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Online Money Making and Internet Business Ideas

We all know that the internet is significantly serving millions of people around the world with its endless capabilities like communication, providing up-to-date information, social networking and online money making. The last feature of internet is gaining more popularity among the people as it has numerous opportunities to earn from home at convenient time. Both legitimate online jobs and online money making scams like quick rich schemes are mixed in the internet. So if anyone wants to earn money on the internet is it vital to understand the genuine online earning ways. Article writing, buying and selling products online, freelancing, paid surveys, get paid to perform specific tasks are some of the best ways to make money online.

There are plenty of money making ideas existing on the internet. Whatever be the online job is selected to earn money, hard work and dedications are most important to succeed in that. Specifically, if an online job without investment is chosen, then more time with positive approach should be invested to make real money. I recommend people to evaluate their own skills before choosing any online job to work, as the irrelevant field or poor knowledge would make to fail in making money soon. Patience is another key to get money from internet and it is not possible to make money overnight here. If you are comfortable working with chosen online job then there is no doubt in making a residual income in near future.

Some advantages of making money online:

  • It is possible to fix and modify your own working hours.
  • More flexibility as your work and family can be balanced.
  • No meetings and training sessions since you are the boss here.
  • While working it is conceivable to learn new skills at spare time to increase the income.
  • Relaxed environment with comfortable clothing.

Internet business ideas to make money online:

Some of the popular internet business ideas to make money at home are Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Freelancing, Tutoring and Ebay selling auctions. As these are discussed elaborately in many websites, am going to discuss the different internet business ideas to earn money online.

Virtual assistant:

It is a good home based business and requires low investment. Average communication skill, computer and typing knowledge, good in grammar and writing skills are the basic talents required to become a virtual assistant. These skills are essential to provide the administration support and should perform the specialized services related to advertising and marketing. If you are respectable in other services like transcription, website and graphic design, answering the phone call, paying bills, desktop publishing etc. which are required by the business owners, then you can offer these as a virtual assistant. Also there are many learning resources available on the internet to grow into a virtual assistant. You can learn from those and get a business license. Then set up a workspace at home using Computer with internet connection, printer, phone, fax machine, scanner and basic office stuff. Finally, you should organize the business plans, work schedule & prices and finally advertise your business through various sources.

 2. Domain flipping:

It is one of the best internet business ideas to make online money from home. This method is gaining popularity, as it is possible to get the maximum profit with minimum investment.  Buy a domain name at the low price, increase its value manually by honest ways and sell it at a higher price. This technique is domain flipping.  Choosing a good domain name is more important here to earn extreme revenue. It is recommended that you should choose the short, dot com domain name without numbers and hyphens. It would be better if the domain name contains profitable keyword in it and you must have the knowledge associated to the chosen domain to develop it. You can also buy an expired domain for flipping. Add some unique content relevant to the domain name and update it consistently.  Increase its traffic by getting backlinks from other websites. If you are familiar with SEO tricks and the genuine ways to drive traffic to a website, it would be an additional advantage to yield a profitable income in domain flipping. After getting the high PageRank, you can sell the domain in a rewarding way.

Creating a membership website:

Here you should create a website which contains the area for your members. Before creating a website, you have to perform an extensive research to choose the most fascinating topic among the internet users to make a decent income. When the main topic is decided, it has to be break down into subtopics to engage your users to their precise interest. Now you should install free tools to build the website. Then produce your content which is reasonable or required by the people. It is important that the generated content should attract the readers and make them paying a subscription fee. If you have a skill in writing unique content, you can proceed in updating the information. Otherwise, it would be better to hire some professional writers to get quality content. Obviously, the final step is the need to drive quality traffic to your membership website by following the proper SEO techniques. Initially, you can offer the membership site for free or with a little subscription fee to your readers. Once your website gained its popularity, you can increase the payment from the visitors.

Conclusion:  After choosing the suitable internet business to make online money, it is essential to set the foundations to build the chosen business and continue to work with devotion. Also stay away from quick rich ideas and earn money fast schemes. I am suggesting that the people should learn about social media marketing, basic html, and SEO tips to succeed in any internet business.

About the author

Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala is a tech blogger at MyMagicFundas. She also writes blog posts related to Blogging and Social Media. Connect with her on G+.


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  • Hi Nirmala,

    I must say WOW 🙂

    You did a great job and shared helpful information. I must say, you are going on correct path to become problogger. I like your hard work. All the sentence and information are properly framed and helping newbies as well as others to know online money making ideas.

    Thanks 🙂

    Keep it up my friend 🙂

    Wishing you all the success ahead. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, reply n encouragement Avi! Just wanna say, if we a get a good guide then we can lead a correct n successful path in any field. All my credit goes to Mr. Atish Ranjan, who encouraged n guided me a lot. Yes, am hardworking now-a days, as blogging is my breathing. Keep reading!

  • Besides these ideas selling goods are also very popular ideas specially digital items like themes, icons, banners, logos.

  • Hi Nirmala – this is a power of guest posting. It helps us reach to people we are unaware of, if you didn’t had come with an article here on TTW. I guess I had missed a chance to meet you – a talented blogger.

    Every word you have written in your article has a great meaning to all newbies around us. A serious way to learn online money making and their consequences.

    But, on one point I’ll not agree “your work and family can be balanced” I really don’t think so as I really get hard whenever it comes to balance between family and work.

  • Thanks for your great words. Yes, am particularly focusing on newbies as they are struggling to make money in the beginning. Why you are not agreeing my point? Am a blogger as well a sincere homemaker, taking care of both in a satisfied way. Anything is possible Irfan! Thanks for sharing your thoughts n keep reading.

  • I love the fact that I can continue making money online this 2013. I have some online jobs to keep and I am getting interested with domain flipping. As for being a virtual assistant, this looks promising but I couldn’t stay full time. I can just accept few fixed rate online jobs because I prefer it that way. Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Thanks for reading n commenting. Not only this, there are numerous ways to work online. Knowledge, interest n handwork are more important to earn money online. Yes, you can go with domain flipping as it requires low investment. Just learn the genuine ways to drive traffic and add you unique content related to the purchased domain. Then you’ll thrive in that!

  • Great advice – it’s particularly important people understand that it will be hard work, you do have to learn new skills, and not expect to make money overnight at the click of a button.

    The first marketer I learned from didn’t teach SEO and that was a big gap in my education for a long time – you’re so right about the need to get to grips with the basics.

    Interested in your section on domain flipping – I must explore that more, when I’ve time,

    Many thanks for an interesting article,


    • Am glad that you liked my article! You are right! It is essential to grasp the basic things of the chosen online work to succeed in that. Domain flipping is gaining more reputation among the internet users now. Particularly if you buy a popular expired domain, then you can run it with both preexisting and new traffic. Thanks for leaving your valuable comment Sue!

  • Excellent information about make money online blogging is best way to earn money online people to become more successful in life.


  • Online maney making is going viral because of low investment & less manpower. I opened an online company last year but went in loss as there were minimal visitors. You have provided useful post, will refer some of your tips in the future, good post, thanks for sharing.

    • I am pleased that you are going refer my tips in the future. My suggestion is “any kind of online job can be chosen to earn money from home, but you should learn its basic concepts to escape from the failure”. Thanks for commenting, keep reading!

  • HI Nirmala…

    Thanks for sharing tips on money ideas. Money is the basic need of everyone. It is difficult to manage with less money these cost. So these tips will help to increase income.

  • Hi Atish Ranjan,

    Flipping is a good business to make money online. Your site must have some potentiality if you want to sell it at a good price. If your site generate revenue for example $300 per month then you can sell this site at a price of $1200-$1800.

    • Good, you are sharing your idea here. Yes, you should increase the potentiality of the purchased website to earn more money in domain flipping. Thanks for reading n commenting!

  • Great post! I wanted to start online business along with my job to earn some extras and learn something new on Internet. Your post really sorted me out. Apart from blogging and freelancing, I have one more suggestion here that is email marketing which can really help to make money online. Thanks Atish for wonderful share!

  • Thanks for sharing your great Idea Sam! Am happy that you liked my post. I wrote only few ideas, hope u may know there are countless online jobs are available to make money. As you told, email-marketing is also a good option to earn income.

  • Those are definitely some areas that people can make money Atish!

    When I first came online I had no idea about all the different ways you could make money. I bought a very detailed course and I was amazed by all the different directions you could go.

    These are excellent choices if anyone needs more ideas.


  • This is nice way to earn more money through online. Now i am also making money through Blogging. In my point of view blogging is best easiest way for making money. I appreciate you Nirmala. Because you sharing great post. Thanks for this post…..

    • Thanks for appreciating me! Really these are the nice ways to earn money online. If you are strong in the basic concepts, then you can thrive in these ways. Am glad that you are making money by blogging. Keep reading n thanks for commenting!

  • Wow! A very good source of information… All of these online marketing are very important, you can apply this to market your brand.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Thanks for leaving your valuable comment Jules! Wanna give more source of information to make money online through genuine ways. Hope, I’ll write quality posts related to money earning in TTW. Stay tuned!

  • I love to work on internet because it is not only money making platform but also it could be your own business. Don’t think too much just start your business. Finally be patient……………

    • Am glad that you love to work on internet, coz I too. It is not necessary to think too much as you told, but you should have a basic knowledge related to the online job that you have chosen to work. Then you can make money without fail and while earning it is necessary to learn the new or advanced ideas related to that work to withstand forever. Thanks for your comment, keep reading!

  • Domain flipping is not as easy as it sounds. I have tried to register several domains in the past but have seen a lot of domains being bought by domain brokers. These brokers buy and sell domains for a living. As well, making money online is not as easy as it also sounds! There are thousands if not millions of others wanting a “piece of the internet pie.”
    But, if you find a niche market or are patient (because it takes time) – it can be done. Money will trickle in very slow in the beginning and slowly increase with patience and due diligence.

  • I like your involvement here Charles! Domain brokers are expert in buying n selling the domains and many companies are doing this job professionally. I already specified in my post that the online money making needs hard work and dedication to thrive in it. Not only in finding a niche market, patience n persistence are required to earn income in any of the online money making category. Thanks for your comment!

  • also selling goods are also very popular ideas specially digital items like themes, icons, banners, logos.

  • Yeah, you are right Shafeeq.

    Selling goods through Online auction sites are getting popular among the people as it is a genuine way to make money online.

    Thanks for reading, keep coming here!

  • Hi Atish,

    This post is so simple and you have good explained about the online making money and internate business. i think Internat marketing is one the best method for make money online. because i am using. even you can promote of your business by the internat. Selling goods are also very popular ideas Spacially for E-Commerce site. even you can earn money at your home by the help online marketing. Thank you so much dude for this post.

  • Awesome insight in this post. I agree the possibilities are endless with making money online. But no matter what you start out doing, it will definitely take skills, patience, and perseverance.

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