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What Does IDW Mean in Texting? Meaning, Definition, Usage

Our previous generation was only accustomed to formal talks such as letters and telegrams. During those times, abbreviations thought existed, could not make their place in the hearts of people. They failed to make their secure position in texting language then. But today, the scenario is different. 

Since the communicative means have largely changed, we had to adapt ourselves to the changing age. Abbreviations are no more an unwanted and ignored part of text language. Moreover, the use of abbreviations contributes largely to saving time that is a primary factor in this busy world. 

In this article we are going to discuss one of the most commonly used abbreviations IDW and what does IDW means in texting.

What Does IDW Mean in Texting?

There are many users out there who still wonder the answer to the question of what does IDW mean in texting style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Primary IDW means “I don’t want”. Has anyone ever said this to you? If yes, then they must have meant something that they truly don’t want to get. 

Nowadays, it is seen that young adults are also sometimes using the abbreviation IDW. To shorten a text and to cope up with the fast-moving world, you must get hold of abbreviations like IDW. 

Furthermore, every social media site has provided some specific character limits to put forward your opinion. It is very useful if you are using abbreviations since you can express more in fewer characters. Teens and adults use abbreviations like IDW when they are in a hurry to do something else.

What is the IDW Definition?

As we have mentioned earlier, what does IDW mean in texting? The IDW definition which particularly is ‘I don’t want, stands out and shows a clear response of negativity. It makes the other person sure about your unwillingness. 

Some of the basic examples of sentences where IDW is appropriately used are:

  • IDW beer. I want champagne
  • IDW to know your name. Give me your number.

When Should You Use IDW?

IDW usage like any other abbreviation is extremely important. You must know the right places or else using abbreviations won’t be in your favor. Here are the right places to use IDW.

When you are having informal talks

Abbreviations are of course for the use of informal talks. You can use it while chatting with your friends. You can also use it if someone is very close to you. But make sure that they are not your elders and they don’t get uncomfortable.

When you want to make the other person know that you don’t like something

If you think that the person opposite to you must know about something that you do not desire, you can always use this abbreviation to avoid wastage of time.

When Should You Not Use IDW?

Just knowing what is IDW meaning won’t help you. You must also surely know IDW usage. Every abbreviation must have got a proper place of usage. As instructed previously,  IDW can be used in the above-mentioned discussions. Now we shall talk about the places where IDW usage is strictly prohibited.

Don’t utilize it if you think that it might humiliate someone

Abbreviations must never be used while you speak to old-timers or in any professional conversations. You will insult them unknowingly. IDW is not for conventional use.

Don’t use it when spellings and grammars are vital

Spellings and grammars are critical for specific discussions or write-ups. Hence, when it comes to these two norms you are always advised not to use them.

Don’t use it when you another person is not used to it

Many people are not used to using any abbreviations. When you use IDW suddenly to their unknown it can genuinely infuriate them and make them feel uneasy. Certainly, most of them will think it awkward in inquiring about IDW definition. Therefore, you are instructed not to use abbreviations when the other person is not generously oriented with them.

What Does IDW Stand For?

We have previously answered your query on what does IDW mean in texting style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The next question that is often encountered in regards to IDW is that what does IDW stand for?  Are you one of those who have been browsing constantly in search of this query? So here we go with your answer. 

IDW typically stands for “I don’t want”. This is an abbreviation that is commonly used to refer to something that you don’t desire. It is used to communicate and make the other person realize something you are not interested in. IDW is quite common in text messages. Teenagers are more likely to use this abbreviation while chatting. Social media often witnesses the use of IDW.

What is the IDW Acronym?

What are acronyms? Is it the same as an abbreviation? If this is the question you have been browsing for then it’s a straightforward no. Acronyms are those special abbreviations that have a separate meaning in themselves and do not seem to be incomplete when said without a sentence. Thus, it can be concluded that every acronym is an abbreviation but every abbreviation is not an acronym. 

Now, what is the IDW acronym? Well, IDW is not only an abbreviation but also an acronym. ” I don’t want”- undoubtedly it has a meaning in itself and is not dependent on any sentence of its existence. Therefore, IDW is an acronym.


You are now used to the doubt that what does IDW mean in texting style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The abbreviations and the acronyms are generally used not only to save time but also to avert typing abundance. Furthermore, some people feel more comfortable conveying their sentiments through abbreviations. 

It has undeniably made its way into the life of most users. But it will take more time for these abbreviations and acronyms to get accepted socially and as a global form of talking. What we should keep in mind is where to use it and where not to.

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