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How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Snap streaks is a popular Snapchat feature to keep track of how long a user has communicated with another user, using the App. If you frequently exchange Snap with another Snapchatter every 24 hours for 3 days in a row, the Hourglass symbol will go and a fire symbol will come. These symbols indicate how long the discussion has been going on, showing the exact number of days.

Snapchat’s help section has nowhere mentioned how long does the hourglass last on Snapchat? So a lot of Snapchatters wanted to know the answer to this question. We have tested the Snapchat App for several days and come to a meaningful conclusion in this regard. So here we are sharing our findings and sheer useful information about Snapchat streaks and hourglass features. Stay tuned.

What Is Snapchat’s Hourglass Symbol?

If you’re still confused about what the hourglass sign means, you’re not the only one, and this post will assist. Whenever you see an hourglass (⌛️) icon, it signifies your streak with a friend is about to end. This sign is information that you have a few hours left to renew the streak before the hourglass icon disappears. The sight of this ⌛️, which is a notice to take action quickly, alerts Snapstreak users when their streak is about to expire. This sign aids users in remembering to transmit snaps to one another to keep the SnapStreak running as usual.

The streak’s duration is determined only by the aggregate number of images taken by a person and transmitted to another user. Snap Score, text messages, or sticker messages will not be taken into account. The hourglass will appear next to the user’s profile and to the profile of whoever the user is sharing the streak with, as a signal that the streak is about to end unless either of the users shares a snap.

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How Long Does The Hourglass Last?

It’s time to address yet another hot question: how long does the timer last on snap? The hourglass isn’t a good sign for the future if you want to keep a Snapstreak going. You’ll have to maintain your Snapchat game on point until you and your pals decide to break the streak, either individually or collectively, to keep the streak running. Several Snapchat users claim that the hourglass lasts for 2 to 3 hours before breaking your streak. Many others, on the other hand, believe it lasts between 4 and 7 hours. Due to an adequate lack of details on the assistance page, there is no pertinent answer to how long does hourglass last on Snapchat?

Some speculate that the elusive era exists because not all streaks receive equal attention. The hourglass sign may flash up to 7 hours of warning following months of constant use. The symbol may only appear for 2 hours if your streak is only a few days old.

How To Get Rid Of Snapchat’s Horrible Hourglass?

We can only make estimations as to how long does the hourglass last because there is no official announcement for how long it will last. According to Snapchat, you and the person on either side of the streak should share at least one snap every 24 hours. The hourglass strikes after 24 hours. You may avoid worrying about Snapchat’s shrinking hourglass timer by using these tactics.

Rather Than Sending Chat Messages, Send A Snap

Avoiding the Snapchat streak timer by sending a Snap rather than a text message is a simple and easy way to do it. As a consequence, you may keep your witty demeanor while encouraging the receiver to send a snap-in reply. So rather than texting or messaging a specific individual, keep in mind to snap at them if you need to convey a short or quick message.

Send a Morning Greeting

Take the initiative of sending a “Good Morning” image to your buddies first thing in the morning. It’s a simple way to bypass Snapchat’s hourglass timer. Make it a routine to wish for beautiful mornings by sending Snaps. By doing that, you don’t need to worry about running out of time for streaks. Take and send one selfie every day to begin your day. As previously indicated, there is a simple way of ensuring that the Snapchat streak timer isn’t shown.

Create A Snapstreak Shortcut For Your Friends

This is the best and quickest option. We believe we need to deliver a snap to keep the streak going but when you have a long list of friends, this becomes time-consuming. And therefore we often avoid SNAPing to some of our less communicated friends. Snapchat Shortcuts are useful for making sure you don’t miss someone while sending streaks. Adding the ShortCut on your phone’s home screen will remind you to utilize it regularly. With the Shortcut function, those of us who are famously sluggish to act will be encouraged to exchange Snaps.

Snap For The Sake Of Snap

Take a blank or blacked-out shot to keep the hourglass indicator at rest, if keeping your Snap streak alive is more crucial than the sort of Snap you’re sending. Make sure the person whom you are sending such Snaps is aware of your plans so they aren’t taken by surprise by the needless snap.

Notify The Other Party

A Snapstreak relies on a return, so even if you’re doing your part, make sure the user with whom you’re trading snaps is knowing that you’re serious about keeping your Snapstreak going. Ensure the user is as dedicated to the Snap streak as you are, otherwise, the streak will indeed be lost forever if they fail to send you a snap in time.

What Should You Do If The Hourglass Icon Comes While You’re Still On A Snapstreak?

There have been several instances where the hourglass icon appears and then disappears, despite the user honestly keeping their Snapstreak. In this case, it’s recommended to contact Snapchat support and let them know about the issue. The hourglass indicator will go and the Snapstreak icon will reappear next to your profile, thanks to the Snapchat support team.


If you don’t see the hourglass right away, you could have a few hours remaining to continue the streak. Please contact your friend as soon as possible and trade Snaps. System issues or busy pals who aren’t trying to catch up with their normal Snapchat activity might cause streaks to vanish. If you’re serious about keeping a streak going, all you have to do is trade snaps at a minimum once a day.

That’s everything there would be to know about the streak timer and its functions on Snapchat. We hope this has answered the questions you had concerning Snapchat’s hourglass. You may get used to it very fast if you put in some effort for a short amount of time. It’s really simple to shift to the new technique of sharing snaps and being interactive after a little period of adjustment.


How Long Does a Streak Last Before It Dies?

A Snapchat hourglass emoji usually lasts for 20 hours, however, an hourglass one only lasts 4 hours until the streak stops. If you submit a Snap but your Snapchat still displays the hourglass, it implies the person on the other end must also send you a Snap to make the hourglass indicator disappear.

Your streak is going to come to an end, as shown by the hourglass emoji. It displays itself against pals with whom you’ve been on a losing streak that’s about to stop. You’ll have to snap every day at least.

Does The Hourglass Appear On Both Sides?

The hourglass symbol is visible on both sides. The hourglass icon may remain on your Snapchat if one of you hasn’t sent a streak. The one and the only person that makes the hourglass disappear is the person who needs to transmit the day’s snap. By reminding them, you can encourage folks to return you a snap.

If keeping your Snap streak is much more vital to you than the kind of Snap you’re sending, you may snap an empty or blacked-out photo to at least prevent the hourglass indication from displaying. You should let the other party know you’re doing this so they don’t get caught off guard by the small snap.

How Long Does The ⏳ Last On Snap?

The streak lasts 2 to 3 hours, although according to some groups of Snapchatters, the Hourglass icon may last anywhere from 4 to 7 hours. The hourglass icon’s timing is a little tricky, as is the schedule for how long it will stay.

The hourglass icon’s quirky duration and look are most likely because no two Snap Streaks are alike. Snapchat may grant you an hourglass extension for a Snapstreak that has been running strong for months.

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat App?

Your streak is going to come to an end, as shown by the hourglass emoji. It displays itself against pals with whom you’ve been on a losing streak that’s about to stop. You’ll have to snap a photo of each other every day.

These streaks provide no benefit to Snapchat users; they are merely a way to monitor how long you have been communicating with other Snapchatters.


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