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Unmasking Secrets: How To Get the Anonymous Questions on Instagram?

Social media comes with a new fad now and then and you need to keep up with these or else you will lose relevance. One such trend that is creating quite some buzz is posting anonymous questions. It’s allowing other followers on your Instagram to ask you personal questions. It is fun and exciting and tasks like these make sure that social media platforms never go out of vogue, this ensures precisely why social media is what it is in terms of engagement and personal connections.

Let us know about various ways you can post anonymous questions on Instagram. 

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How to Get Anonymous Questions on Instagram?

There are primarily two ways where you can advise your followers to ask you anonymous questions. One is using the anonymous sticker on your Instagram story to ask anonymous questions. The other is using a third-party app like NGL where you have custom-made anonymous question templates that can be posed as links.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of both the tactics to be used for asking the questions:

Include the anonymous question sticker on the story

The first tactic for you to use to let others ask anonymous questions is within Instagram itself. There is an anonymous question sticker that  Instagram has in their list of stickers in stories which allows your followers to ask questions directly. The sticker advises people to ask anonymous questions. All these questions will land up in your inbox through which you can reply to each individual separately in their DMs. 

Steps to add anonymous question sticker on your Insta story

  • Sign in on your Instagram app. If you are already signed in then you can skip the first step.
  • Now on your home page look at the plus icon present at the bottom of your home page, and tap on it.


  • After that, you need to tap on ‘Story’. See 2 of IMG-A.


  • Now tap on the ‘Aa’ option on your left. This will open your text story interface. See 1 of IMG-A.
  • Now you need to tap on the sticker icon. Tap it. See 1 of IMG-B
  • If you want to type something beforehand about anonymous questions or just request people to be kind or pose a specific type of question you can by tapping on the writing interface of the Instagram story. See 2 of IMG-B.


  • Select the Anonymous sticker from the stickers list. It will appear on the interface.

  • Now you will see the question panel to be well placed, you can tap on ‘done’ to update the story.

Ask anonymous questions through NGL

There is a third-party app that is famous for these anonymous questions called NGL. It had created this spurring trend where it made Instagram more fun with its spree of hip and cool questions. Why NGL was working and people loved it because they already had pre-made anonymous question templates such as for confessions and responses being recorded for pickup lines etc. 

Steps to ask anonymous questions via NGL on Insta story

  • You need to download the NGL Anonymous app. You can get the app from your respective app stores depending on your mobile OS Android users can download it from the Google Play store and Apple users can avail the app from the Apple store.

  • Now open the NGL app you will see an interface with an ‘@’ sign. You need to type in your username that follows after the sign. To proceed further tap on ‘done’.

  • Now you will be taken to a page that will have a link that you need to add on Instagram and paste into your story. Tap on ‘Share to Instagram’ to be redirected directly to the Instagram app.

  • Now tap on the sticker icon to include the link sticker on Insta Story.

  • From the stickers list tap on the ‘Link’ sticker.

  • Add the link to the sticker’s URL feed. You can simply paste it as when you tap share the URL gets automatically copied.
  • Now you will see your link appearing on the story’s UI.
  • Tap on the ‘>’ sign to update the story.

  • To check back the questions you will get them via the Inbox of NGL. It is on the right-hand option placed in the center on the top through which you can access your inbox messages, Currently, I have no responses hence it shows empty.

Once you are done you can answer these questions via DMs on Instagram. But to get the anonymous questions you have to use the NGL inbox. You can share on Twitter and Snapchat as well. You can share the link on any platform but with customized image posts you can access it when choosing either logo right after tapping on ‘share on Instagram’.

Other Means to Get Instagram Anonymous Questions

Third-Party Apps/Websites

There have been third-party apps and websites that offer anonymous question features for Instagram. These services usually required users to sign up on their respective platforms and then generate a unique link or a swipe-up link to their website via the stories. 

The questions asked through these links are usually anonymous to the account holder. To reply to those questions you can use the DM feature. Platforms/Websites such as Slido, Mentimeter, and Askfm are a few names that provide you the interface to link it with your stories for accessing anonymous questions.

Use Poll stickers to request anonymous questions

Although Instagram Polls are not anonymous, you can ask your audience to vote in a poll to indicate if they want to ask an anonymous question. If they vote “yes,” you can request them to send their questions as direct messages (DMs). This way, you might not get truly anonymous questions, but it offers a level of privacy.

Privacy and Safety of Asking Anonymous Questions

  1. Always prioritize safety and respect privacy. Never try to reveal the identity of anonymous questioners, even if you think you know who they are. This can lead to a violation of privacy and might lead you to legal authorities or potentially even jail or probation.
  2. Third-party apps/websites may pose risks to your Instagram account’s security or violate Instagram’s terms of service. Be cautious while using such services. I would suggest you copy the link rather than signing in to your Instagram via any third-party app. Use the link sticker to include a link in your stories from which any wanting user can ask anonymous questions.
  3. Keep your content fun, engaging, and respectful. Use anonymous questions to connect with your audience positively.


Anonymous questions can be fun and exciting but you need to know how to let users ask them. First, you can always use the question sticker on Instagram Story. You also use a third-party app like NGL from which you can ask anonymous questions and many fun types of ask prompts as it has some interesting question prompts. I have tried to explain exhaustively the different methods that can be used to let other users ask you anonymous questions. You can choose one that fits your need and use it. 

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