Road. 


  • She is a bit obsessed with her appearance and takes a long time to get ready.
  • May is generally an optimistic and very sweet girl. 
  • Femininity and little cute things are largely enjoyed by her. 
  • She possesses a very protective personality. 
  • May has a very cheerful character with immense love for food and sweets.

Isuzu Sento

She has her origin at Amagi Brilliant Park. She has a very controversial personality and does not know the accepted way to interact with people. She ties a large ponytail and has a voluptuous figure. She appears in normal and simple clothing with a business uniform, yet, fashionable.


  • She is a beautiful young woman with bright golden-brown hair. 
  • She is extremely expressionless and not a very understanding individual. 
  • She does not react immediately to any surprising moments and is incredibly blunt and dry. 
  • But she feels embarrassed and nervous. 
  • She interacts in an awkward way with people but is also sarcastic at times. 
  • She is extremely violent with a monstrous temper.

Reiko Mikami

Mikami has been depicted as an art teacher of the Yomiyama North Middle School. She made her debut in the Chapter 2 of the manga series. We have to mention her while speaking of female anime characters with brown hair.


  • She has been specified as a very beautiful teacher.
  • She is a lovable person whom every student likes. 
  • She is successful in providing some of the best advice to the students. 
  • Reiko is fond of alcohol and frequently spends or ends her day with a drink.

Yukio Okumara

He is one of the other famous anime characters with brown hair. He is famous for his teal eye color and appears with a very mysterious black mark that is located on the underside of his left arm which started spreading throughout his body. 


  • He possesses a very quiet and calm personality with frequent mood swings. 
  • But other than that he is always found with a smile on his face. 
  • He is sensible about time and is never late for it. 
  • His twin’s daring behavior makes Yukio more frustrated. 
  • Occasionally, he gets very aggressive. 
  • He is very good at hiding. 
  • He has affiliations towards true cross order and illuminati.

Osamu Dazai

He is a member of the Armed Detective Agencies. He is also a former executive of the underworld organization. He is one of the smartest characters with brown hair. This fictional character was created by Asagiri to contrast a protagonist. In the majority of the time, he plays the role of a hero except for a particular phase when he is a villain.


  • He is a young man with short, dark, and wavy hair. 
  • He is also tall and slim. 
  • His carefree and relaxed nature is not always loved by everyone. 
  • Dazai is extremely cunning and brutal. 
  • His intelligence and skill have always paved the way for him to impress others. 
  • He possesses an ability to be No Longer Human that allows him to completely nullify any supernatural ability by just one touch. 
  • He has a very negative trait in her personality that is the suicide mania.

Irene Urzaiz

Irena is a dark girl with brown hair at the length of the shoulder. She wears a scarf around her neck all the time. She appeared revealing her chest in a dark red undergarment. She made her debut in the light novel named Asterisk Volume 3. 


  • This brown hair anime girl is extremely violent and rude. 
  • This genuinely makes a lot of enemies for her. 
  • She is cynical and harsh. This is partially a cause of her harsh upbringing. 
  • She gets irritated very easily. 
  • But, despite her harsh personality, she also is able to make some social interactions. 
  • Irene is always very caring and loving towards her sister. This gradually melts the heart of her sister towards her. 
  • She is very protective about her loved ones.


Anime has gained massive popularity and people are likely to watch anime movies. We have known a lot about anime characters with brown hair. Are you the one who has been constantly browsing such things for so long? Then, here is all the related information as per your desire. 

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