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What Does ARD Mean in Text? {Meaning, Usage, and Defintion}

Our previous generations are accustomed to letters that are primarily used for formal uses. They feel hesitant to enter into any informal conversations even today. But with the increasingly busy schedule of the advancing planet, the use of some informal talks has become a necessity. Using short forms of any word is now considered to be a way of expressing feelings stealing a few moments from the hectic routine. 

The chats and conversations of the new generation have got encrypted within emojis and abbreviations. Abbreviations though existed for a long period, could never make their permanent place in the life of humans. But today, it is an inseparable part of the social media platform. 

Now here comes a very familiar abbreviation that is ARD. In this article, we are going to discuss that what does ARD stand for and what does ARD mean in text.

What Does ARD Stand For?

Is each one of you aware of the answer to the question of what does ARD stand for? I am pretty sure that many users are yet not acquainted with the answer. They might have been browsing it even today. And their search is what brought them here. So, if you are the one who was searching for this query then you are at the right place today. 

ARD is undoubtedly one of the most familiar abbreviations that the world use in their conversations nowadays. The abbreviation ARD chiefly stands for ‘Alright‘. Though there might be some other words that also conclude their abbreviations to ARD, yet this is the most commonly and popularly used one. 

The spread of ARD started in the medieval age. But during those time, it was not a good approach to use abbreviations in conversations. The vitality of abbreviations deliberately faded away. But it is successful to gain its position back in this new era.

As we all know that texting is not a very old form of conversation. With the development of technologies and advancement of time chatting has perhaps blown out the importance of face-to-face conversation. Now, the language used while texting is of course far more different and implies a completely different influence than the language that is used to speak. 

Not only what does ARD mean, do you all have the answer to the query of what does ARD mean in text? ARD is widely used in social media for instance WhatsApp and Telegram. Whenever someone types you ARD you need to understand that they are acknowledging your thought. If you have asked the other person about anything or started something, they might reply to you back with the abbreviation ARD. You need to know that it straight means that they are satisfied with your statement or query. They have put their opinion to be on your side. 

But is this the only meaning of ARD? Probably not. Yes, of course, it means assurance or sign of agreement. But sometimes, the other person might be just not comfortable sharing their opinion with you. They might be afraid. Maybe they are just worrying that they will disappoint you. Thus, they are replying with just a sign of acknowledgment- ‘Alright‘. 

So, how do you deal with this situation? Make the effort of asking once, that whether they are eager to put forward any different opinion regarding the topic you are speaking about. Asking will give them a chance to say something more than just ARD.

Examples of ARD

You have already known that what does ARD stand for in texting. Setting some examples will make it easier for you to understand that how exactly arises the use of the abbreviation ARD. Here we go with some examples of the use of ARD:

  • ARD, I will be there in five minutes.
  • No need to be sorry, ARD.
  • Didn’t you know the schedule? ARD, I shall resend you.

When to Use and When Not to Use ARD?

One of the most frequently browsed questions after users are known to the search result of what does ARD mean in text and what does ARD stand for is the usage of ARD. Naturally, abbreviations are not the language option that you can go on using everywhere.

There are some selective places where the use of ARD is accepted wholeheartedly. Again, there are some situations where the usage of ARD can put you into trouble. Only knowing the answer to the question of what does ARD mean will not do. Once you know an abbreviation, you must also know the right places to use it. 

Hence, the do’s and dont’s of the use of the abbreviation ARD are mentioned as follows:

  • Informal talks are the primary part that accepts the use of abbreviations. Therefore, the use of ARD must be done while having some informal talks. Informal talks must include talking to friends, colleagues, and cousins. 
  • To acknowledge the statement of the other person you can make use of ARD. When you reply to someone with ARD, it will make them believe that you agree with their words. 
  • Using abbreviations when someone is uncomfortable is not accepted even in informal talks. Before using any abbreviation like ARD, you need to be sure about the fact that they are enjoying the use of it. 
  • You should never use it when you are talking to elders. Moreover, make a note of avoiding it when you are into some formal talks. Formal talks shall include talking to your boss, professors, or any higher authorities.
  • You should not make use of ARD if you are worried about grammatical errors and spelling. To conclude, it is to be noted that the vitality of grammar and spellings in a writing should surely swipe away the use of abbreviations in it.


Finally, you are all set to make use of the abbreviation ARD in your texting. I hope that you are satisfied with our approach of making you understand that what does ARD stand for in texting. The only thing you need to remember is that what are the consequences of using it. Make sure that it does not go against you. Otherwise, to conserve time and to avoid long typing sessions, you are always free to make use of such abbreviations.

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