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How to Spy on Your Kids Text Messages?

Can you monitor your child’s text messages without letting him know? While it may appear to be a spying activity and infringing upon someone’s privacy, it is equally important to be caring about your kid’s well-being and help them prevent themselves from falling prey to vices. 

There are several ways you can spy on your kid’s text messages and other online activities. If you are keen to know how to read on to find how. 

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Use the traditional old fashioned way!

Well, that will involve physically spying on your kid’s phone. You may find your kid’s phone lying around and just pick it up and check out the messages and other activities. That would ideally be the easiest method to spy on your kid’s phone. 

Of course, in today’s smartphones that come with unlocking codes and patterns, it may be necessary for you to know the unlocking code and patterns before you can have access to the data. Moreover, if you are caught in the act of checking the kid’s phone, that would further add up to the embarrassment. 

Get the messages auto-forwarded to you

This can be an excellent option to spy on your kid’s phone. This can work simply with a few smaller and simpler apps. Some phones may allow you to configure the settings easily for this method to work efficiently. 

The method is not much complicated. However, in many cases, these tools can only help you receive the sent messages to be auto-forwarded to you The method works in a simpler manner – the target phone sends a text to contact, and the message is forwarded to the recipient and to you. 

Opt for parental control applications

The parental control applications are specifically created for the purpose of monitoring your kids and their online behaviour. They can be used to read someone’s messages as well. Some of these apps take a screenshot of the activities that you want to track and then send them to your phone or any specific account such as an email. 

The parental control apps don’t run in the stealth mode just like the spy apps, but they do not have the spy features found on the spy apps. That would mean the target person – in this case – your kid will know that they are being tracked. That would make it perhaps a little less trusted mode of spying on your kid’s phone. 

The mobile operator dashboard

Some of the operators maintain a record of the usage pattern of a user. The dashboards from the mobile operators will let you have access to call details and received or sent messages. However, you may have access to the numbers alone and not the entire text. 

Some operators tend to offer you the service where a part of the text would be shown along with the number. In any case, whether the text is shown or not, you may get an idea into whom your kid is communicating with. That would perhaps be the best way to know about the acquaintances of your kids. 

Use high text trackers

This is obviously the standard and most professional option to find the much needed information on your kid’s text messages. There are several Android text message tracker options that can prove to be handy enough. 

Apart from just letting you spy on the text messages, these trackers can also be helpful in more than only text. A few of these apps let you know of their entire online behaviour that includes the websites they visit, social media interactions, and even calls. A few of these trackers can even provide you with a recording of the calls. 

How do Text trackers work?

There may be several ways an Android tracker can work. Some of them use the keyloggers to detect what is being typed, while some others may use a sophisticated technology. These trackers can easily track the sent and received messages, social media interactions and other important data. 

Most of the Android text trackers work in the stealth mode. Once installed on the phone, the targeted person will not come to know about the tracking unless you let them know that explicitly. 

Should you tell your kids that they are being tracked?

Some countries have stringent laws that govern the privacy of individuals. Spying on someone’s phone or activities without their knowledge can be considered to be a violation of someone’s right to privacy. In such cases, it may be necessary to let your kids know that their activities are being monitored. 

Of course, talking about those things to a kid can a huge concern, and in many cases, quite awkward. Make sure you explain why do you want to keep a tab on the activities and text messages, and how bad the big world outside is. It would be worthwhile to talk to them about the growing issues of sexting, cyberbullying, and extortions. 

The Closing Thoughts

Well, as a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are safe. Android text trackers or any other means of spying on their online activities may not be something wrong in any way whatsoever. Just make sure that you are making use of the right options and the right tools for the purpose. 

Prime, among other things, make sure that you have made your kid understand the issues associated with the big bad world outside and how they can be exploited. Once they are convinced, you can perhaps be able to continue with your text monitoring without hassles. 

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