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What Does WTV Mean in Texting?

The era is almost over when the conversations were done through letters and telegrams if you live apart. Nowadays, texting, calling, and even video calling are taking over. With the rise of texting, there are so many apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and many more that came into existence, and so are the abbreviations.

What Does WTV Mean in Texting

I remember I started using abbreviations when I used to use the phone’s default text message which used to have the limit of text that you can send in one SMS. So, I tried using small forms to convey more in limited text.

Abbreviations are the small form of long words such as TTYL means Talk To You Later. People do this because this seems cool to many plus it saves a lot of time as well. 

Abbreviations are good for informal chatting or texting or even emailing. But, when it comes to professional messages, abbreviations are really not much entertained.

On this blog, we have already talked about many such Abbreviations that are used in texting, and today I am going to talk about another one. i.e. WTV.

So, let’s discuss more on what does WTV stand for and what does WTV mean in texting.

What Does WTV Mean?

‘Whatever’ – the most frequently meant word when someone types you WTV. Many people, rather than teenagers, are just not accustomed to the use of WTV even today. 

Though there are various other meanings of WTV, yet, “whatever” is the most spoken of meaning as per today’s generation.

Some of the common examples of the use of WTV are mentioned as follows:

  • WTV you think is not right. Maybe you are just mistaken.
  • WTV you want me to do I will. I just need to fix this out.
  • Be prepared. Don’t let yourself be stressed WTV the situation might be.

What Does WTV Mean in Texting?

Now, what is the meaning of WTV when you text somebody? Principally, WTV means “Whatever“. Has anybody ever told you this? If yes, then they must have implied something that they genuinely don’t care for, not bothered with, or don’t think of. Maybe they are just being inspired by some thought when they replied with a WTV.

Currently, it is observed that youthful grown-ups are also occasionally using the abbreviation WTV. To curtail a text and to cope up with the fast-moving world, you must start the use of abbreviations like WTV.

Moreover, every social media site has furnished some particular identity limits to put forward your views. It is extremely helpful if you are using abbreviations since you can convey more in limited characters. Teenagers and adults use abbreviations like WTV when they are in a rush to do something else.


So, now if you have the question in mind as What does WTV stand for, then the answer is “Whatever” which typically stands for something one is not at all bothered about or is not caring about. This is an abbreviation that is generally used to cite something that you don’t think of even a bit. It is used for communication purposes and compels the other person to realize something you are not interested in. WTV is reasonably familiar with text messages. Teenagers are more inclined to utilize this abbreviation while conversing in texts. Social media frequently witnesses the usage of WTV.

What Does WTV Mean on Snapchat?

There are various abbreviations that have several meanings and are quite commonly used on various social media platforms including Snapchat. In this context, WTV stands out to be quite a familiar one. On Snapchat, the use of this abbreviation has been witnessed times and times again. And, the meaning of WTV here is the same too i.e. Whatever.

Now another very common question that is encountered is that can WTC+V be called an acronym? Now, what are particular acronyms? Are acronyms the same as abbreviations? It’s a straightforward no. Acronyms are specialized abbreviations that have a variant meaning and are not considered to be incomplete without the backup of a sentence. Thus, we can surely conclude the fact that every acronym is an abbreviation but every abbreviation is not an acronym

Now, what does WTV mean as an acronym? Well, WTV is not only an abbreviation but also an acronym. “Whatever”- undeniably has a meaning and it does not depend on any sentence to ensure its existence. Thus, WTV is an acronym.

How WTV is Used?

Just like the word whatever is used, WTV is used in an exactly similar way. The difference is that WTV is used while texting and the word whatever is more frequently used while face-to-face conversations. 

Following are some of the best and popular ways to use this abbreviation:

  • Expresses indifference when someone is on the verge of answering any question.
  • Refers to something undefinable.
  • Expresses something that comes with zero restriction, boundaries, or limitations.

When Should You and When Should You Not Use WTV?

WTV usage like other abbreviations is incredibly crucial. You must know the proper places of its usage. Or else, it won’t be in your favor. Here we go with the information regarding where and where not to use WTV. 

  • You can use WTV while having any informal talks.
  • You can use it when you want to let the other person realize that you are not bothered about something.
  • You should never use it if you feel that it can humiliate someone or they are not used to it.
  • You should never use it with elderly people.
  • It should never be used in places where grammar and spellings are important.


So, now you know what does WTV mean in texting. The abbreviations and the acronyms are mostly used not only to recoup time but also to avoid typing quantity. Likewise, some people think it easier to convey their emotions through abbreviations.

It has undoubtedly earned its path into the vitality of most users. But it will seize more time for these abbreviations and acronyms to get adopted socially and as a universal form of conversing. What we should keep in our senses is how to use it and where to use it.

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