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Tips for Tracing a Spoofed Phone Number

A spoofed phone call can be defined as a phone call that appears to be a specific number, but actually is generated from a different number. It may be quite difficult and impossible to trace the spoofed phone number. If you are looking for the best options on tracing a spoofed phone number, there are a few of the options, but may not always prove to be a confirmed option. 

How to Detect a Spoofed Number?

There are no special and sure shot ways to unmask spoofed caller ID, there are a few techniques that can provide you access to the best ways for how to trace a fake phone number. Let us analyze a few of the best options for finding how to detect a spoofed number. 

Here are a few of the options that help you in finding an answer to the question – how do I find out the real phone number to a fake phone number? 

  • Google search the phone number: A reverse search or a simple web search can help you in how to unmask spoofed caller ID. It should be one of the quickest and fastest ways to detect the phone number. 
  • Call the number back: While you are on the call, dial the same number from another phone. If you find that the called number engaged, it may indicate that the call is genuine and not a spoofed call. 
  • Use the call tracing app: You have several apps that can help you trace the call. Apps such as Truecaller can be one of the best options. This can be a great option to help you get alerts from the calls that are frequently used by scamsters and fraudsters. 
  • Call the company to confirm: In case the caller makes a claim that he or she is calling from an organization, you can confirm by calling the company if the call was genuine. Look for the official contact number of the company and confirm if the call actually originated from them. 

What to Do if My Phone Number is Being Spoofed?

Have you been getting calls or messages asking you why you contacted them, you know for sure that you never contacted them, the chances are high that your number is being spoofed. However, even when you are sure that your number is being spoofed, there are not many ways that can help you ensure that your number is actually being spoofed. 

There may be a few steps that can help you with the issues caused to others because of the fact that your number is spoofed. 

  • You can record a voicemail message and tell the people that your number is being spoofed and ask them to block your number if they receive any telemarketing call from this number. As more and more people block you, the telemarketers or spoofers will stop using your number. 
  • If you suspect you are being neighbor spoofed, you can use the call tracking apps to block the number that looks similar to yours. That way, your contact will continue to reach you without hassles. 
  • File a complaint with the authorities. Any information you provide can prove to be helpful and practical in helping you crackdown on the robocalls or spoof calls rather effectively. You may also file a complaint online or through their website. 

In many cases, spoofers tend to switch the numbers quite frequently. So, you can keep checking out the above steps and politely inform your contacts that your number is being spoofed, and you are taking action to control the damage.

What Should You Do When You Get a Spoofed Call?

If you get a call and suspect that it is a spoofed call, there are a few of the best options you can opt for. It may be noticed that there are ways to discover who is behind a spoofed call. 

You can follow a few of the options here to ensure the best options:

  • Never share any personal or financial information. Spoofing is done specifically to steal your data. A legitimate caller will never ask for your financial number or other financial or personal details. 
  • Never send money to any of the spoofers. You should never send any money to anyone on your call. 
  • If you get repeated calls from the same number and think you are receiving the calls from a spoofer, you can straightaway block the caller. 
  • Do not reply to texts. Even when you reply for opting out of the texts, you may end up getting more texts and calls. 
  • Report the number to the authorities. This should always be the prime option you need to follow. This will ensure that the authorities will take necessary action on the culprits.

If you are looking to find how to trace a fake phone number, do note that it may not be an easy option to do that. Of course, you can follow a few of the methods outlined above to check if you can unmask spoofed caller ID. 

Are Spoofed Calls illegal?

Spoofed calls are not always illegal. Of course, a huge number of spoofed calls are illegal and you may need to ascertain the details in how to tell if a text message is spoofed or how to trace an untraceable number. But a few businesses indulge in spoofing the calls for certain business purposes. 

Take, for instance, eCommerce services such as Amazon. The customer executives and even the delivery agents of these companies spoof the number displaying the pubic contact number of the company instead of their personal number. This helps them maintain privacy and also lets the recipient of the call to find who is calling them. 

The use of phone spoofing is never illegal in such scenarios. However, you would find that it is termed and treated illegal if the technology is used to committing fraud or causing an harm to an individual. 

The Bottom Line

How to trace a fake text message number or how to trace a fake phone number may be a little difficult task. However, you can opt for a few measures to take care that the spoofed calls are taken care of and handled in an efficient manner. If you are assured that the spoofed calls are made with an intention of causing a harm, you can decide to take an appropriate action as outlined in the above discussion. 


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