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How To Delete An IMVU Account?

If you wish to indulge in making a 3D avatar and use it to meet new people and play some games, then IMVU is the place for you. However, people often wish to know how to delete an IMVU account. Well, the option to delete an IMVU account lies in the account section of the social networking platform. Being the first social media platform, this networking account, like all other platforms, gives the users an option to delete their account if they wish to.

Users love IMVU, as it helps them create their customized 3D avatars and connect with other people via chat and other actions. Furthermore, it is the first platform that introduced the option to create a 3D avatar of individuals with tons of customization options. But, many times, users wish to not be on it anymore, and then comes the question of how to delete your IMVU account?

In this article, I will tell you how to delete an IMVU account, but first, it becomes imperative to know What is IMVU?

What is IMVU?

IMVU is an online metaverse and a social networking site that was founded in 2004. IMVU became so popular because it gives the opportunity to create your own 3D avatar and chat in various chat rooms. IMVU also gives the option to chat with other avatars, and these avatars can perform various actions. 

IMVU is the first and largest 3D avatar social media platform, where users can customize and design their own avatars. Many perceive that it is a dating platform; however, it is a virtual game. IMVU is available to download in-app store and Google store; it is also available to download on a computer. Once can perform many actions in IMVU such as:

  • hug
  • kiss
  • hit
  • get angry
  • take pictures
  • say hello
  • throw away pigs

You might even wonder What is IMVU and what does it stand for? IMVU is the short form of In My Virtual Universe. The 3D avatars customization it offers makes it the right name for it. Now that you fully understand What is IMVU and what makes it so great let me also tell you how to delete your IMVU account?

How To Delete An IMVU Account?

Like any other social media website, IMVU also provides users with the option to delete their accounts. If you wish to know how to delete your IMVU account, you can do that on the account closing page. Note that the process to delete an account is similar in all the devices—be it mobile application or PC. 

How to delete an IMVU account?

Here are the steps for deleting your IMVU account:

Step 1: Ensure you are logged in to delete your account. Now, go to the accounting closing page.

Step 2: To delete your account, you need to enter your password to ensure that you are the owner. Now, click on continue.

You will get a confirmation window once your deletion process is complete. Later you can ensure from the confirmation mail about the termination of the account.

How To Deactivate The IMVU Account?

Apart from knowing how to delete an IMVU account, you can also choose to deactivate it. But, you need to understand that IMVU doesn’t allow its users to deactivate their accounts temporarily. However, you can delete your account and reactivate the same when you need it. 

Here is what you can do to disable your account:

Step 1: Delete your account, as mentioned in the previous lines

Step 2: Later, when you want your account back, write a support ticket to the IMVU customer care. 

Step 3: Prove that you are the previous owner and reactivate it.  

How to Recover an IMVU account?

If you have deleted your IMVU account or you accidentally deleted it in the past, you can recover your account. IMVU provides an option to recover your account. You must link your email with your account as only then you can restore it. 

You can follow the following steps to reactivate your IMVU account:

Step 1: Check for the following mail in your inbox: “IMVU Alert: Your account has been deleted.” It is advisable to save this mail when you delete your account.

Step 2: Once you click on the mail, check for the ‘Link’ to activate your account back

Step 3: You will be redirected to the IMVU page from the restoration link. Now you can follow simple steps later to restore your account back. 

How To Delete The IMVU Apple Account?

It can be quite bewildering to know how to delete your IMVU account, especially if it is linked with your Apple account. However, the process of deleting an account in IMVU is similar across all the devices. The procedure is the same in Apple devices too. Since IMVU is available in the apple store, which may make your task easy, it can be deleted in the same way which is mentioned above. 

Now that you know how to delete an IMVU account from PC, and Apple devices, you might as well wish to know if you can delete the download history. IMVU, a versatile social media application, gives you various options, and one such option is deleting the download history. 

How To Delete IMVU Download History?

History in IMVU generally means the cache. Cache has all the perused junk and old resources that are considered as the history in IMVU. The chat log can also be the history, and therefore, you have options to delete it too. 

How to delete recent chats in IMVU?

Step 1: Go to the menu bar and click the chat room

Step 2: Click delete under the name of the room which you want to delete

Step 3: Now, Click on ‘Deleting Chat room’ to confirm the deletion click on ‘Delete’. Now, your Chat is deleted.

Is IMVU Appropriate for Kids?

One of the reasons many users want to know how to delete an IMVU account is because IMVU has no restriction for its users to use. IMVU claims to be a fun place for teens. However, the welcome screen adorned with sexual innuendo may prove that it is not appropriate for kids. I would recommend children have adult supervision if they want to use IMVU. There are many other alternatives available for IMVU which the users can use and see if they fit well for them. 

Alternatives for IMVU

If you feel bored of IMVU or looking for other platforms similar to it, you have some options. You can check out these platforms and choose the one you may like. 

Here are some of the alternatives of IMVU:

  • Habbo
  • OurWorld
  • Lady Popular
  • Touch
  • Second Life
  • WoozWorld
  • Club Cooee
  • Avakin Life
  • The Sims
  • Sweet


I hope that you are now aware of how to delete an IMVU account. Don’t worry if you accidentally deleted your account. IMVU offers options to restore your account. However, for this, your email needs to be linked with your IMVU account. You can also check out the help centre for more information, or if you ever get stuck. All in all, IMVU is a fun place to be, but people might have their reasons and wish to know how to delete your IMVU account. In such a case, doing so is pretty easy, as you just saw! 

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