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How to Make a Phone Untraceable?

The mobile phones in general and smartphones in particular, have made it impossible to hide your location. The traceability of the smartphones has made it quite tough to make your phone untraceable. However, what if you still want to make a phone untraceable? 

Well, there are a few ways that can help you in understanding how to make your phone location untraceable. Why do you want an untraceable phone number may have your own reasons, but we will check out a few options to find how to make your phone impossible to track. 

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Reasons to Make Your Phone Location Untraceable

Before we can try finding the ways for how to make your phone location untraceable, we will find the reasons why you would want to do that. 

Maybe you have fears that your location is being traced. Maybe you are with your family and do not want anyone to know your exact location. Mobile privacy and security have become a couple of the most important factors we want to focus on. You are not comfortable with the companies collecting your data and using it for commercial purposes or even selling your personal data to other companies. 

Opting for the best possible digital life should not necessarily mean giving up on your privacy. If you are not willing to passing on your personal information, It may be quite practical to think over how to make a phone untraceable. 

Whatever be the reason you have in searching for how to make a phone untraceable, we will check out a few methods that can help you in achieving the task of an untraceable sim card or an untraceable phone number. 

How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track?

The traditional method that we have come to use for a long has been to dial 67 before actually dialing the number. This will help you hiding your number. This can be helpful in an untraceable sim card or untraceable phone number. With this method, your ANI or Automatic Number Identification details will be sent out. If someone is using the service to detect the ANI, they will come to know about the phone number. 

However, if you really want to know how to make a phone untraceable, you will need to buy a special kind of phone or use some specific settings. Before you can proceed, let us make it clear that the method may or may not work in every case. 

Method 1: Buy an Integrated Encryption Device 

This can be an expensive option. If you think you can afford them, you may buy a device with an integrated encryption technology. This will ensure that your communications and SMS messages are not intercepted. 

Such devices have a specific encryption technology that encrypts the communication originating or ending in your device with a complex and randomly generated algorithm. Once you encrypt the communications, there would be no chance to intercept it in any way. 

Method 2: Use a Software to Encrypt the Communication

You can even use a third party tool to encrypt the communication. The software is capable of encrypting the calls and messages at the request of the user. This can be helpful in enjoying the best possible SMS and other personal data. 

Method 3: Use the Applications to Hide the Data

You can use the specific applications to hide the data on your phone. You can selectively hide the specific data from your phone. The application lets you encrypt the data such as data, photos, videos, messages, and anything else from being acceded by the prying eyes. 

These special kinds of applications provide you access to the advanced level of encryption. One such application that has been quite popular has been Wickr. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can provide you access to a complete encryption of your data – including the complete encryption of your voice calls. In fact, it can even modify the IMEI number of your phone. 

Any Other Methods to Make an Untraceable Cell Phone?

Burner phones or the prepaid phones have been one of the best methods to make your phone untraceable. These phones can be traced to the store that you have bought them from and cannot be traced further. They are extremely safer and cheaper. However, most of the countries have banned the Burner phones and it may be quite difficult to buy them. You may perhaps find them in grey markets, but there may be no guarantee about their genuineness or authenticity. 

Android phones can be made untraceable. But, this will involve creating a virtual environment on your phone. In fact, creating a virtual environment in itself involves a huge task in itself. You may need to buy a special service to create a virtual environment on your phone. You can make a call from within this virtual environment and your call or phone will remain untraceable. It may not be much easy to handle those tasks, and involves taking enough care since the technology may also be used by thieves to find how to make a stolen phone untraceable. 

The Closing Thoughts 

Well, those were just a few methods that can be helpful in letting you find how to make your phone impossible to track. However, we would also want to make it clear that following any of the methods explained here on how to make a phone untraceable should not be used for any illegal purposes. 

The information and the methods explained here are shared for information purposes alone and should not be perceived as if we suggest opting for any of the illegal activities. 

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