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Redroad G20 Pad Robot Vacuum – An Alternative to App Based Operation

Today, we have several smart robotic vacuum cleaners that have emerged in the market. But, as per the feedback from the users, they have one practical pain point – they depend too much on smartphone apps. Having to connect to the smartphone app can be a pain in the neck many times. That is where the Redroad G20 Pad Robot vacuum works wonders and resolves most of the issues being faced by the users. 

The Smartphone App Concerns – A User Feedback

Most of the smart robotic vacuum cleaners today come with a heavy dependency on smartphone apps. As far as many users are concerned, they do think that this causes a few severe issues and inconveniences. 

As long as you are not connected to the app, you won’t be able to use a few smart features on your vacuum cleaner. Some of these include the inability to edit the personal walls, scheduling cleaning appointments, setting up rooms, or configuring different cleaning modes. Issues such as app connectivity, frequent app disconnection, and other smartphone-related issues can render the smart vacuum cleaner unusable. This has led to a huge frustration among the app users. 

Redroad G20

The Redroad G20 PAD Robot Vacuum Cleaner- A Saving Grace

To address these concerns, Redroad has launched Redroad G20 PAD Robot Vacuum Cleaner—the first intelligent Pad robot vacuum with a base station. It just needs a programmable base station and does not need a smartphone app to work. 

The Power of the 10.1-Inch Smart Screen: Replacing App Dependency

Noticing the excessive reliance on mobile apps on robotic vacuum cleaners, Redroad offers a 10.1-inch smart screen on the base station. This pad replaces the mobile app and lets you enjoy all the smart cleaning features with ease. 

The users can directly customize room names, set the virtual walls, or choose the cleaning modes. You can also handle a host of other intelligent operations through the pad. This will render the app completely unnecessary. 

 Simplifying Setup: Effortless Connectivity and Pairing

You just need to connect the Pad to the internet. Once that is done, working with the Pad and connecting to the internet would be much easier. the base station proactively transmits the password to the robot vacuum cleaner’s main unit, establishing a connection and completing the pairing process in just 3 seconds. 

This will effectively do away the need for the cumbersome steps such as downloading the app, creating an account, adding devices, connecting to Wi-Fi, and pairing the app with the robotic vacuum. You will also be relieved from several app-based issues which include network and robotic vacuum mismatch, app restrictions due to mobile permissions, connection to 5G networks, and incorrect password formats. In essence, all the issues that lead to connection failures can be avoided with the base station-based service rather than using an app-based service. 

Remote Operation Made Easy

The Robotic vacuum cleaner offers a stable network connection. You will no longer face the disconnection issues observed on the app. If you want to have remote operation capabilities, you can download the app and connect by simply scanning the shared QR code on the Pad robot vacuum. 

The bigger screen on the Pad will help you in an easier operation than using it on the smaller screen on a mobile phone. Each memebr of the househols can control the cleaner through the app, not needing to face the inconvenience of a mobile app. 

Advanced Cleaning Capabilities

The Redroad Pad Robot Vacuum is equipped wiht several advanced properties. It offers you several cleaning options that include automatic dust collection, self-cleaning of the mop, hot air drying of the mop, electrolytic water sterilization, and automatic water tank replenishment. This does away the need for frequently cleaning dust bins, hand-washing dirty mops, and dealing with moldy and odorous wet mops, making the cleaning process more effortless.

Innovative Mop Design: Carpet Cleaning Efficiency

The mop on the Redroad Pad Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers several advanced and unique cleaning options. You can lift the mops by 20 mm. This can help clean the dust on carpets with a pile height of 20 mm or less. This can help you achieve a better standard with a cleaner carpet. 

You will find the lifting height of the mop to be 60% higher than other robotic vacuums. This would help you clean long-pile carpets with a pile height of 20mm or less without worrying about getting the carpet dirty or wet. 

Redefining Cleaning Experiences

Redroad G20 Pad Robotic Vacuum offers a few outstanding options that do away with the issues related to app usage. You no longer need to be dependent on the smartphone app for the full functionality of your robot vacuum. Choose the Redroad G20 Pad Robotic vacuum cleaner and get an easy, convenient, and clean cleaning experience.

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