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What Does SB Mean On Snapchat? [Meaning, Usages, Examples]

Do you remember Orkut? Yeah! One of the pioneering social networking websites. And today your smartphone’s home screen is full of a multitude of such Apps. Life is unthinkable without this online virtual world. And these social worlds have their own culture, language, and trends.

Talking about language, if you are an avid social media user, which we assume you are, sometimes there feels a need to learn ever-evolving internet slang. What makes it more confusing is that different social networks have different slang.

SB mean on Snapchat

Today we are writing this piece of content for Snapchat users who are unaware of SB Meaning or not sure what exactly the SB definition on Snapchat is.

What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the leading social networks loved by all. It is quite popular among people of age groups because of its cool funky features and the fastest way to share your moments. If you are still not on Snapchat, try it, it’s FUN!

While using Snapchat, a lot of users, even the older ones, don’t know the everyday lingo of it. And so give rise to miscommunication and sometimes even feel left behind. The most commonly used one is SB.

SB Meaning is ‘Snap Back’. According to experienced users, SB definition is ‘Responding in context with any particular or specific Snap’. The sender of SB on Snapchat means asking the person he is chatting with, to reply to his Snap. This is the only and correct SB Meaning on Snapchat.

How would you know who sent you SB? Yes, that’s an important one. It is simple. Go to notifications located at the bottom left corner of your Snapchat screen and check your notifications. In notifications, you would be able to count all your unread SB and messages.

What is Snap? How Does it Differ From Snapchat Text Messages?

Snap means any message or photo or video (Short videos up to 30 sec), you send to your friend on Snapchat. Any Snap will disappear once it is seen by the receiver. However, if Snaps are added to the story, it will remain alive for 24 hours.

Chat messages on the other hand last until you delete them purposely. Otherwise, it remains forever in your Snapchat history. Alternatively, in simpler words, we can say that Snaps are temporary and chat is permanent.

Sometimes Snap is also referred to by its users as the short form for calling Snapchat. Say, when someone says text me on Snap which should be understood as text on Snapchat.

SB Examples on Snapchat

Examples are always helpful in better and clear understanding. Let us give you the one about SB on Snapchat.

When a person sends SB to someone, it means that SnapBack adds it to my private story. The private story is limited to selective viewers on Snapchat.

Another example and the most likely one is maintaining Snap Streak. In Snapchat, there is a feature called Snap Streak. The term SB is used basically to maintain the Snap Streak. Before we talk more about SB, better to understand Snap Streak first.

What is Snap Streak?

Two friends on Snapchat could have a Snap streak. When two friends have a Snap streak, a fire emoji appears next to their profile name. Snap streak forms when two friends on Snapchat exchange Snaps (A photo or a video) every 24 hours continuously for more than 3 days in a row.

With the fire emoji, there displays a number also. This number indicates the number of days for which Snap Streak has been continued for. Snap Streak will further continue if there will be an exchange of Snaps every 24 hours. Snapchat automatically changes the fire emoji with the Timer emoji which is an indication that Snap Streak will end shortly and that any one of the two friends should exchange at least a snap.

Other Snapchat Terminology You Should Know!

Besides SB, there are many other frequently used terminology on Snapchat that you should know to better use next time.

Snap Score

Snapchat is the only social media app that gives you a score for using its App. And this is called Snap Score. Snap Score depends on multiple factors like a multitude of Snaps exchanged, daily stories posted, and many more such routine things. All in all, the more you use the app, the higher will be your Snap Score. Of course, users with a good Snap Score enjoy popularity and attention. One may check his/her Snap score under the profile Name.


The meaning of the term Filters is uniform in all social media Apps, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Filters can be applied to Snaps and videos. These are cool and funky stickers that make your Snap even more interesting and fun. The popular Snapchat filters are fire sunglasses, scary masks, cartoon 3D style, and many more. Filters give a scope of creativity to the user to experiment with Snaps and make it witty. 

Apart from that, users can also add geofilters to their stories and Snaps. Geofilters tag your current location using GPS. It’s a great filter to keep memories alive years later.


This is somewhat similar to filters but a little different. This applies to living selfies. When you take a selfie live on Snapchat, it allows you to add lenses to it. All you need to do is tap on your face on the screen while taking a selfie. A menu of all lenses will appear from which you can choose anyone you like. Lenses are also cool and funny.

Snapchat Replay

Snapchat is quite different from other social media Apps. This is the unique feature of Snapchat that you won’t find in any other social networking space. Snapchat lets you replay the snap. At the inception of this App, users could replay only one snap on a day. And had to pay, if they wanted to replay more than one snap.

Today, the policies of Snapchat have changed a bit. Users can replay any snap only one time. This means users can replay more than one snap or all snaps but only for one time. And there is no need to pay for that. However, this could be done only before exiting the inbox. After that, no chance to replay the snap.

Snapchat Story

A Snapchat story is no different than stories on Instagram or Whatsapp or Facebook. The same 24-hour stories can also be posted on Snapchat using Snaps and videos. Once the story is posted, it will be displayed to all your Snapchat friends. Tapping on your story, you would be able to see, who has seen the story.


PU stands for ‘Pop Up’. Pop up is used when you received any notification wherein someone asked you to text or Snap on Snapchat. It is just like Poking used to be on Facebook.

SMH stands for ‘Shaking My Hand’. It is written to express the sheer disappointment or confusion or the feeling of being sad.

S4S stands for ‘Snap For Snap’. This is written for acknowledging and giving shout-outs to other Snapchat users.


Social media is growing like a forest fire. People, irrespective of their age, interests, and place, are there on social media which can be channelized in a great positive way. Snapchat is one among them and it is good to know all the lingos of the app to communicate and use it better.

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