The Basic Guide To Guest Blogging To Help You Succeed

This blog post was first published on October 13, 2011, and today, on September 23, 2016, I am reposting this article as things have been changed a lot in recent years. I was reading this post the last day, and found that I can add many new things to it, so here is the new updated content.

Why do we do Guest Blogging?

To succeed in anything, you must need to know that why do you do that work? I mean you must be clear about the goals and objectives of guest blogging before you start doing it.

Until you set the goals that you want to achieve with Guest blogging, it’s tough to succeed.

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Reasons and goals of guest blogging can be different for different bloggers. However, I am listing few generic reasons that usually every blogger has, to do guest blogging:

  1. Get Natural Backlinks

In the past, guest blogging was heavily used for building backlinks in a natural manner. It completely replaced the article marketing. But, later Matt Cutts wrote in one of his blog posts that guest blogging is dead for SEO. Google took this step because a huge number of link builders started to pretend them as bloggers, and then started guest posting on multiple blogs without maintaining the content quality.

Therefore, now guest blogging is not being used for SEO primarily. But, it is still relevant and a great way to brand yourself in the industry. You can still get naturally placed backlinks in your guest posts, but make sure they are added as references and not look like a forcefully added link just to manipulate the search engines.

When you do guest blogging, you can target the audience of the host blog, get backlinks, get traffic to your site, and if the host blog is a popular one, your brand as a blogger gets stronger as well.

  1. Enhancing Credibility

If you regularly keep posting quality guest posts on quality blogs, your credibility increases. For example, if you are able to publish your guest posts on websites like Marketingland or some big sites, you will surely be considered as more credible than the authors who post guest posts on smaller sites. The reason is that big sites only accept the guest posts which are of awesome quality, and due to this, you get more popularity when your post gets published on such sites.

While doing guest posts on larger sites, you also get connected to bloggers with high authority, and these all increase your credibility.

  1. Expanding Reach

As I said in the 1st point that when you publish your guest post on a blog, you get a chance to interact with that blog’s audience. That means if you publish 2-3 guest blog posts every month on various blogs, you will be able to reach out to more audience. And, eventually, many of those readers can become your blog’s readers as well if they like your quality.

This is one of the biggest reasons that even popular authors are involved in guest blogging to reach even larger audience base.

  1. Increasing Traffic

When you reach more audience, you get more referral traffic to your blog as well. This is also a big reason bloggers indulge in guest blogging as it sends a good amount of targeted traffic to your site.

Here I am talking about the reasons that most of the bloggers have for doing guest posting, but there are many who are increasing the number of customers by guest blogging as well. Yes, during my research, I found an Interview with Leo Widrich(Co-founder of BufferApp) published on searchenginewatch.com where he claims that they have increased their number of customers from 0 to 1,00,000 within first 9 months just by their guest blogging efforts.

These are some most important reasons people do guest blogging.

In short, a blogger thinks of at least these four things, backlinks, traffic, reach, and credibility while he does guest blogging.

But, do you think that just publishing 3-4 guest posts every month is well enough to reach above-mentioned goals?

Of course not!

You have to do some planning and make strategies to move ahead with the guest blogging to reach your goals.

Below are a few tips that would help you get success in Guest Blogging

  1. Make a list of good blogs in your niche

When you think of guest blogging, the very first thing comes in mind is that on which blogs you should publish your guest posts?

Blog selection is crucial because until you publish your guest posts on some excellent sites, you won’t get all the benefits you target.

Since you are a blogger, you must already know a number of blogs that accept guest posts. You just need to filter the best ones out of them. Moreover, you can use Google, and try various search queries to find more blogs that accept guest posting.

Your keyword “Guest posting guidelines”

Your keyword “Submit Guest post”

Replace “Your Keyword” with the niche or industry you are working in, and search in Google to find relevant blogs. For example, I work mainly in tech niche; I would search as:

Tech “Guest posting Guidelines”

And, result you can see here:

Guest posting

You get a hell lot of blogs on the page one itself; you can move to page 2 of Google to check out even more sites.

This way, you can try various search queries with the combination as I tried above, and then prepare a list of blogs.

Once you are done with the list, set you requirement such as Domain Authority: 50, Alexa: below 50k, Traffic more than 1000, More than 1000 Indexed pages in Google, etc.

These are just for example, you can set requirements that you want, and on the basis of that, sort the list of blogs.

In the end, you will have a good list of excellent blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

  1. Read Guest Posting Guidelines, and Contact Them

Most of the newbies always miss to read the guidelines, and this is one of the biggest mistakes in guest blogging.

You must read the guest posting guidelines of the blogs which you are going to send emails.

Reading the guidelines helps you understand the expectations of the host bloggers, and once you know their expectations, you can write better tempting emails using their contact form or email address (if given) which may impress the host bloggers.

For example, you may check WritetoDone’ Guest Posting Guidelines, and you will realize that if someone randomly emails them with guest posting request, he won’t get accepted because the process is written on the guidelines page which he hadn’t read before sending an email.


Look at the above screenshot of WritetoDone’s guest posting guidelines page. They even had written the email id there so that you can send an email to the right person.

You must write the email for guest posting request in a good manner because if you don’t write a good email, professional bloggers will reject your request.

I have taken a well-written guest posting email sample from quicksprout.com which looks like a well-personalized email that no one can resist to read at least once. Check below screenshot:


This is just a template; you must need to customize it well and do some editing wherever required.

Such emails explain things clearly to the host blogger, and most probably he/she reads your email, and chances are there to get accepted.

One Important thing, I would like to recommend you that when you send requests for guest posting via emails, use tools like MailTrack (Works with Gmail) which notifies you when your emails are opened and read by the recipient. This helps you figure out whether the recipient read the email.

  1. Write Excellent Content

Once your application gets accepted for the topic you proposed, it’s time for you to create an excellent content that no one can reject.

Since it is recommended to do guest post on big blogs for better branding, credibility, and traffic, you must have to match their content quality.

While creating the content, the very first thing you should do is to write a tempting headline for the post because when your headline is catchy and attractive, it gets the best CTR on SERPs and even on social media.

Second thing, write the content with lots of factual stats and data (if the topic requires). Also, use power words which make your content look more professional and effective.

Make sure the post’s introduction is excellent and appealing. It’s important because if your introduction is not good, readers may not read the complete post. You must write in a way that it tempts the readers to read the full blog post. Don’t forget to write Final words or Conclusion at the end of the post.

For more tips on writing a killer content, read the post at Quicksprout which lists 9 ingredients of great content. Mi Muba has contributed a blog post about 10 Cs to write unforgettable content which you can read by clicking here.

Above all, make sure your content abides the guest posting guidelines of the host blog.

Writing great content gives you more benefits as the audience will start to like your content, and you get more readers for your blog as well.

I don’t consider myself a great writer but I wrote an excellent guest post on Tesla Themes about optimizing WordPress sites without any SEO plugins, and I got many new readers for my blog and even I got a writing client with high pay.
Therefore, whenever you write a guest post, make sure you offer your best content.

  1. Attractive Author Bio

When your guest post is published on other blogs, you get your author bio there that tells about you, and probably your blog and social profiles are linked there.

You must try writing attractive author bio for guest posts which should not look too promotional but still says enough about you and your work.

A few things you should consider while writing the author bio:

  1. Write in third
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Add a CTA
  4. Write what you do
  5. Add Graphics to the post

When you create content, you must add all the images, infographics or videos that are needed in the post. Don’t just write an essay type post and send for approval. It may get rejected. Blog posts should have media element to grab readers’ attention, and every host would expect these in the guest post.

You should not expect the host blogger to add images and videos. You have to do it, and while sending the doc, do send the media elements in separate attachments as well because host blogger may feel lazy to extract those from the doc.


Photo Credit: Pexels

In short, I would say you have to send the complete work so that the host doesn’t need to do much to make your post live.

In another case, if you are given access to the host blog to submit your post, you must add everything right in place, and then submit for review.

  1. Respond to Comments

When your guest post is published, your work is not over yet. You should be there to answer to the comments and queries which come on that particular post.

If you don’t respond, you won’t succeed well in guest blogging because readers want the author to reply to their queries. Responding to comments and queries also helps you become more credible.

For example, Erik has contributed to this blog multiple times, and he is always there to reply to every comment on his guest posts, and that is what I like as a host blogger. Readers too like to read his posts and ask queries because his contents are good and he is always there to respond to queries.


This is an excellent way to brand yourself as a good guest blogger and it also helps you succeed in guest blogging.

Wrapping up

Don’t get carried away with the hype that guest posting is not relevant now. It is still relevant, and you can get all type of benefits you want from it. Just the need is to maintain the quality.

I am sure if you follow the above guidelines, you will surely get succeeded in guest blogging.

Now, I would like to hear your thoughts on Guest Blogging. If you have got any queries, do ask in comments.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels (Modified)

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