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25+ Snapchat Charms List and Their Meaning

You might be excited at the news of a new feature in Snapchat named Charm. While you might have a basic idea of what these are, looking into types and what each of these mean can make your understanding and use better. Read through this article to get a full-fledged idea about what is a Snapchat charm along with charms list with their meaning. Let us also not forget that this feature is new, but the platform isn’t. Check out these insights to get a better grip on various features of charm too. 

What Is A Snapchat Charm?

Snapchat brings regular updates to its users to excite and retain the platform. One of the recent sensations is Snapchat Charms. These are basically special surprises that can be added to a user’s friend(s) to depict their relationships. This often shares the motto of the users to others about how to interact with each other.

The symbols and shapes of charms are not new to the users. Users can make some picks made up of friend Emojis, Bitmojis, Display Names, birthdays and also many others. There are several insights regarding charms. 

Firstly, there is an option of group charm too which makes the Snapchat groups more creative and funny. Secondly, the privacy of these charms are also taken care of. A charm between two friends cannot be seen by other users. Also, if one friend is blocked or removed, they also can no longer see these charms. Finally, users also have options to hide and restore charms anytime they want. 

Spanchat Charms with Their Meanings

Various Snapchat Charms and Their Meaning

Here is the list of charms and what they mean in detail for your better comprehension.

Friendship based Charms:

  • Mutual Bfs: As the name depicts, it is the pick to depict if two people have mutual best friends. Presented as a pair of sunglasses, you can see the list of best friends in grid format on one screen.
  • Mutual Besties: It depicts that a person is bestie for both users. It may be awkward to share because it hampers the fight for the position in friends list. But, this is a good way of knowing and repositioning friends by sending varying levels of streak later.
  • BFF charm: Representing best friends ever, it comes in three different variants based on the duration of the time the two users continue to be BFF. The first is when the two users just get into being BFF. The second one is presented as a single love symbol, meaning that these users are BFFs for more than 2 weeks. Finally, a couple of pink love symbols appear when the relationship goes to the next level. It depicts that the users have been BFFs for more than two months now.
  • New Friends Charm: For new users who recently joined Snapchat or made a new friend or a best friend, they can see the new friend’s charm. While it appears for short durations only, it depicts a new feeling for new users.
  • Snapstreak Charm: Most users may take it seriously as it is related to snap streaks and sharing. It is not related to the number of snap streak, but depicts that the users are sharing streaks for a longer time. So, if the user loses the streak, they evidently lose the charm too.
  • In Touch Charm: It appears if a couple of years are in contact quite frequently. It shows that the people have a good bond between them. Also, it is platform friendly too.
  • It’s been a second Charm: When a user has just spoken to a person, this charm appears. There are no guidelines for this, but users can see that the time span is always less than a week of duration.
  • It’s been a Minute Charm: It depicts that it’s been some time that users have not been contacted for a while. Basically, it is greater than a second so it often refers to a greater time span.
  • It’s been a while charm: If it has been a long time that the users have not been contacted, this charm shows up.
  • Shy Guys Charm: If a couple of users have not talked to each other, the platform often believes they are shy to interact. This shows Shy Guys Charm. Basically, if a couple of users have befriended but did not talk at all, this charm appears for them.
  • It’s been Forever Charm: If the span is more than a year that friends have not contacted each other, this charm appears. It is represented in the form of a dull face in a photograph.

Snapchat Birthday Charms

  • Birthday Twins Charm: This not only comes when a couple of friends have the same birth dates but also when the birthdays appear in a difference of a week too. Also, the ear of the birthday is not considered here. The central motto is to create a new bond with regard to birthdate too.
  • Half Birthday Twins Charm: If you don’t have any birthday twin? Don’t worry! Snapchat has an alternative for you. You here can get friends to half birthday charms if the difference in the birthday is upto 6 months apart. Similar to the previous charm, it too doesn’t consider the birth year of the friends.

Snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charms 

This charm is purely subjective and depends on the date of birth of the users. As their name implies, it is related to astrology and signs of the user. If you don’t see any of these charms in an account, this means that the year of birth is not provided to their account. Here are the Snapchat Astrology Compatibility Charms. 

  • Snapchat Birthstone Charm: This is often provided for a friend’s profile. Each month has a different stone. Also, each of these months comes with a different charm. These look like keyrings with fem attached to it, the colour of the ring is based on the birth month of the user. 
  • Aquarius charm: This implies independence, strength and value for freedom. They can be shy and quiet too. It is presented in an air sign. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Jan 20 to Feb 18
  • Cancer Charm: It is a water sign, and often represents compassion, love, and intuitiveness. They can be insecure and pessimistic too. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Jun 21 to Jul 23
  • Capricorn Charm: Comes with an earth sign; it symbolizes motivation and task orientation. Being responsible, they may look arrogant. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Dec 22 to Jan 20.
  • Gemini Charm: Being an air sign, these people are fast to crack joke and are lively, and are good at decision making. This charm comes for people with birthdays from May 21 to Jun 21.
  • Leo Charm: This fire sign represents energy and stubbornness along with passion and creativeness. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Jul 23 to Aug 22.
  • Libra Charm: They are diplomats and work well with peers and colleagues. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Sep 23 to Oct 23
  • Pisces Charm: They are incredible artists and are grounded in reality. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Feb 19 to Mar 20.
  • Sagittarius Charm: They are givers and light-hearted people. This charm comes for people with birthdays from Nov 22 to Dec 21.
  • Scorpio Charm: They are independent, stubborn and resourceful. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Oct 23 to Nov 22.
  • Taurus Charm: They are reliable, practical and strong but can be stubborn and unwilling at some times. This charm comes for people with birthdays of Apr 20 to May 20.
  • Virgo Charm: They are loyal, modest, and dedicated to loved ones. This charm comes for people with birthdays from Aug 23 to Sep 22.
  • Aries Charm: They are lively and courageous but are impatient at times. This charm comes for people between the birthdate of Mar 21 to Apr 19.
  • Upcoming Birthday Charm: If your birthday is coming soon, this charm notifies you about the same. Not only you but your friends also get to know and celebrate it.

Snapchat Score Charms

These charms are all about averages between a couple of friends. Here are multiple score charms:

  • Newbie or Rookies Charm: This presents for newbies on Snapchat. A user can get this when the snap score is low and therefore gets one start in the middle.
  • Sophomores Charm: This represents the next level experience in Snapchat. With two stars in it, it shows that the newbie has crossed to a higher score.
  • Masters Charm: It comes with an orange logo with three stars. By this, Snapchat shows that the user knows all about Snapchat.
  • Heroes Charm: With a purple logo, it comes with 4 stars depicting the users have reached peaks of the score.
  • Legends Charm: If you have the best score possible, you can get the legends charm. It comes with a black badge with five stars on it.

Snapchat OG’s Charm: If you have been using Snapchat since 2013, you can see a special charm appearing with your logo with 2013 written below it. 

Snapchat Employees Only Charm: As the name depicts, this charm is reserved for the Snapchat employees only. The only way you can get this is by getting a job in it and adding its members and other staff to friends. 

Summing Up

Here you go! You now know what a Snapchat charm is, the types of it and what each of these means. It is not difficult to discern all of these, as the accent and the emojis are mostly familiar. Check out the charms stated above and target how to achieve them to gain special status among our friends and community too. 

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