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How to Clear a Discord Chat? (Trick to Mass Delete Discord Chats)

Discord is possibly one of the most prominent names that the gaming community has been using for some time now. When it comes to clearing Discord Chat all at once, there is still no such option available. 

With time Discord has been moving away from being a platform only for gamers. It is being used for many different purposes such as streaming Netflix/Disney, Hosting spotify listening parties, and many more such things, and because of that Discord is not popular only in the gaming industry but in general people as well. With this huge surge in users, Discord should allow mass delete chats in order to give server admins moderate their servers well. But, at least for now, they are not offering any such option to clear discord chat at once. However, you can delete one message at a time easily.

In this article, I am going to discuss a few ways that would help you clear Discord Chat which we will discuss in this article. So, keep reading.

Types Of Text Message In Discord

Discord facilitates two common messaging features. The personal message feature is where a user can have a one-to-one chat with another user. The second one is a group feature, where a single user can talk to a whole group of users in a channel. The second type is commonly stated as channel messages.

How to Mass Delete Messages on Discord?

In the initial days of the application, the channel admins were exclusively aware of how to mass delete messages on Discord. This feature was later withdrawn, as time and again the discord database faced problems, as too many admins would remove the messages all at the same time.  Although the feature was withdrawn for mass deletion, Discord still allowed users to delete one message at a time and thus one still can mass delete messages but not all that the same instance.

How to Clear Chat in Discord (Direct Message)

Technically, it’s impossible to delete personal conversations in discord. The most that one can do is to either close the chat window so that the chats don’t bother you or remove the local messages so that they don’t appear in the chat history. In the second case, a copy of the message is saved with the other user and in Discord database. Here is how to clear chat in Discord:

  1. Right-click on the username of the sender whose conversation you want to delete. Select Message.
  2. Navigate to the extreme right end of the message. Click on the three dots on the extreme right. From the menu that opens up, click on Delete.

Thus your local messages are deleted, and you will not see the messages any further. Do make sure that you do not use this in any crucial chat that you might need, as that would lead to the deletion of the crucial messages.

How to Clear a Discord Chat (Server Messages)?

In contrast to the direct messages, server messages can be deleted permanently. There are two ways in which we can delete the messages—one way for either of the types of messaging. Here, we have listed both methods with the steps to help you get a better understanding of the processes.

How to Clear Chat in Discord(Manually)?

  1. Open the Server containing the message that you would love to remove.

  2. Hover on the message. Click on the three red dots which appear to the right of the message. Select Delete from the menu.

  3. A window would now appear which asks you to confirm your decision. Click the Delete button if you are sure about your choice, else cancel.

Thus, the message is deleted. This method works perfectly fine for a few messages; however, this can be time-consuming for a large number of messages.

How to Mass Delete Messages on Discord (Channel Messages)

As there are not direct option to mass delete messages on Discord, there is only thing left is use of Bots. Discord bots can be of real help when we are facing this situation. We can surely mass delete the messages on Discord. Here are the steps on how we can do so.

  1. Log in to your Discord server
  2. Navigate your way to the MEE6 Bot website.

  3. Select Add to Discord and then click on Authorize to allow the bots to work on the server.
  4. Select the best server for yourself.
  5. MEE6 would now prompt for permission to connect to Discord.
  6. Click on the authorize button if the same prompts.
  7. Check on the MEE6 control panel and enable the Moderation plugin. Once MEE6 is installed, you can now delete the messages using a variety of commands.

Another way to clear Discord chat all at once using this Chrome Plugin. You can install this Chrome plugin and do the initial setups following the on-screen instructions, and it will help you mass delete Discord chats.

I hope this helps you well in deleting the chats! let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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