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12 Sexiest AI Instagram Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

You must have been following many Instagram influencers on the platform, but do you know that ever since AI tools have been coming to the market, people are creating hyper-realistic AI models, and managing their profiles in a way that they look surreal?

Above all that, such AI influencer profiles are earning huge amounts of money by accepting sponsorships. It has become a business model for many digital creators.  In this article, I have listed 10+ sexiest AI influencers on Instagram that you must follow in 2024.

Top 12 Sexiest AI Influencers on Instagram in 2024

These virtual celebrities are making waves on Instagram with their vibes, much like the cool kids in the Metaverse. Are you curious about the top 10 hottest AI influencers that you should be following at the moment?

Get ready as we explore their fantastical realms! Let’s start then…

AI Influencer Instagram Followers
Lu do Magalu 6.7 million
Miquela 2.6 million
Thalaysia Pov 461K
Deanna Ritter 407K
Sika Moon 303K
Shudu Gram 240K
Bermuda 234K
Aitana Lopez 253K
Milla Sofia 134K
Rozy Gram 163K
Natalia Novak 55.1k
Andrea Angel 5559

1. Miquela

Lil Miquela is a digital influencer with major flair and vibes. She is not your typical Instagram girl; She enjoys activism, fashion, and music. When browse through her Instagram profile, you will love the original stuff that she posts. She has worked with some of the world’s best-known brands and was also part of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential people on the internet. She is just an AI model, and she achieved a lot. You must follow to get inspired.


2. Sika Moon

Sika Moon is a 28-year-old model from Berlin. She utilizes AI to create a virtual model of herself. This digital identity allows her to engage with followers and promote brands more amazingly. Leveraging the platform Fanvue, similar to OnlyFans, Sika earns through her AI-generated content, reaching the top percentile of earners on the site in the UK. She loved the way she is able to portray herself via a hyper-realistic AI model to look the way she always wanted to. She has garnered a huge fan following on Instagram and other social platforms and making money out of it.

Sika Moon
Sika Moon

3. Deanna Ritter

Deanna Ritter is a trendsetter from Seattle, USA. She has been captivating a global audience with her AI-driven persona since the year 2022. With a unique mix of fashion and technology, she showcases stylish outfits using CGI. She is influencing and redefining the concept of being an AI influencer in today’s digital world. She has been making money out of her efforts across social media platforms.

Deanna Ritter
Deanna Ritter

4. Andrea Angel

Andrea Angel is a new model and social media star. She was created using AI. She’s one of the AI influencers on Instagram and earns from sponsorships. People love her more and more each day on the platform. She’s your favorite virtual babe on Instagram, and she asks for support on Fanvue which is a similar platform to OnlyFans where her content can be subscribed by paying.

Andrea Angel
Andrea Angel

5. Shudu Gram

Shudu is shattering stereotypes in the field of modelling. Her account is all about gorgeous appearances and high fashion. She is an AI fashion icon on Instagram. She has worked with some of the top fashion magazines and modelling agencies including Vogue, Balmain, and Cosmopolitan. She is the first digital supermodel.

Shudu Gram
Shudu Gram

6. Bermuda

Bermuda is a digital performer who is more than just a gorgeous face! Her feeds are a blend of humour and style, from fashion to hanging out with friends. Unlike others, Bermuda is your girl next door who is part of the high fashion trend and is humorous and fun-loving. 


7. Thalaysia Pov

Thalaysia is from Indonesia and she’s all about representing her culture via her Instagram posts. From music to stunning pics, this girl’s feed is a blend of culture and cool! She is a recording artist. She also advocates for animal welfare, education, and women’s empowerment.

Thalaysia Pov
Thalaysia Pov

8. Rozy Gram

Rozy has a digital charm she has got the tone and beauty to her voice. She was launched by Studio Sidus X in 2022. She is 22 years old and does plenty of ads, takes part in virtual music competitions, and releases trendy music tracks. Her vital impact is immense in digital space. Rozy is Korea’s first AI influencer.

Rozy Gram
Rozy Gram

9. Lu do Magalu

Lu do Magalu, also known as “Lu,” leads as an AI influencer on Instagram. She showcases the prominence of virtual influencers in marketing. Boasting a massive following of 6.6 million on Instagram, she holds the global title of the most-followed AI influencer. Her engaging content, ranging from unboxing videos to software tips, resonates widely among her audience. Beyond her digital presence, Lu collaborates with artists and brands. She blurs the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds.

Lu do Magalu
Lu do Magalu

10. Milla Sofia

Milla Sofia hails from Helsinki, Finland. She brings Finnish charm to the world of AI influencers. A 24-year-old digital native, Milla exclusively exists in the digital world. Her striking appearance is crafted by the Stable Diffusion. Beyond Instagram, she gathers a substantial following on TikTok, where fans eagerly follow her virtual adventures. As she steps into the fashion scene, Milla gains admiration, yet her digital presence occasionally blurs reality for some followers, sparking intriguing interactions on platforms like Instagram.

Milla Sofia
Milla Sofia

11. Aitana Lopez

Aitana Lopez is a pink-haired virtual influencer with 253k followers. She earns $1,000 per post promoting brands like Olaplex and Victoria’s Secret. She’s entirely AI-generated, part of a $21 billion content creator economy. This causes concerns among human influencers and professionals about income threats from digital avatars.

Aitana Lopez
Aitana Lopez

12. Natalia Novak

Natalia Novak is an AI-created online sensation managed by Pierre who is a tech-savvy software engineer. Flaunting an impossibly stunning appearance tailored for the male gaze, Natalia gathers a devoted fan base on Instagram. She is living a virtual life filled with beach hangouts, shopping escapades, and captivating Instagram moments that blur the boundaries between reality and the machine-generated world.

Natalia Novak
Natalia Novak

Will AI Influencers replace Human influencers?

Without question, AI influencers are changing the game! But, you have to know very well that the AI influencer profiles are also being run by humans. It is not like AI models are running the AI influencer account themselves. Also, when it comes to the discussion that AI influencers replacing human influencers, I think it is not going to happen in the near future because how humans influence people is quite different than the AI models. Humans connect with humans much better than an AI can connect with human You can just compare these AI influencer profiles with any human influencer profile and you will easily know how better human profiles post content.

You see, true influencers resonate with their audience because they share relevant experiences and feelings. Conversely, AI influencers are amazing in the tech space but may find it difficult to connect with people.

Quick Glance – AI Influencers on Instagram – Photo Gallery

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AI Influencers on Instagram are the hyper-realistic AI models created using AI tools, that you can learn by watching the video below. You can watch that as well. Moreover, some people have used it quite well to create these AI influencers and things went well for them. Now, these AI influencer accounts on Instagram are making huge money with sponsorships.

Learn how to Create a hot AI Influencer, and run an Instagram profile to make money.

Hope you love this article!

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