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Artificial Intelligence, Customer Service and ManyChat Chatbot Tutorial

One of the few things that helped humans to evolve into the most intelligent species is our brain capacity. Of course, our opposable thumbs were also a great feature as we changed from our primitive versions. In fact, this was also considered as one of our major advantages against other animals and even primates. It was theorized that due to our thumbs being this way that our ancestors discovered so many things. Our thumbs made our hands able to grasp certain things and materials for better use. Then, once we have realized this, we have learned an idea or skill. Through trial and error, we have developed our own sense of logic and helped us survive in this world.

Intelligence is not just found in humans as there are animals which are known to possess high levels of intelligence. Some of these examples are primates, dolphins and dogs. However, we are the only ones who were intelligent enough to form a society. Not just any society, but civilizations with rules, cultures, and beliefs. A wolf can form a pack, but it can never build a village. On the other hand, there are still debates as to what is the real definition of intelligence. There are many theories which can explain it like the multiple intelligence and fluid and crystallized intelligence, but still, the questions remain. Can you really measure intelligence? Is learning a new skill or subject still a part of intelligence? How about logic and mathematics? Are they another part of intelligence?

There is also another question that keeps popping up: can we recreate this intelligence? Can we even match our own intelligence with an artificial one?

Artificial intelligence (read more) has always been a staple in many science fiction related literature. Famous examples include R2D2 in Star Wars and J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is such a pervasive concept that no science fiction story is complete without a friendly AI or a robotic rebellion. They usually come in the form of programs that have been patterned from human behavior. Most artificial intelligence units in fiction can follow commands and respond to their maker or master. Others become sentient, begging to be free of their non-human contraption or learning to feel emotions. These plot points make a good story, but they were never going to be a part of real life. They only exist in fiction as a plot device or a part of a character. That is until the advent of technology came in and mesmerized the world.

The internet was just a sliver of an idea in the US military for covert operations. They envisioned it as a way for them to transmit information without physical means like paper. However, this rather simple concept became one of the most important inventions of our time. Along with the advancement in the computer, the military-grade project became accessible to the masses. In time, it gradually became a commodity, a need for many people in the world so that they can function in school or work. It is such a fast transition for technology from the 20th to the 21st century. In just 15 years, we have created so many mobile phones and internet ready devices. The first solar power car is now available for purchase in the market. Even appliances can now connect to the internet to improve their basic functions. This has also led to a renewed interest in actual artificial intelligence, especially in the fields of business and customer relations.

We always value human interaction. Many studies have proven that people would like to interact with a real person more if they are looking to solve their problems. A lot of them are actually quite unhappy if they run into bots or computer generated responses. This is why so many companies hire or even outsource customer service specialists to satisfy their customers. Some even implement 24-hour coverage for their customers. However, this is an additional cost to the company and working on a graveyard shift is not really healthy for many individuals. This is why many are now trying to learn how to use chatbots. Learn more about customer service by clicking here.

In this day and age, social media dominates most of our senses. It is rather rare to find someone who has never heard of sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is where most of the internet population lives. You can interact with other people with varying backgrounds and cultures. You can even create communities with similar interests like in Tumblr and Pinterest. YouTube is considered as an alternative for the mainstream television media. Considering that it is such a powerful force, many companies and organizations use it now to promote their products or cause. This is rather apparent with the cultivation of verified accounts in these platforms. Celebrities also use this to promote themselves and the brands they are using or producing. The accessibility of social media makes it very attractive for advertisers and marketers. Customer service experts are now also into social media.

Making and managing a chatbot can be easy, especially if you already know what platform you are going to use. For example, there are websites like https://smartbotmarketers.com/ which can help you in using these applications effectively. There are courses in which focuses on varying areas like marketing and social media management. There are also programs like ManyChat which can help you in designing your own chatbot.

In this day and age, anything technology related is apparently possible. Brilliant minds get cultivated every day to learn and adapt more to our changing environment. There are many people who are wary of these technological advancements as this may lead to job loss. Technology can replace some of our human jobs, but there are certain skills it cannot do yet. For example, a robot was once built to defeat a chess grandmaster. It was successful, but these AI does not have the empathy, common sense or will to improve. They are just waiting for us humans to develop them more.

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