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From Pressure Sensitivity to Screen Size – A Guide to Choosing Your Drawing Tablet

Artists, just a few years ago, did not need any technological tools and devices for their artwork. Not anymore. Just the way the digital age has transformed every other sphere, it has also made a lot of difference in the life of an artist. The evolution of a drawing tablet is a good example of this change. 

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But wait – even when buying a Drawing tablet, there are several factors that you need to think over. Not every tablet is not made equal, and not every product available in the market may have the features that you need. That is why we thought of coming up with this guide to help you find a good drawing tablet for your artistic needs.

Key Features You Need to Check When Buying a New Drawing Tablet

A drawing tablet comes with several features that would mean a lot for the artist in you. Paying enough attention to these features will help you land yourself with the best product that serves a lifetime. 

Pressure sensitivity – The primary feature

Each of us buys a drawing tablet for a variety of features. However, each of these applications needs you to focus primarily on pressure sensitivity. It is the measure of how the tablet reacts to your input or touch. 

Based on the type of your drawing or illustration, you would ideally need a tablet that offers ultra sensitivity.  Pressure Sensitivity is an attribute of the tablets that helps you control how thick or thin lines you can draw by giving more or less pressure.

A responsive drawing surface can let you work effectively and efficiently in handling your tasks with ease. Look for a tablet that offers you a natural and intuitive interface and adequate pressure sensitivity. 

Check out the variety

You can find a multitude of drawing tablets that have created ripples in the realm of buying the best tablets. Exploring them all should give you a better idea of several features and options that you might have never thought existed. One good example is the XPPen Artist Pro series from xp-pen.com, which has received praise from the digital art world for its remarkable capabilities and stands out among its product selection. Features like customizable shortcut keys and better pressure sensitivity make it stand apart. 

You can try out the demo – if available – of different devices and check if they meet your specific needs. The focus should be on buying a tablet that not only meets your needs but also provides a better optimization for your digital creations. 

Active Drawing Area 

Also referred to as the tablet size, it is the area that you can actually use on the tablet. There are two factors that you need to focus on when buying the drawing tablet – the active drawing area and the overall size of the tablet. 

A larger drawing area can prove to be a good option for working on larger drawings. In fact, it would be quite equivalent to drawing on your canvas. However, if you are constantly working on the go, it is quite practical to check out the options for a smaller tablet. This will help you work on the move and not worry about the fatigue. 


If you are someone who loves creating images with very high accuracy and clarity, you would wish to go with the drawing tablet with the resolution on the higher side. The resolution is measured in LPI or lines per inch. 

The LPI is something along the lines of HD and 4K that we talk about. Larger tablets ideally come with a better LPI and can be the right pick for detailed drawings. However, as we already discussed above, the size does matter a lot when it comes to portability. 

Tilt Sensitivity Does Matter

Another factor that you may need to pay equal attention to is the tilt sensitivity of the tablet. Drawing and creating art is all about trying and implementing different strikes, and the perfect tilt sensitivity will help you achieve a better experience with the multiple types of strokes. 

The better tilt sensitivity on your tablet will ensure that you have access to better control over your artwork. If your tablet comes with a stylus that offers better tilt sensitivity, that should be something to elevate the experience and appearance of your drawings. 

Ergonomics for better handling

If you are an acknowledged artist, your drawing tablet would ideally be your constant companion. That is why it is extremely important to focus on portability and ergonomics. If you are someone who loves creating images and drawings on the move – I know every artist is fond of it – you would want your tablet to be lightweight and easy to handle while you work with it. 

A few good options that can enhance the ergonomics include adjustable stands and versatile positions. These thoughtful options can help you work to your heart’s content without worrying about back and neck pain issues. 

Budget Constraints 

Not everyone can afford a high-end drawing tablet. Apart from the affordability, it may also be important to check out the value-for-money factors offered by the tablet. However, that should mean you should go with the cheapest drawing tablet available. 

The key strategy is to plan a budget that you would want to set aside for your drawing tablet. Research into the best products available in your price bracket. Go through the reviews and user recommendations. Choose the tablet that best meets your expectations. You can also check out special sales campaigns to find the best deals. 

Well, choosing a drawing tablet is not as easy as it would appear to be. That would be more so when you are transitioning from the traditional drawing methods to the digital options. While digital-age products like drawing tablets offer advanced technology and several benefits, there are a few features in the traditional methods that a drawing tablet can not replicate. 

I would assume that the tips and buying factors that are outlined here help you in picking the best drawing tablet that perfectly meets your specific needs and requirements. Choosing the right tablet will help you take your drawings and illustrations to the next level.

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