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How to Create Fake Discord Messages?

Discord is indeed an excellent platform designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. In fact, in addition to using it as a chat option while you are playing your favourite games, it can also double up as an option for friendly banter. 

But have you ever given a thought to find if you can play a prank with your friends? Well, yes, Discord lets you send you DM someone on Discord even when they are not your friends, you can also use it to prank your friends and use a fake Discord message maker to send them fake messages. 

How to create Fake Discord messages using Fake Discord message Maker?

You can create fake discord message using Google Chrome Browser’s developer tools by editing text, and create fake discord messages. So, the thing is you don’t need any separate tool for it but you can do with your Chrome browser only just by using its features and your mind.

Let us check out a few simple options to send fake Discord messages with built-in and straightforward fake Discord message makers. 

The Developer Tools

Well, if you have used Google Chrome, you should be aware of the developer tools that form a part of the popular browser. To fake a Discord message, you would just need to have a Discord account and an Internet browser. 

We will use Google Chrome for the purpose of this tutorial. Do note that the method described here is not available on the Discord desktop app as you cannot use the Developer Tools on it. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Launch Discord on Google Chrome. 
  • While within the Discord browser app, go to Developer Tools 
  • To do this, click on Settings, and then on More Tools 
  • Next, click on Developer Tools

  • If you are looking to replace the text in someone’s message, find the message you want to edit, and replace the text. 

You just need to double click on the text element with the message and change everything that you want to delete or change. 

You can even change someone’s username with ease through the Inspect Elements option. You can click on the username element and simply change the element. You can remove and replace everything you find after role= “button”. 

Change Date

You can change the date if you want to confuse your friends. You just need to select the message and enter a new one. Discord uses the format M/D/Y for the date. Change the text that appears after datetime = “000000”. 

Well, using the inspect element options may be a little scary and would need you to have a little knowledge of how to work with codes. 

Embed Editor

Compared to the Developer Tools option and the inspect elements section, the Embed Editor is an excellent option as a fake Discord message maker. It is an online tool and lets you create your own Discord fake messages. It has an easy to use interface and offers a preview field to witness the changes you have made. 

The tool is much simple and easy to follow. However, it needs you to know the exact format that Discord makes use of. You would need to compare the fake message you create with the legitimate message format. 

That would perhaps make it a little time-consuming. Of course, you would also need to ensure that you do understand the editing of codes. 

Are any Other tools available for fake Discord message maker?

Those two were a couple of good options that can be used as a fake Discord message maker. In fact, the methods here should help you create fake messages on Discord or other platforms. 

Creating fake messages can be useful in many ways. It can be used as a prank or even used for advertising purposes. There are a few better options that would offer you paid alternatives for the best fake Discord message maker. However, we would not vouch for those tools and as such would not want to feature them here. 

In case you are checking out for the fake Discord message maker for a quick banter or pranking your friends, the Inspect Element or Embed Editor methods should be an excellent option. 

In Conclusion

Having understood the methods for the best fake Discord message maker options available, it should be noticed that these should not be overdone. As long as your intentions are good enough, we do not find there should be any issues as such in creating your fake messages on Discord. 

However, since the very same tools and methods are used by hackers and fraudsters, it would be advisable to use those methods with caution. 

Have you tried these methods for fake Discord message maker? If you did, do let us know which method did you find more useful. You may also share your experience and any other tool you may have used.

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