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What Does HRU Mean On Snapchat!

Snapchat and other similar social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram are loaded with tons of abbreviations. Users often use these abbreviated short forms to save time and send quick texts on the go. If you are not versed with these abbreviated slangs, you either should quit using them or better learn this shorthand language. And if you are reading this, you probably opt for the second option. Good decision! So if you have decided to learn some new slang to flaunt on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, let us begin this tutorial by knowing what does HRU means?

What Does HRU Mean in Texting?

Abbreviations are nothing new. From Paparazzi to Stenographers to social media users, abbreviated language is used by everyone. Abbreviations are a short form of a long sentence. Moreover, abbreviations are also used in professional Emails say ASAP which means “As Soon As Possible”. 

What Does HRU Mean On Snapchat

Well, talking about Snapchat, the most frequently used term is HRU. And in this tutorial, we are going to tell you what HRU means, its usage, and HRU examples

HRU Meaning

On a beautiful morning, when someone sends you HRU, you might try to decipher what the person is trying to say. HRU Meaning is “How Are You”. Usually after a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, sometimes it seems awkward what to say next. Especially, if you are a stranger to someone or want to kick start a conversation, HRU is best to send and blow away the awkwardness.

On the other hand, if you have received “Hi” or “Hey” from someone whom you don’t know or got a first-time text from some casual common connection, HRU is a good reply, to continue chatting. Also, the best part is that HRU can be the HRU itself. We mean to say that when you get a text from HRU, you can send HRU in reply without any hesitation.

This acronym is a bit different from other similar words. Usually, acronyms on Snapchat represent the first letter of each word in the phrase or sentence but in this case HRU, ‘R’ and ‘U’ is not the first letter of the word but sound exactly the same as their corresponding words i.e. ‘Are’ and ‘You’.

HRU Usage

HRU is a question that anyone can ask you. When you get an HRU text from your friend or family, it indicates that they care for you and are interested to know what’s going on in your life and is everything ok? However, this is also used casually just to bring on a conversation with a long-ago friend.

HRU is a great conversation starter formally as well as informally. You can text HRU to anyone irrespective of personal or professional connections. And that is the reason that you may find HRU usage across all the social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, including Snapchat.

There are other slang words as well which mean the same or similar. So, if you are looking for HRU usage, probably following slang popularly used on social media will also interest you.

  • HBU – How about you?
  • HBY – How about you?
  • HDYD – How do you do?
  • HIG – How’s it going?
  • HAY – How are you?
  • HAYD – How are you doing?
  • WSG – What’s good?
  • WSP – What’s Up?

These slangs are lesser-known and generally not used as much as HRU. All the above slangs are question phrases but as slang, you may or may not use the question mark. However, they always represent a question. It is not always necessary to write all the 3 letters in Caps Lock, if you usually type in small cases, it is ok to write HRU in small letters.

What Does HRU Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most sought-after social platforms among young lads and gals. Snapchatters love to gossip and chat in short forms which the world calls slang language. It is fun talking in abbreviated language and saves a lot of time as well.

When it comes to Snapchat, HRU meaning remains the same – “How Are You?”. The person who sends you the snap asking HRU wants to know your wellbeing. It can be sent as a text in a message section or the caption under a snap.

Sending HRU is the ultimate way to stay in touch with people whom you rarely interact with. This helps you to stay in their lives and thus makes you a more social creature.

HRU Examples

HRU is a simple and sweet way to ask and tell what you are doing, and how you are doing. Basically, it is a conversation opener. Despite knowing its meaning, sometimes it happens that Snapchatters get confused about where to use it and where not. So, go through some HRU Examples below, illustrating different situations when you can text someone HRU.

When you try to start a conversation with some common friend (friends of friends).

John : Hi, Michael, HRU?

Michael : I’m good! HRU?

John : I’m also good. Throwing my birthday party next week, you must have to come.

Michael : Great! Happy Birthday in Advance, I will try to come.

HRU helps in replying to a convo with your buddy whom you haven’t seen for a long time.

Rochelle: Hi, Annie, long time no see.

Annie: Hello! HRU Rochelle.

Rochelle: I’ve been in the U.K for the past 2 years.

Annie: Have you left your job in Vegas?

HRU can also act as a saver when you don’t know how to approach your crush. 

David: Hi, Hannah, HRU

Hannah: Hi, good. Just finished with lunch.

HRU is also used for enquiring about the health of your friend or family member who is sick. Wish them to get well soon. It makes them feel good.

Puma: HRU Harry

Harry  Not well, still feeling nausea and dizziness.

Puma: Take medicines on time and take care of your health.

Harry: Thanks

You can text HRU to your friend, cousin, or colleague who was upset or sad for any reason and cheer up by sending some joke or funny picture.

Sandra: HRU now, are you okay?

Ricky: Yeah! Need a fresh start. 

Sandra: Don’t worry, things will be on track.

Ricky: Thanks! 

Apart from the cited HRU examples above, there could be other instances also where HRU can be a suitable text. Keep in mind here that HRU shouldn’t be used in a professional conversation or with a friend who always likes to write properly spelled words.


Snapchat is a fun place to hang up and interact with your existing friends as well as make new friends. It is therefore imperative to gain some knowledge of widely used social media slang across social networks. We hope that we are successful in explaining HRU meaning and usage. If you want to learn more about such acronyms commonly used on Snapchat, visit the homepage of this world website.

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