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5 Famous Female Programmers Across the Globe

In the 21st century, we are likely to come across a large number of females who have chosen to take up programming as a full time career. A mind boggling combination of beauty with brains has been seen in these females who have ended up snatching away the title of being a sexy female programmer. Let us now have a look at the five most famous female programmers across the globe.But before describing about the five most famous female programmers, I would 1st like to introduce the first female programmer on the planet earth – Ada Lovelace.

First Female Programmer

Ada Lovelace - first female programmer

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is the first female programmer who with Charles Babbage programmed Analytical Engine which could be termed as an mechanical computer of 19th century. The 1st algorithm which was ever processed by a machine was written by the legend Ada Lovelace. For this legeandry contribution, Ada Lovelace is considered to be the first female programmer!

[Know more about Ada Lovelace here: Ada Lovelace – The First Female Programmer]

5 Most Famous Female Programmers


So now here goes the list of top 5 female programmers:

  1. Sara Haider
  2. Jade Raymond
  3. Amanda Wixted
  4. Tracy Chou
  5. Corrine Yu

# First Female Programmer – Ada Lovelace

Famous Female Programmer #1

Sara Haider - Female progammer

Sara Haider

One very sexy & famous female programmer who is known to have left world’s most popular social forum namely Twitter by storm is none other than Sara Haider. As far as her academics are concerned she is known to have completed her education from the University of Waterloo. This sexy female programmer is known to have spent a considerable amount of her time with PA Consulting Group, followed by a brief stint with Google. Presently, at Twitter Sara Haider is known for focussing her attention on Android related programs at large. All in all, this particular lady is known to have spent a considerable amount of her time in the field of development.

Famous Female Programmer #2

Jade Raymond - Female programmer

Jade Raymond

Yet another sexy and famous female programmer on our list is none other than the Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto, Jade Raymond. On an overall level, this female programmer is well known across the world as one of the most popular video game executives. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, she is known to have begun her career with Sony where she worked as a programmer on shows like Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit. Later she joined hands with Ubisoft Montreal as a producer and eventually moved to G4. However, it was only in the year 2009 that her association with Ubisoft Toronto kick-started.

Do you want to know more about her? Follow this post:- Jade Raymond -Beauty with brain

Famous Female Programmer #3

Amanda Wixted - Female Programmer

Amanda Wixted

Talking about a famous female programmer, yet another name that tends to pop up in each of our minds is nothing, but Amanda Wixted. This particular stunning female programmer is known all over the world as one of the most effective and efficient mobile developers. To begin with this particular lady is known to have associated with both Zynga as well as Instagram for a considerable amount of time. Let us not forget about this another feather in the hat of this dashing woman, which is nothing but a vital amount of contribution that she has made towards development of this popular game, which is none other than Farmville.

Famous Female Programmer #4

Tracy Chou - female coder

Tracy Chou

As you all must be very well aware, Pinterest is yet another online platform that is known to have set tongues wagging of late. Talking about Pinterest, the first element that tends to click in each of our minds is nothing, but this female programmer behind Pinterest who is none other than Tracy Chou. As far as her educational background is concerned, this lady is known to hold both a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering supported by a Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Stanford University. Before joining hands with Pinterest, Tracy Chou is known to have worked as a software engineer with Quora.

Famous Female Programmer #5

Corrine Yu- female programmer - Female coder
Corrinne Yu

Last, but not the least another sexy female programmer who is known to rank high in the list of world’s famous female programmers is none other than Corrinne Yu. At present, this lady is known to work as a principle engine architect with Microsoft Studios internal studio 343 industries. However, on an overall level, this woman is known the world over as a highly renowned game programmer. As far as her academical background is concerned, Corrine Yu is known to hold a degree in electrical engineering. This lady is known to play a central role in development Halo 4, which happens to be a very popular video game of the year 2012.

[Know more about Corrinne Yu here: Corrinne Yu – The Technophile Female Game Programmer]

I hope you all enjoyed reading this article on 5 most famous female programmers and the first female programmer on the globe! :-).

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