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How Much Titanium Is In The iPhone 15?

So, Apple dropped its iPhone 15 series, making headlines for adding a dash of aerospace-grade titanium to the Pro and Pro Max models. The buzz was real, but YouTuber JerryRigEverything decided to take it up a notch with his teardown skills. Zack Nelson, the man behind the channel, basically threw the iPhone 15 Pro Max into a furnace to see what was cooking, and, boy, did we get some juicy details! 

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How Much Titanium is in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Guess what? About 18 grams of titanium make up the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s frame. If you’re doing the math, Grade 5 Titanium is roughly $2.50 per gram in the market. So, that’s somewhere between $9 and $40 just for that titanium. But wait, Apple’s buying power probably gets them better deals so that it might be closer to the cheaper end. Apple’s strategy with titanium in these iPhones is interesting. They’re layering about 1mm of titanium on top of an aluminium base. Titanium gets to show off on the outside, looking sleek and tough, while aluminium handles the inside business, likely making sure the phone stays sturdy and functional.

Dismantling iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to find Titanium

Guys by now you have already heard that the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max costing $999 and $1199  had made claims of having aerospace design high-grade Titanium material in their phones, though the premise sounds amazing, we need to be sure about this right? There is a YouTuber called “JerryRigEverything” who tests various newly launched phones and their strength, durability and hardness. His video on testing the new iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max reveals some fascinating details on the Titanium used with a blend of aluminium in the newly built model.

The YouTuber as shown in the video uses the angle grinder and opens the amazing phone up until he reaches the chassis. In the cross-section of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can see a shade of grey and a bluish hue colour marking it a blend of both titanium and aluminium metals being used to build the cover.

In his post on Twitter, JerryRigEverything tries to be reassured about his claims and provides a video where he scans the parts of iPhone 15 containing Titanium to XRF scan to judge the grade quality of the available aluminium and it was indeed Grade 5. He melted the aluminium away at 1500 Fahrenheit and the remaining Titanium was then measured which accounted for 18 grams with the price hovering around $9 to $40. But there is a chance that the metal was acquired at an industrial rate making the prices he says he assumes should be lower than the $9 estimate.


Is There Aerospace-Grade Design Titanium On Your iPhone 15?

Now, before you start imagining your iPhone flying off to Mars, it’s essential to know that while Apple’s shouting “spacecraft materials,” the truth is, that the titanium is mostly for the outside layer. That’s not to say it’s not cool—Apple’s blending materials here like a smoothie, balancing strength, weight, and aesthetics like a boss. But, hey, this fusion of metals isn’t without its concerns. The softer nature of titanium might make your phone look cool but scratch easily and maybe even compromise the phone’s strength.

Not All is Hunky Dory on iPhone 15

Durability tests rolled in, and at first, the iPhone 15 Pro seemed tougher than the older iPhone 14 Pro, handling minor scrapes better, thanks to that titanium frame. However, when pushed to the extreme, cracks appeared, and things got a bit ugly for the iPhone 15 Pro’s glass and structure. Surprise, surprise! The iPhone 15 Pro Max, even with its fancy titanium frame, cracked under pressure, literally. That’s not what we expect from Apple, right? It’s a bummer considering Apple’s track record for sturdy devices.

Remember, though, that these tests are not your everyday phone usage scenarios. They’re more like trying to see how much your phone can handle before giving up. But if you’re planning on getting the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, investing in a sturdy case might not be a bad idea. You wouldn’t want a cool-looking phone with a fragile heart, right?


Is iPhone 15 Drop Proof?

iPhone 15 is drop-proof as we can see in this Mashable Post where multiple customer responses have shaped this consensus. The strength of the iPhone 15 is such an amazing asset that the phone when bent at 119 pounds pressure survived hence making its durability claims trustworthy.

Is the iPhone 15 Environment-Friendly?

The iPhone 15 is very customer friendly and it can be gauged from the fact that they use recycled aluminium to make the outer sections of the Phone. 

Is the iPhone 15 Made of Pure Titanium?

The iPhone 15 as shown in the experimentation done above has grade 5 Titanium. Titanium grades 1 to 4 contain only Titanium in its metallic composition. In Grade 5 we see some adjustments with the Titanium with some other metal to make it an alloy. This grade is aptly known for high-temperature resistance as well as to have immaculate strength.

Does the iPhone 15 Crack Easily?

A recent spree of videos appearing on YouTube regarding the issue suggests so. Though Titanium is great and has an elitist element to the phone it’s not particularly strong as a metal. In the video of JerryRigEverything, we saw how quickly the metals falter and break down. You need to invest in a phone cover that has better hardened mobile protection.

Why is Apple switching to Titanium?

Apple as we know is switching to Titanium because the metal is very lightweight and has better durability in ratio to its weight. Also, it gives a royal look to the phone which had always been a phone to be covered with the stainless sheen steel look on the back.


Summing it up, Apple’s move to toss titanium into their iPhone 15 Pro series is a big deal. But the actual quantity, how they’ve blended it with aluminum, and what it means for durability, raise some eyebrows. It’s a clever combo of lightweight titanium on the surface and sturdy aluminium inside, but it might need a bit more tweaking to strike that perfect balance between cool and tough. Don’t forget to invest in a hardcover as studies suggest that the phone can easily give in to 110-pound pressure.

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