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How to Make Your Instagram Profile Popular?

Do you want to make your Instagram profile popular? Well, who would not want to? However, it isn’t so easy to become famous on Instagram. There are a few tricks that would be quite helpful. However, before we set out on our task, let us make it clear to you that we won’t be able to make any claim to how much time it will take and whether the tactics would be successful.

What do you want to be famous for?

We are not asking why, but what of your choice. What would you be want to be famous for? Choose your favourite niche and build your content around it. Indulge in a high degree of keyword research into the hashtags you would be using in your posts.

Use the keywords that have the highest and relevant traffic. Choice of keywords will have a great bearing on the level of engagement. Use multiple variations of your keywords for better engagement levels. Make sure you are using a targeted keyword for enhanced performance.

Make Your Instagram Profile Popular

Focus on the first 100 Followers

Followers are what would make your Instagram profile popular. Make sure you are checking out all the options to grow the number of followers. Meanwhile, it would also be important to note that you need to be careful with the quality of your followers.  There are a few services like https://www.instafollowers.co that can help you gain genuine followers.

Make it a point to include everyone around in your journey. The first followers would be important. Acquire the best possible people as your initial followers.

Use a variety of hashtags

Using multiple hashtags is one of the best options for attaining popularity. Of course, you should take care to ensure that you are not trying to be too spammy with your hashtags. Using around 30 hashtags that have a positive bearing on your profile.

Ideally, a minimum of 10 to 11 hashtags should be one of the best options you can opt for. Make sure that the hashtags used are more relevant. Use the correct hashtags and keep changing them to attract different sections of your audience. Before opting for the hashtags, ensure that you are not using super popular hashtags.

Make a list of Competitors

Competitor analysis would play a major role in helping you analyse the right tactics to improve the performance of your Instagram profile. What makes competitor analysis so important? Here are our reasons.

Check out how your competitors are interacting with their audience. Take a look at the type of posts on their profile are getting enough traffic and shares. If it is possible, make an attempt at collaborating with your competitors instead of indulging in a fight for the followers. Yet another option that would be worth would be to mention your competitors in your posts. This will help them respond to you.

Build the right kind of feed

The Instagram feed that your profile comes with can be made to stay beautiful. Instagram is all about staying popular. If you are posting images or videos, ensure that you are not posting some substandard content. Low light images or similar sort of content may not fetch good results.

Use the right kind of colour schemes for your themes. Ensure that you are opting for a cool and earthy tone of colours. The filters may be interesting and appear funny, but it has been observed that selfies and image with no filters would gather more engagement. It has been observed that popular Instagram profile pictures are used without any sort of filters, while edits are permitted.

Opt for Giveaways

If you want to build the right kind of rapport with your audience, the best option would be to check if you can arrange a few giveaways. Nothing comes in this world for free. And that should hold good for getting popular on Instagram as well.

You can consider giving away items like books, software tools, and other giveaways. Make sure that you are leveraging the giveaways with more followers. In fact, a single giveaway should be able to get you more than a thousand followers. This will ensure you that you will tend to get more popularity.

Interact with other users

Try following the Instagram pages and profiles that are worthy of becoming your followers. Competitor analysis can be helpful here. Check out the followers that your competitors have been able to achieve and analyse each of these followers.

This analysis can help you understand if they have any positive value with respect to your brand and brand image. Interact with their profiles and comment on them. You can even comment on the posts these possible followers have left on your competitor posts. In sharp contrast to the likes, comments are considered to be more valuable. Make use of something creative so that people will begin following you.

The Concluding Thoughts

These are not the only ideas or tricks that would boost the performance of your Instagram profile. There are several other options that would be helpful enough in improving your Instagram performance. While all these methods would be useful and help you in getting your profile popular, some tricks may have specifically better results depending on the specific genre.

If you are eager enough to get your Instagram branding popular and famous and enhance your brand image, use any of the tips we have shared here. You may also share your own ideas and tips as well if you have found them successful in your case. If you are checking out the options on how to build an Instagram popular profile, these tips should be helpful.

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  • I am trying also to create a bigger following on instagram. The weird part is that my friends who always commented before stopped doing that after i got more followers. It’s weird but my engagement seems to go down even, the more i grow. Maybe I need to follow some of your tips: interacting more and being more focused on the niche.

    Thanks for the great post!

  • I am currently trying to establish myself on Instagram and honestly I am happy with the steady growth in followers. I definitely need to work on the hashtag side of things, I am still unsure how you are suppose to figure out what is popular, yet not overly competitive.

    A giveaway is a good idea also, I may try and find something relevant to my niche, as an incentive.

    Finally though, I was wondering what your thoughts were on promoting your own posts, is it a viable way to engage a new audience, that may just not have had the opportunity to find you previously? Or is it a waste of money?

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts
    Thanks for the great post

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