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How to Get Featured in the App Store?

When you look at the app store data, apps that get featured get a lot of traffic. Every app developer wants their apps to go to the featured page to enhance their visibility. You can get thousands of downloads in a single day after getting featured because millions of people are coming to the featured page of the app store to find useful apps. If you are not sure about the way to get featured, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a detailed guide to help you with all the aspects of getting featured in the app store.

Types of Apps Get Featured Often

There are chances of getting your apps featured even if it is new. If you have an excellent idea and the users like it, you have a higher chance of getting featured. When we look at the app store data, we find that some apps get featured more often.

Monetization factors

If the developer uses different means to earn money from the app, we call it the monetized app. If you have monetization on your app or the game, you have a higher chance of getting featured. Two third of all games and apps getting featured are monetized. When we compare the games and apps, apps are frequently reaching the featured page as compared to the games. Free games have minimum share on this page. According to the data from the past six months, only 8% of free apps made their way to the featured page.

Ratings and reviews

If you want your apps and games to reach the featured page, you need to focus on the reviews and ratings. According to the app store data, the apps with more than a 4.1 rating have higher chances of getting featured. The games need higher ratings as compared to the apps to get to this page. When you go to the featured page of the App Store, you will find most games having more than 4.4-star ratings. Reviews are also relevant in this field. If the customers are giving negative reviews, it will give a negative impression to other users. As the other users are getting a negative impression, they also tend to rate lower star ratings. If you can get a rating of 4.2 for your apps and 4.5 for your games, you have a higher chance of getting your apps and games featured.


If you are a new developer, it is essential to know that you need to optimize the apps for different Apple devices. If you have optimized your app for iPhone only, there are fewer chances of getting featured. ASOmobile is a crucial aspect in this case. If you are not focusing on ASOmobile, your app will not perform well in iPhone based app store. It will decrease your chances of getting features. More developers who want to reach the featured page are focusing on the app compatibility on different platforms. Your apps must be compatible with the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. The apps with compatibility on different devices have higher chances of getting featured. Almost 79% off of all the featured apps are compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Filling form to get featured

Most of us do not know that their app can get featured on the app store if we fill in the getting featured form. This form is available on the app store. You can give all the details about your app in the form and request to get featured. You can choose between three pages of the featured section. If your app can give urgent information, you can ask the app store to add it to today’s featured list. It is the most popular page on the app store. There are two other featured pages for the apps and games separately. You should not discuss the technical features of the app because it will not help your app get featured. It is better to give details on how your app can help people in need. You can also explain how people play your game and get amazed. This detail will help you get your app to the featured page.

Things to consider

If you have introduced an app and get positive reviews and downloads, you should not try to jump to the featured page because it can be dangerous for your app also. If your app is not ready for thousands of downloads, it can damage the app ratings. In some cases, the app crashes after several users start using the app at once. All these users will give a negative rating to the app. When you combine the negative ratings of thousands of users, it will decrease the average ratings of the app. It will also damage the app store optimization for your app as you will get fewer organic searches.

Preparing the app for the featured section

There are many ways you can prepare before getting featured on the app store. If your app is fully prepared, you can avoid negative reviews. You can also boost the app monetization when it is featured by taking the right steps.

Server preparation

It is essential to prepare your app server to handle thousands of users using your app simultaneously. You may have to upgrade your server to increase processing power. If you are using the services of a server-providing company, it is better to upgrade your plan before getting featured.

Load testing

There are many tools to test load on the app. You can use these tools to check if your app is ready. The testing tools will upload and download some files from your server to test if the app server can handle the load.

Error notifications

You cannot wait for a few hours when your app has some issue. You need to set up an error notification to detect any error early. Without this feature, you may find the issues late. It can lead to many negative reviews and app rating damage. If the server is down for a few minutes, it can also impact the user experience.

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