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How To Delete An Onlyfans Account?

Onlyfans charges are higher if you don’t want to use it or use it less often. You may decide to delete your account for several reasons, including the one in the previous line. So, how to delete an Onlyfans account? Well, to delete your Onlyfans account, you need to log in to your Onlyfans account and go to settings in the profile. Now click on the account section and then on the Delete account option. Next, you need to enter the code Captcha and your Onlyfans Password. I will be explaining these steps more in detail in this article.  

How to delete an onlyfans account

If you wish to know how to delete Onlyfans account, the process of doing so is not difficult. In fact, it is similar in all the devices that show how accessible the site is. In this article, I will tell you all about deleting your Onlyfans account, and also you will get to know how to cancel Onlyfans subscription.

How To Delete An Onlyfans Account?

Deleting an Onlyfans account is not difficult; the website offers handy options that make the task easier. So, if you are wondering how do I delete my Onlyfans account, you can follow these steps to do so – 

Step 1: Open the Onlyfans website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Now, go to the top right of the Onlyfans page to find a drop-down menu.

Step 3: In the drop-down menu, click on ‘Setting.’

Step 4: Now, Click on ‘Your Onlyfans information’ in the left column of the page.

Step 5: Select the “Deactivation and deletion” option.

Step 6: Now, select the ‘Delete’ option to get redirected to another page.

Step 7: You need to reenter your Onlyfans password for security reasons. Then click continue.

Step 8: Now click on Delete account to delete your account permanently.

And there you go! Your Onlyfans account has now been deleted.

Knowing how to delete an Onlyfans account is pretty easy, but what if you have some money in the wallet of Your Onlyfans account. In such a case, you can do the following for deleting your account:

Step 1: Log in to your Onlyfans account

Step 2: Go to the profile and click on that icon.

Step 3: Go to the setting section.

Step 4: Go to the account section and click on the ‘delete account’ section.

Step 5: Now, enter your code and your Onlyfans Password.

Step 6: Click on ‘Yes’ to delete your Onlyfans account.

This way, you can easily get the answer for how do I delete my Onlyfans account. However, the procedure differs on phones, be it iPhones or Androids

How To Delete Onlyfans Account On An iPhone?

For any reason, if you are keen on deleting Onlyfans account on iPhone is easy; you can follow the steps below to do it:

Step 1: Launch the Onlyfans account in your iPhones

Step 2: Now, in the application’s Home screen, navigate and click on the bottom right icon.

Step 3: You will see a drop-down menu with multiple options now. Select the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 4: Now tap on ‘Account,’ scroll down to find “Delete Account,” and click on it.

Step 5: Now, a new screen opens where you will have to write the CAPTCHA.

Step 6: Now, click on “Delete account” to delete your Onlyfans account permanently.

How To Delete Onlyfans Account In Android?

Now that you know how to delete Onlyfans account in iPhones doing so is pretty easy on android devices too. The process of deleting the Onlyfans account is the same across all the devices. However, you may see a small difference in the appeal and placement of various options. The Underlying procedure, however, is the same for all the devices and applications of Onlyfans.  

How To Cancel Onlyfans Subscription?

By now, you would know how to delete an Onlyfans account; however,  If you want to unsubscribe Onlyfans, you need not delete the account for it. Instead, here are the steps you can follow to unsubscribe Onlyfans:

Step 1: Log in to your Onlyfans account.

Step 2: Check in to the creator you want to unsubscribe from,

Step 3: Toggle off the Auto-Renew Switch.

As depicted in the previous lines, everything can be done by contacting customer service too. You can contact support@Onlyfans.com to ask the team to support you.

Can You Retrieve Your Onlyfans Account After Deleting It?

After you select to delete the account in Onlyfans, the website clears the account from its database after a period of one month. Thus, if you change your opinion and retrieve the account, you can do it within this period. However, after one month, there is no chance to retrieve it. Therefore, make sure that you make a wise choice.  

How To Retrieve a Deleted Account Soon After Deleting?

Suppose you have deleted your Onlyfans account in the recent past or accidentally deleted your only fans account. In that case, you can retrieve it within one month before the account is removed from the Onlyfans database. The easiest way is to visit a site called Onlyfinder. 

Here, you can just write the username or the person’s name to search for the deleted account. Then, if you are lucky, the name can pop up. You can always contact the customer care centre for any service—including retrieval of the account. This can be the other way of retrieving.

What Happens To The Subscription When The Onlyfans Account Is Deleted?

This may be one of the common questions that you may have. Many people worry whether they would still be charged for their subscription even after the deletion of their account. Let’s make this aspect clear now. 

The deletion of the Onlyfans account not only deleted your data in the Onlyfans database but also led to unsubscription to those you were subscribed to. Thus you will not be charged for your subscriptions after you delete your account. Hence, knowing how to cancel Onlyfans subscription becomes super crucial. 

What Happens To The Messages When The Onlyfans Account Is Deleted?

Now that you know how to delete Onlyfans account, you might be worried about the messages on your Onlyfans account.  The sender can click on ‘Unsend’ for every message sent at any time. The messages will not be delivered to you once you delete your account. In case you decide to retrieve your account, you can access the messages again. 

Drawbacks Of Onlyfans

The reason why you are asking the question- how do I delete my Onlyfans account, is because this platform has a few drawbacks too. Due to this, plenty of people decide to delete their accounts. Here are some of the drawbacks of Onlyfans, which could be the reason why you are opting out of this website. 

Drawbacks as a user

  •  Onlyfans account is not completely free of privacy risks.
  •  It may affect personal life and relationships.

The drawback as a Creator

  • Onlyfans charges 20% of the charges of every transaction that happens with the fans
  • It is an evolved Adult content. If you are not an adult creator, Onlyfans is not for you.

Insights & Back Story

How to delete an Onlyfans account is a common question, but what is not common is that a lot of people do not know the insights of Onlyfans. So it would be a good idea for me to tell you briefly about it. 

Onlyfans started as an all-purpose platform in 2016. However, it has evolved into an adult platform since it has no restrictions for explicit content. Thus, it has become a base for s*x workers to make money online by streaming themselves. This makes some people uncomfortable and leads them to unsubscribe or delete their accounts. The decision is, of course, personal, but we recommend you to be clear before deciding to delete it. 


By now, you must be aware that deleting your account in Onlyfans is easy and needs no effort. However, decide wisely before deleting it. Don’t forget to back up the required data before deleting it. If you are a creator and wondering how to delete Onlyfans account, in this case, let me tell you that the process of deleting a Creator account is similar to that of deleting an ordinary account. Therefore, just follow the steps mentioned in both cases, and you would be done deleting your Onlyfans account in just a jiffy. However, have a solid reason before deleting the account because there might be a situation where you won’t be able to retrieve your account after a few days.

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