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How To See A Private Instagram Account In 2023

Instagram is one of those few most popular social media applications in the world, with around 500 million daily users. As a user, you know that you need an account to use the services, But having an account in Instagram is enough to view private Instagram accounts? By the way, how to see a private Instagram account in 2023?

A private account on Instagram depicts that the user did want to show account information to strangers. Despite Instagram’s strict policies, some methods like using google and third-party applications can keep the job done. 

After being owned by Facebook, many changes were made to Instagram. These upgrades made it even more interactive, making it one of the best social media applications in the world. Instagram follows strict security policies for all its users. As a user of Instagram, you must have seen many features that ensure the security and privacy of users. One of them is the private account option, 

In this post, I will tell you what a private account is, what privileges you get as a private account user, and finally, how to view your Instagram profile anonymously. 

Types Of Accounts In Instagram

In the initial days of social media, there was one type of account – The one where everyone could view accounts and details of other people. Later keeping the privacy of the users in mind, two types of accounts came into existence. Similarly, Instagram also offers two types of accounts: public and private. So before you know how to view a private Instagram account, let’s see what public and private accounts are. 

What are Public Accounts?

These accounts belong to those users who accept anyone who visits and views their personal profile on Instagram. Celebrities keep their accounts public to make people know about them. The advantage of having a public account is that the user can change the account to business and back to the creator any time they need, which is impossible in a private account. 

What is a Private Account?

A private account is an option given to those users who want to keep their profile secure and private. Thus the profile and other details of private account users are not openly available, and these can be viewed by friends only— if the users want to. These features increased the number of users since they assured privacy to people. 

How To View A Private Instagram Account

Now that you know what a private account is, you should have understood that it is not easy to access the profile unless the user permits it. Keeping all these postulates in mind, here are some ways how to view Instagram profile anonymously:

Send A Follow Request To That Account

The most legitimate way to access the profile of a private account is to send a friend request. Private accounts can be viewed if the users grant permission to you, and this is done when they accept your following request. Thus if you want to spy or stalk without their concern, it is not possible. 

Search The Username In Google

Google gives information about almost everything. If you are lucky enough, it can show a few pictures and other content of the private users. Note that this method may not work for all private users. It is seen that the private users who are popular can be found on google, and thus can be accessed. If the private account you are looking at is popular, give this method a try. 

Try Using Third-Party Applications

Keeping away from the debate whether this is legitimate or not, let us look at how this works. Everyone needs an Instagram profile to access features of Instagram. However, this is not needed to access or stalk a person’s private profile.  This is the logic behind the operation of the third-party viewer applications. Today many third-party applications are available that will let you access any private profile. 

How To View A Private Instagram Account On Smartphones?

The logic and concept for viewing and accessing private accounts are the same for PCs and smartphones. Legitimately, you always can send a follow request and search the username on google. But, some great applications are available in the play store, making you view private accounts without glitches. Some best apps to answer your query- how to view Instagram profile anonymously:

Ghoestegro: View Private Instagram Accounts

You can view Instagram accounts with the Ghoestegro app. You can see and save stories and posts of any profile anonymously. This application allows its users to download pictures and videos directly into their gallery. Apart from these features, you can also track your profile. This application allows you to hide your profile and also see who viewed your stories. Once you log in to your account, you can use all the features.

UnPrivate: Share, Download Instagram Private Posts

The UnPrivate app is another application that allows you to access private accounts. You can share stories privately from this application. It allows you to download pictures and videos anonymously. UnPrivate app can work in the background, which makes it unique. 

Ghost story: View Private Instagram Accounts

Probably the top-rated private Instagram viewer app in the app store, Ghost story offers all those features that all other apps of this genre offer. The fluid interface makes this app user-friendly and a good pick for all users. 

Insta Private Video Downloader

This application comes with a set of customisable features like:

  • Dark and light themes
  • Download history
  • Multi-share options

Innovatives, the makers claim it to have the eBay UI and is the fastest app for downloading and reposting private videos and images from Instagram and reels. 

Feedsta Viewer for Instagram

Created by Amnesica, this app allows you to create an Instagram feed without even registering in Instagram. You can follow and view accounts, download or save posts as per your preference. This app comes with dark mode too, and you are free to change the feed’s layout in this unique app. 

Features Of Private Account

Now that you know what a private account is, let us look into the features and benefits of having a private account on Instagram. A private account on Instagram ensures more followers, lesser unfollowers, and content safety. 

  1. An increase in the number of followers is the first benefit of private accounts.  Since people cannot see your content until they follow, everyone who needs to see your details follows you and thus an increased follower base. The best example of this is the private account of meme pages, and these pages taunt the public to follow their accounts to see awesome meme content. 
  2. The follower needs to pass one more step before unfollowing a private account. Since the follower can no longer access the details of their private profile, Instagram asks them if they are sure to unfollow. This way, you get fewer chances of unfollowers.
  3. Apart from providing content control and safety, a private account ensures the users separate business account and thus enjoys the pleasure of creation. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Will the user know if you are looking at them via third-party apps?

As per the users of the thief party applications, we can conclude that the user cannot know if anyone is looking at their profile. Fortunately, there are not such third-party apps that show who looked at your profile. 

Is it safe to use third-party Instagram viewer apps?

The concept of the third-party application itself is not legitimate, and therefore, no one can assure them of being safe to use. The best way to keep yourself anonymous in these applications, and you can do this, is by using these apps without logging in with your credentials. 

Summing Up

That’s It! You now know what a private account is and how to see a private Instagram account. Instagram is one of the most interactive social media platforms, and the latest features like reels have taken it to the next level. Having a private account on Instagram has a set of advantages, and they give an added grip on personal content. However, everything has pros and cons. Despite high security, some third-party apps are readily available to access them.


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