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10 Pro Tips that You MUST Know in CSGO

CSGO might not be the easiest game to master but it most definitely is easy to UP your game than the rest of the newbies by learning some of these pro tricks and tips.

Tips that You MUST Know in CSGO

Run Boosting

If you don’t already know this, you are missing out on so much. Run Boosting is probably one of the best tricks that you can pull off on your opponents and it is super easy to do. 

You would need to stand on top of your teammate while he is crouching and jumping to let your teammate get back to a standing position. Now once your teammate starts moving, while you jump on him, it’ll throw you forward and give you an extra push. It comes in handy when you can’t reach some of the obstacles.

Responsive CSGO Servers

Now, if you really want to get one step ahead of your opponents, just open the console and type in cl_interp_ratio 1 and cl_interp 0. It will make the server more responsive to your requests in the game.

Open Doors Inside

If you are someone who goes the extra mile to make sure your team bags the victory, this might come in handy. Normally if you open up a door in CSGO, it goes to the other side leaving you more vulnerable to attacks, but if you want to open the door to your side, just make one of your teammates stand against it and press e to open it. It will open on the inside without blowing your cover.

Learn CSGO Commands

Now, this is probably one of the most useful things you can do. There are a ton of CSGO commands that most newbies like to avoid, just for the sake of simplicity. And that’s where you can take advantage of it and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Pre Aiming Crosshair

If you have played any of the FPS shooters, you already know where to expect the enemies to pop up from while you are waiting in the corner. Now instead of looking around, what you need to do is pre aim the crosshair where you expect the enemies to pop up from and then get the cover and as soon as your enemy pops up, you would already have your target set and all just left to do is, BOOM!

Don’t Buy Extra Stuff

You may not realize it, but your CSGO economy can help you turn the whole match around. So, if you are not a big fan of grenades like me, don’t waste your money on them!

Instead, save it for something more useful, something that really resonates with you. Also, you can save a ton of money if you buy items from a trusted marketplace outside of the game.

Be a Team Player

Now this one goes without saying, but many new players seem to be going on their own little adventures, which almost always end up being a heavy blow to the whole team.

Be a team player and even if you don’t have the skills just follow your teammates and work like a unit, you might even get more kills this way than going out on your own. But if you are still struggling to level up, get yourself some CSGO boosting to up your ranks.

Learn About Smoke Points

This one isn’t a given, only a few players know about the perfect spots to throw a smoke grenade that acts as a magical cloak for you. You can easily find a ton of videos about it and find out all the common spots where you can throw these smoke grenades and make yourself invisible to your opponents.

Get your AWP Game UP

Most of the newbies think that AWPing is probably the most difficult thing to do in CSGO. And while it is true to some extent, there are some common principles at play while AWPing in CSGO. 

All you need to focus on is three key points:

  • Make sure to stop moving before taking a shot.
  • Crouching while you AWP increases your accuracy to 100%.
  • Learn to move, aim, crouch, and shoot as a single move, as fast as you can.

Grab Skins for Cheap

Now most people don’t know about this one as it is my very own secret tip, but you can buy some pretty exotic CSGO skins for a very cheap price on Eldorado. 

So, head there and check out these skins before you run out of time and possibly, luck!

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