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How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram stories are quite popular, and people love to view each other’s stories once in a while. When you view someone’s Instagram stories, they will get to know that you have viewed their stories. Now, if you want to view someone’s stories anonymously in a way that the person won’t know you have viewed them, then what will you do?

Although Instagram doesn’t offer any feature for it, we always have some workarounds that can be used to view anonymously.

Quick Answer:

Watching Instagram Story without the user knowing it is impossible as such. Of course, you can try a few workarounds, such as turning the aeroplane mode on your phone or using a third-party app. Sliding from an adjacent story and viewing it can be an easier option to help you watch an Instagram story anonymously.

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously
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Can You Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Currently, Instagram does not let you watch Instagram stories anonymously. In fact, this is against Instagram policy and viewing the Instagram story without the user being able to find it. 

If you are wondering how to watch Instagram stories anonymously, there are a few ways that you can achieve it. Please note that Instagram or Meta approves none of the methods here, for that matter. 

Why Would You Want to Watch the Instagram Story Anonymously?

There can be a few reasons why you want to watch someone else’s Instagram story anonymously. 

Some prominent reasons that would make it ideal to look for watching Instagram stories anonymously can include:

  • It helps you safeguard your privacy: Watching the Instagram story privately can be a great option to maintain your privacy. This is true when you do not want the account owner to know that you have watched the story.
  • It can help avoid awkwardness: There are cases where the Instagram story is a little awkward or controversial. Watching it anonymously can be helpful in letting you avoid unwanted conversations or other interactions with the account owner. 
  • It helps in quenching your curiosity: You may be curious about some Instagram story and do not want the account owner to know about it. It can be a great way to help quench your curiosity without revealing your identity. 
  • Keeping Eye on Competitors: Businesses are also on Instagram, so you may want to keep an eye on competitors as well.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Here are a few good options that you would find quite interesting enough to help you in watching Instagram stories anonymously. These methods can be helpful in viewing Instagram Stories without the other person knowing. 

Method 1: Use an anonymous Instagram account

One of the best and easiest options to help you view someone’s Instagram stories can be by using a separate Instagram account that you have created with separate fake details. While the user will find that the Instagram story is watched by someone, they will not be able to find that it is you. 

If you already have two accounts, you can switch between the two accounts and use a specific account to access the Instagram story as per your preferences. If you have not created an additional Instagram account already, you can create one easily.

This works 100%

Method 2: Use Online Specialized Tools to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

There are several means to help you watch Instagram Stories anonymously. You can use a host of third-party apps and websites that let you watch someone else’s Instagram stories without them getting to know it. Recently I came to know about the Instagram viewer and Instagram story viewer which are quite good tools that aid you in viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

This works 100%

Method 3: Turn on airplane mode

You can move on to the Instagram story, and just as you have tapped on it to open it, you can turn on airplane mode. This will let you watch the Instagram Story, but the user will not be able to find that someone is watching the story. 

How can you watch the story even without the internet in Airplane mode? Instagram preloads multiple stories so that they can be watched instantly without any buffering. That way, you can watch the Instagram story without being seen or without being detected. 

However, it may be noticed that all the stories might load slowly if the user has uploaded several stories. The app may not be able to preload the stories. 

Sometimes this method doesn’t work at all.

Method 4: Use the Swipe back trick to view Instagram stories 

If you are looking to view someone else’s Instagram story, the best and perfect way to do it can be to use the swipe back trick. This involves viewing an adjacent story and then swiping back. Our experience with this method revealed that it requires a lot of practice. 

The method involves the steps here below:

  • Launch the Instagram app and open the story that you want to watch without being detected. 
  • Tap and open the next story immediately on the profile
  • Hold your finger on the current story and make a back swipe without releasing your finger 
  • Do not release your finger and peek into the desired Instagram story. 
  • Once the story has been watched, move back and go to the story that you actually started on

This may or may not work well for you.


Instagram officially does not let you watch Instagram stories anonymously. But, even when there is no native support available, you will find that there are a few of alternate options and fixes that help you get things done. The simple and easy methods that we have outlined in the above discussion can be helpful in many ways. 

FAQs on anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories

How to view someone’s Instagram Story Anonymously?

You can use the best workarounds to help you view someone’s Instagram story anonymously. However, as long as the privacy policy of Instagram is concerned, it is completely illegal to watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously. 

Can you watch someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing about it?

Yes, it is possible to watch someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing it. You can use an anonymous Instagram account or use a third-party app or website that is specifically designed for the purpose.

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