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15 Best Uncensored Adult Manga – 2023

Anime fans get a lot of variety in content and that’s for sure. There are various genres and each interesting in its own way. There is an anime especially suitable for every age group. Now just like any other entertainment media, anime has its adult section too. You must have heard of the term hentai right? While the subcategory of hentai contains different levels and streams, one thing is for sure, it’s specially catered for the adults. 

Censorship as we all know is a big issue and is getting bigger by the day especially in places like Japan where lies the origin of the manga. Now what is censored mainly? Yes, sex scenes and graphical violence. In either case, the things that people ask us not to go for, we go for. So here we have listed the best-uncensored hentai manga.

Best Uncensored Adult Manga


Nana is a manga, a famous one, by Ai Yazawa. It is mainly of the romantic genre and is of the musical kind. In 47 episodes and 3 recap episodes, this has become the favourite of many. The name character is Nana Osaki, a punk singer. Her only ambition is to be able to debut with her group where her ex boyfriend is a guitarist. So of course there is some drama and this is one of the best uncensored hentai manga.

When Nana realises that following Ren will mean that her lifelong dreams are crushed and she is reduced to the status of a mere housewife, she decides to choose her own path. Gradually she saves enough to become independent, meets someone new and the fate of her band changes for the better. In the course of her journey she learns not to be in the shadow of others and puts her own foot down. 


Jinro is by the author Mamoru Oshii. It is an action packed political thriller. The anime runs for 102 minutes. The story is of an alternate reality set in a historical world. The protagonist is Kazuki Fuse who is the embodiment of a law setter and is a member of the anti-terrorist squad.

His morality is questioned when he watches a young terrorist commit suicide after he failed to shoot her. On the way to the grave of this murdered terrorist, he meets and gets in a relationship with Kai. 

This anime features several great movements and political protests that took place in Japan in the 1960s. The turbulence and the internal conflicts find their place beautifully in the manga. If you are in love with the uncensored part that is about violence and crime beyond imagination this is an uncensored adult manga that you will enjoy. 

Prison School

The author of this manga is Akira Hiramoto and it has been released in 12 episodes. Consider it as an uncensored adult hentai comics. It belongs to the sex comedy genre. The plot of this manga revolves around an elite high school for girls named Hachimitsu Academy. This academy maintains extremely strict rules and the girls are not allowed to date any boy.

Gradually this academy decides to give entry to boys with the same rule but in the meantime things get dirty. Only five boys took admission here and they were found to be spying on the women’s toilet. Strict punishments were to be decided for them by the secret student association.

Two of the boys get themselves involved in love affections with two of the members of the association and manage to escape. Though at the end it has been seen that the headmaster frees each one of them but the three members of the association were put behind bars for not being able to do their job properly. 


This action manga is from Hiroshi Ōnogi. It also covers the grounds of science fiction and the supernatural. It was released in 6 episodes. It is about the concept “Time Fruits”. A mysterious tree repeatedly made its appearance in the human world and left these. The fruit has the power to make a woman immortal and a man a winged angel. 

This manga is about Rin Asougi who is an immortal and her assistant is Mimi who happened to be immortal too. It follows a series of events in Rin’s life where there are people trying to kill her, there are mysterious strangers and she loses her memories at a point too. It even goes into the length of her getting pregnant. For the fans of uncensored adult manga, this is a must. 

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Okayado is the author of this manga that has been released in 12 episodes. It belongs to the genre of comedy fantasy, Romantic comedy, and Harem. The story is based on the secret kept by the Japanese government for years about the truth behind the mythical creatures. 

These creatures, better known as liminals have been given a legal license and hence, became a part of human society. In the due course, Kimihito makes a shelter for other female liminals. 

Then a law passed where it has been notified that liminals and humans have been provided legal rights to get into relationships. This increased the excitement among the female liminals dwelling with Kimihito as he was expected to marry one of them on a trial basis.


This is by Sakurako Gokurakuin. It is a romantic comedy in a supernatural world. There are about 12 to 13 episodes. The manga is about Minato Sahashi who fails the exam for the second time. He is intelligent but isn’t really lucky in the romance section. 

He comes across Musubi, who turns out to be a Sekirei, that is, she is from another planet. They have a human appearance but with special abilities. 

There are various characters with various essences that get better as the story goes on. The Sekirei searches for an Ashikabi whose kiss is supposed to make them stronger and our Minato got chosen to be one such. 

High School DxD

It has been penned down by the famous author Ichiei Ishibumi and belongs to the comedy, harem, and supernatural genre. This story depicts three high school boys who gain extreme attention from all the girls. This is surely one of the uncensored adult hentai comics.

They are the type of boys who don’t want themselves to be involved in any bonds. But then suddenly, one day a student was found to have serious interest in one of the boys. But do you know what the most astonishing part of the story is? You might be shocked hearing this.

The most astonishing part and twist come when the girl kills the boy on their very first date. Gradually the girl was found to be a fallen angel. The boy was in the meantime turned into a demon.

Shinmai Maou no Testament

This is one of the most popular uncensored manga. The author of this manga is Tetsuto Uesu and it is based on the genre of action, harem, and supernaturality. This manga was released in 10 episodes. The story revolves around Basara, a boy whose father got married for the second time. 

The second marriage brought Basar two beautiful sisters. But with the advancement of time, he came to know that the girls were part of a demonic plan whereas he belonged to the part of a heroic clan. 

There occurs a master-servant relationship among the three of them. Finally, Basar ends up saving one of the sisters, named Mio from being chased by other demons. 

Blade of the Immortal

This epic historical manga is by Hiroaki Samura. It also is based on the genre of dark fantasy. It ran for 13 episodes and had 24 additional ones.  It follows the once samurai, Manji. He kills for his master. 

He, being the professional killer, mistakenly kills his brother in law in front of his sister. This leads her to have a breakdown and then she loses her life too. This makes Manji disinterested in life too. He then goes on to fulfill his passion of renewing the Japanese art of the swords. 


This manga is by Kota Hirano. It is an action manga that covers even dark fantasy and horror. It ran for 13 episodes with 10 additional ones. This is about a noble house in London led by the famous Abraham Van Helsing. He fights against the supernatural. This is about a society that is secret from most people. Now we go on to discuss the plot of this uncensored adult manga.

The character Integra, following her father’s orders, finds a corpse in the basement of their house. The corpse gets awakened by her blood and proceeds to protect her. This is Alucard, a vampire who serves her family.  As the story goes on there are introduced newer monsters which results in an ultimate war.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

This is by the author Gen Urobuchi. It is a crime manga that goes on for 26 episodes and 3 additional ones. It is about a mafia organization, Inferno, of which Phantom is the most famous assassin. 

We see a young man who wakes up having amnesia. He wakes up in the company of Ein, the Phantom who proceeds to train him. After getting his memories back he tries to free himself from the inferno but in the process, Ein is shot. He then after several events becomes the phantom himself and takes under his wing a girl named Cal. Ein comes back in the scene and the characters embark on a dangerous journey.


Hiroya Oku is the author of this famous uncensored manga. The genre in which this manga has been plotted in is action, thriller, science fiction, and psychological horror. It has been released in 26 episodes. 

This manga is based on the story of a boy who was brutally murdered in a subway station. The teen boy awakens and then finds himself being resurrected by a strange computer which was named Gantz. It was seen that he was forced to fight against a large force who were invading in Osaka. 

Afro Samurai

This is an action manga set in a post-apocalyptic world. It went on for 5 episodes and has a television film as an additional material. The manga transfers us to a Japan far in the future. Superiority is something that one has to fight for. 

The second best is only allowed to challenge the best. Afro Samurai, the main character sets himself to avenge the death of his father in a fight. After a journey of his own, Afro succeeds in becoming the second best himself. He meets a woman named Okiku and their relationship is filled with much passion. 

The next parts are filled with fights and hurdles. It results in Afro being victorious and finally obtaining the band of the highest degree.


This uncensored adult manga has been penned down by the famous author Kentaro Miura. The genre of this manga is dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, and epic. The primary role of this story is played by a swordsman whose name is Guts. 

He has been seen to join forces with a mercenary group whose name is ‘The Band of the Hawk’. The leader of the group was charismatic Griffith who helped the group in fighting and made their way clear into the royal court.


This manga is written by Kosuke and has been released in 12 episodes. It belongs to the genre of adventure and thriller. The story is based on a shady ville located in the city of Ergastulum. 

In that ville lived several men and petty thieves, whores and cops as well. Some of the deeds that took place there were extremely dirty. Then one day, they got an offer of catching a top Mafia family, This seemed to them a lot more than they bargained for.


The popularity of uncensored manga has been on a huge rise for the past few years. People are truly liking such manga series. Though there is a certain population who are not in support of uncensored manga. If you were one of those who have a great interest in the mentioned discussion, then this article is surely going to help you. Follow the list and read the one you have not yet gone through.

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