10 Best 2TB External Hard Disk Drives in India
Due to increased usage of computers and smartphones, the need for storage space has increased too. Many smartphones and computer systems have enough internal storage available but to store GBs of data like HD movies, videos, soundtracks, games, software, etc. that internal memory seems not enough. In that situation, external hard disk drives come into… (5 comments)

10 Best 1TB External Hard Drives in India
In the age of computers and smartphones, we store most of our data digitally which increases the need for more storage space. When we buy a laptop or Desktop Computer, we do get internal Hard Disk which can be of 500 GB or 1TB, or more. Moreover, later at times you still need some more… (3 comments)

10 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets in India
People say that Virtual Reality is the future, but when it comes to India, most people don’t even use half of the stuff that their smartphone is capable of. If your smartphone has a gyroscope, then you can experience Virtual Reality on your device as well. But to be able to do so, you will… (10 comments)

10 Best Smartphones With 4GB RAM in India
Are you looking for a future-proof smartphone to click sharp pictures, play high-end graphic intensive games or watch full HD videos? Or, you are a type of person who keeps all the apps open while working on one? If your response is YES, you would need smartphones with high specifications; especially the RAM should be more.… (4 comments)

5 Samsung Smartphones With 4GB RAM
While buying a smartphone, we generally look at its camera, Processor, and most importantly the RAM because having more RAM doesn’t let the phone go slow down while processing requests as it has a lot of free memory available. However, not only RAM but processor also is the reason of phone’s smooth speed of processing… (4 comments)