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How to Check a Private Number that Called You?

Are you getting frequent calls from unwanted numbers and a host of them to appear to come from a mysterious private number? You are not alone suffering from those annoying and disturbing behaviours of some obnoxious callers. In fact, there are several groups of people who may be making you suffer. Some of them would include telemarketers, spammers, scamsters, and other similar genres of people.  Want to know how to check a private number that called you? Let us check out the options in today’s blog post. 

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Who is a Private Caller?

Well, a private caller is the one that has hidden his or her caller ID. Oftentimes, callers use hidden call techniques to prevent their number from appearing on the receivers’ phone. This is increasingly popular in pre-election times when raising money for political campaigns is carried out on the phone. Such calls are normally marked as a private caller, restricted, no caller ID,  or unknown on your device. 

Do note that all private calls need not be obnoxious. Some of these may have genuine information. Maybe someone like a doctor or anyone who is genuine may not want to share his or her number with the public. However, a majority of these calls can be highly spammy in nature

How to check a Private Number that Called you?

There are several options that can help you trace a private number that called you. Of course, do note that the tips we share with you may or may not work in all cases. In fact, in most of the cases, it may not be easy to locate or track the number. 91

If you are getting a call from a private number, it should clearly indicate that the caller has intentionally hidden his or her number. There are several ways the caller might have done it. The caller ID might have been hidden using the *67 before your number or for that matter, any other number. 

The following methods can perhaps work:

Use a Voicemail service

If you are using voicemail service with your carrier, it may be a great idea to activate it. Divert the call to voicemail and hope that the caller will leave a voice message. 

That can be a great option to identify the caller. However, this will only work if the caller is genuine enough. In case the private call comes from a scamster or spammer, you will not get any voice message. The caller is intentionally hiding the number, and there may not be any easy way for the query on how to find out a private number calling you. 

Dialing *69

This is the number for redialling the last dialed number in the US. It may be necessary to check the number in your region. Specific telecom provider may have a unique USSD code for the purpose. 

Check out this number and that way you will be able to redial the last received call. If the other party accepts the call, you can explain that you received a call without the caller ID and would like to know who is calling. If the caller is genuine, you should get an answer. The method, once again, will not work in case of a scamster or someone who is not genuine with his or her intentions. 

There are a few private apps that can help you call or trace the private number that called you just now. In fact, emergency services like 911 can effectively unmask a private number. If you are wondering how to check a private number that called you, this can work the best for you in resolving the issue. 

One of the good options would include TrapCall. It has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can use a plan depending upon the amount of the spam calls you to tend to receive on your phone. 

Can You Call a Blocked Number Back?

Well, calling a private number back is not normally a possible option. The callers using such private numbers normally use the call blocking feature on their numbers. So, can you call a blocked number back? Let us check if this can be possible. 

Use a Call Return Code

You can use a call return code to call back the number. Please note that you need to receive the call if you want to call the number back. 

Once you have received the call, dial the call return code. 69 is the normally used the code in a few regions. You can also check the other codes as well. A few other codes that may work would include 57, 71, or 67. The codes are ideally similar for most of the telecom companies. However, it may be a good idea to consult your telecom operator to get confirmation. 

Using this method can have an unintended result, as well. Most of the private calls are made to ensure that your number is active. Using the call return code will let them know that you are an active number and they can now easily sell your number to other spammers or telemarketers. In such cases, private calls are used as a robocall. 

Use the Call Tracking Tools

Some tools you can find at CellTrackingApps.com can make a free phone number lookup and let you know who calls you. Call tracking tools like Truecaller and TrapCall can be quite helpful enough in finding the private number. TrapCall offers you an effective option of tracking a private number with ease. If you are looking out for the right information on the query – can you call a blocked number back, these tools can effectively help you address them.

TrapCall is available for free n a seven-day trial option, and if you are satisfied with the functionality, you can opt for any of their paid plans. Truecaller may or may not be efficient enough to find the caller’s number effectively.  There are also many other lookup tools, such as Information.com, that can get you more detailed data about the caller.

How to Deal With the Private Numbers?

Well, still worried about how to find out a private number calling you? If none of the methods succeed in helping you detect the number that just called you, the best options should be to block all unwanted or restricted calls. 

Since you are not aware who is calling you and as such you do not have any number to block n the usual manner, you may need to visit the phone settings for the purpose. Of course, the settings would be different for different phones. 

However, ideally, you can have access to the right settings through Call Settings -> Blocklist -> Blocked numbers. You should find an option to block the calls from private numbers, hidden numbers, or similar other sources. You should be able to block the calls from these numbers right away. You can even use a call blocking app if needed. 

Well, that was how to check a private number that called you and the options to find if can you call a blocked number back. While it may not always be possible to detect a private number, some solutions here should help you check how to find out a private number calling you. If everything fails, you have the option to block the calls from such hidden numbers right away!


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  • A great addition to this information is that Trump recently signed the TRACED Act. It’s the first federal anti-robocall law to ban those spam calls coming from private and fake numbers. Hopefully it reduces the amount of scams also!

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