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15 Anime Like Chivalry of a Failed Knight {For Anime Lovers}

Are you accustomed to what anime are? Are you an anime lover?  Anime has emerged as a very popular thing in the recent world. In this increasing demand of the world, one is bound to give priority to anime. Many people are likely to largely like anime. Whereas there are some others who are found not to like anime. 

The complexity in the nature of narration and storytelling type has made anime one of the most appealing time passes for the generation. It has surpassed the barrier of language and made its home in the heart of the young and the old. Do you love to know more about anime? Have you heard of the anime named Failed Knight is a very popular anime series? Here we go with some of the best anime like Chivalry of a failed knight.

Anime Like Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

This Japanese light novel series has been written by Taro Hitsuji and the illustration has been done by the famous illustrator Kurone Mishima. The light novel has been collected in 19 volumes. The main character of this novel is Glenn Radars who is the main protagonist of the complete novel. Again, there are two girls, Sistine Fibel and her best friend Rumia Tingel. They are students of a very prestigious academy. The academy is based on magic. Sistine is in the hope to get the training from the best trainer. This is because she wants to unravel some secrets. But there comes a replacement and Glenn become the trainer of Sistine and Rumia. Though all three of them are extremely different, yet, they find themselves bonded with a bond of fate at the end. 

The Testament of Sister New Devil

This is an absolutely superb anime like Chivalry of a failed knight. It has been published in 13 volumes and written by Tetsuto Uesu. The illustration is done by Nekusuke Okuma. Maria and Mio, who are a pair of sexy girls, come to live with high school student Basara Toujou. This makes their life change forever. Their secrets are revealed by them within a very short time. The secret is that Maria is a succubus whereas Mio is going to be a Demon Lord in the future. Basara too has a secret that is he is the last descendant of a family of demon-fighting heroes. The girls forcefully convinced Basara to become their master. Finally, they ended up staying in the same house with the relation of master-servant. This formed a bond that will help them in achieving anything with their powers.

The Asterisk War

It is a Japanese light novel series that is written by Yu Miyazaki and has been illustrated by Okiura. It delivers itself as one of those shows that puts a great positive impression on you. This novel was first published in ten volumes and later was serialized in the manga magazine of the Media Factory. The artwork for manga is done by Ningen. It has 24 episodes which have been directed by the famous director Kenji Seto. The Academy City on the water, Rikka, which is primarily known as Asterisk, is considered the world’s largest platform for battle entertainment. The young girls and boys of the Starpulse Generation made their wishes with Shining Armaments in their hands and vied for Supremacy. 

Undefeated Bahamut chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is a Japanese light novel series that is written by Senri Akatsuki and Itsuki Watanabe.The illustration has been done by Ayumu Kasuga and Yuichi Murakami. It has been published in twenty volumes. The director of this series is Masaomi Ando. The plotting of the story has been made based upon the overthrow of the Arcadia empire. The overthrow was followed by a revolt. The incident took place five years ago. The former prince of this empire was Lux Arcadia. He accidentally trespassed the bathing area which was meant only for the females. There he noticed the princess of the new kingdom who was named Lisesharte Atismata in a nude situation. After this accidental meet occurred, Lux attended the academy that was particularly meant for females. Gradually, the story revolves around this incident and a revolt takes place. 

Absolute duo

This is also a Japanese light novel series which comes on the TV in 12 episodes. It is written by Takumi Hiiragiboshi and illustrated by Yu Asaba. Media Factory has successfully published its 11 volumes. This series has received two manga adaptations. The plotting of the story revolves around the viewpoint of its chief protagonist, Tor. Tor Kokonoe enrolls himself in the Koryo Academy. It is a high school for artificially created beings and it is named as Exceed. They have a faster and physically stronger appearance. They have got the ability to use their souls as weapons. Finally, a battle takes place between K, Tor and Julie. Later on it has been witnessed that Julie loses her power but Tor helps her to return to the real world from the utter darkness. In the end, together they are successful in defeating K.

High School DxD

This is one of the most popular anime like chivalry of a failed knight. This is another light novel series created by Japan. This novel has been illustrated by Miyama-Zero and penned down by Ichiei Ishibumi. It includes twenty-five volumes. The story is based on a perverted high school student. This pervert has been killed by a girl he took on a date. It was his first date and he was assassinated. Later on he was revived as a devil by the devil princess with red hair named as rias Gremory. It was published in Dragon Magazine. 

Trinity Seven 

It is a fantasy romantic comedy series of manga. Trinity Seven is written by Kenji Saito. The collection has been made in twenty-six volumes. The story sets up with Arata, one of the most important characters of this novel, inadvertently touching Hermes Lilith’s Grimoire. A bright white light all of a sudden engulfs him and there happens the appearance of a girl in front of him. The girl is named Lilim. She treats Aratha and Lilith as her children. With her appearance there happens to be a change in the world. The Eternal Library that had been forbidden for years suddenly opens up. The White Demon Lord remains locked there. With this release, he suddenly attacked Arata with an unknown power. Thus, a battle starts and Trinity Seven has the responsibility to save the entire world. 

The Irregular at Magic High School

Magic is the primary part of this series. It comes in volumes. In this series, students of the National Magic University First Affiliate High School are divided into two categories depending on their performance in academics – Bloom, for high graded students, and Weed for comparatively low-grade students.  A peculiar brother and sister take enrollment over there. The brother being an underachiever gets admission in Bloom. But the sister is a very sincere and honor student who gets a chance to get admission in Weed. Their entries in the college are going to make some changes in the college. From the time they enter the gate of this prestigious college, the beginning of the change has started. 

Sword Art Online

The plot of the story is that gamers have gathered for the launching of Sword Art Online in the year 2022. Players connect themselves with a virtual reality world. They wear a special helmet named Nerve Gear. One of the gamers, named Kirito, is highly eager to put himself into action. He spent a great time with the beta tester and made friends with Klein. Gradually all the players that are nearly 10,000 players realize that they are not able to log out from the game. This genuinely means that a defeat followed by a death in the game implies that the player is dead in the real world as well. The only way to log out is to beat the 100 level tower’s final boss. Therefore, the Kirito and the other players are bound to survive or must get ready to die. 

World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

The story is written by Akamitsu Awamura and illustrated by Refeia. It comes in volumes. Here the scene shows a private high school that involves a concept of saviors. Saviors are the people who have memories inbuilt in him about his past life. There are two categories of people at the school- saviors and Kuroma. Saviors fight with weapons and techniques of war and have powers in their bodies with which they can finish their enemies. Kuroma magically removes the enemies by manipulation. Here comes a person who possesses both the properties and whose name is Haimura. 

Bladedance of Elementalers

The writer of this novel is Yu Shimizu and the illustrator is Hanpen Sakura . It includes 20 volumes. The story depicts a world where there is the existence of several spirits. But the power to contract with the spirits is kept only with maidens. Therefore, all the maidens belonging to noble families come together and gather at Aerishia Spirit Academy. The maidens wll be trained over there on how to contract with the spirit. An elite education has been provided to the maidens so that they can qualify till the elimination begin.

Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos is written by Izuru Yumizuru and illustrated by Okiura. The story revolves around a powerful exoskeleton that technologically ages between any recent such tech. It found, dubbed and multiplied the Infinite Stratos. There is a rule that only women can have access to its use. But one dày, a boy suddenly comes from nowhere and demands that he can also use the power even being a boy. The boy is extremely lucky to have such a boon. He has been sent to the all female Stratos academy for study purpose. 

Sky Wizards Academy

This anime like chivalry of a failed knight has been written by Yu Moroboshi and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. The story shows how magically weaponed insects contributed to the driving away of humanity. These insects posed serious threats and were ending up in a devastating position. The houses of these insects are in aerial floating cities. There are wizards who are primarily responsible for making the insects fight. Then, there comes a young man named Kanata Age who is now despised as a traitor. There comes a day, when this young man gets the opportunity to instruct the members of a repetitively lost team of 200 members.

Demon King Daimao

It has been penned by Shotaro Mizuki and illustrated by Soui chi Ito. One of the basic characters of this story is Bouichiro. He made a plan which is about to be successful. He has successfully made it to the Suhara Shrine, Kena in hand. He has planned to make the contract with the Law of Identity. This planning has been done to finish off his masterpiece. Another crucial character, Akuto makes an appearance in the series. Akuto is entirely prepared and fully headed. Finally, the final battle begins. Later, Akuto comes across a shocking secret about his existence and this makes him take a massive altering decision. 

Kaze no Stigma

The writer of this story is Takahiro Yamato and the illustrator is Hanamaru Nanto. This series centers the man named Yagami Kazuma. He was banished from his family as he did not possess any sort of talent in magic. He was a part of Kannagi family that genuinely means family of fire users. After four years he is seen to return to Japan again but this time with a magical talent of being a powerful wind user. 


You must have been browsing for some of the best anime like chivalry of a Failed Knight. So here was the article providing you with all the information. We hope that we have been able to provide you with all the necessary information you require. Therefore, there will be no need for you to browse further.

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