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Funny Pranks to Send by Email (Prank Ideas for Friends)

Pranks can be mean, but they can be refreshing at the same time. Pranking is fun, and we must play it on our friends and family. Just play pranks lightly, and it should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. 

There are many types of pranks, and one such prank option that can prove to be exciting is to use email pranks. Email pranks can be literally scary, but still – they are hilarious. How about checking out a few great options for enjoying the best email pranks that would make good sense? 

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What Makes Email Pranks A Good Option?

Pranks or practical jokes can be an excellent option for scaring people. These pranks were typically played on April 1, the April Fool’s Day. However, of late, we tend to use email or other pranks on any given day. 

Email pranks tend to be an excellent way to target your victims. If you have a good time in your hand and access to good internet connectivity, it should be a perfect option to kill time. Some of these pranks can be easily identifiable, and a few of them may be quite elaborate in nature. The efforts you would put into it would differ considerably depending on the level of prank. 

Best Email Pranks You Pan play On Your Pals

You can try out several pranks through email. Pranks by email can either be simple or may have quite annoying overtones. Let us check out a few good pranks that would make a huge and positive impact. 

1. Blind Date Prank

This should be a good prank for those of your friends or acquaintances who are into online dating or social media sites. You can create a fake profile that ideally meets the expectations of your victim. Once that is done, send an email from the fake profile to your victim.

Make sure that you are keeping in touch regularly until the victim has fallen for your trick or email prank. Now, fix a date for the meeting. Ask the victim to come with a heart-shaped balloon, wear a red shirt, or any other ridiculous request. Ensure that you are at the location on the date agreed. You would love to see the expressions on his face!

2. Sent An Entire Dictionary As A Text File

An excellent way for the best pranks to send in an email is to send an entire dictionary as a text file. Create a simple-looking email and add the list of words as a text file. 

You can also add up a subject line that may look very funny. This will make it appear whenever your friend searches for a word. The email client that your friend uses should be able to search within attachments. That would make the prank quite interesting. 

3. A Prank With A False Prize

Each one of us loves winning prizes. You can use this allure for prizes, a great way to fool or prank people by email. It would be an excellent way to prank through email by offering a lucrative reward. To do this, you need to create a fake competition or contest. 

Make sure that you are making the competition look real. Choose a contest that perfectly looks real. Let the participant or your victim take part in the competition, and make him a winner. Once that is done, ask him to collect the read at the reception. Wait at the reception to look for the reaction! This is the best among the pranks by email that can be played on your office colleagues. 

4. The Prank With A Job Offer

This email prank should be something that would work with almost everyone. You should ideally be able to play this gag on a friend or a colleague. You will act as a recruitment agency and will send the victim a prank mail consisting of a job offer. It is practical to play it on someone who is looking for a new job. 

Send an email saying that he or she has been selected for a job. Quote a very ridiculous amount of money as remuneration, but do not go overboard. But do not take the prank too long. The victim may seriously believe in it and may resign from his current job. 

5. The Auto Correct Prank

To undertake this prank, you need to have access to the computer of your victim. Go to the Word and go to the AutoCorrect settings. Change a few Autocorrect entries. This will change the auto-correct entries, and when the victim types anything in Word, the auto-correct entries will be quite embarrassing to your victim. 

6. The Confession Prank

This prank email does require you to have access to the email account of your victim. Send an email from the email account of your victim with a confession about something. Make sure to include some very embarrassing confessions that you can think of. 

Make sure that the email is sent only to those recipients who can understand that this is a prank. Do not send it to the accounts that can take it seriously. This is indeed among the most embarrassing email pranks. 

7. Sign Them to Unwanted Email Newsletters 

We always want to keep our email inbox clean. How about making your victim sign up for some nasty and unwanted email newsletter subscriptions? That can be quite a nasty option to do. 

Make them sign up for newsletters that keep sending emails all the time. There are several good options, such as Mailbait, which lets you sign up with a huge number of email addresses at once. You can thus ass more email addresses which means you have more victims. 

8. Act As Your Victim’s Boss

You can send an email from a real-looking email address to a colleague acting as his boss. How about warning him or her not to use the office computer for sending personal emails? You may also make a few other warnings. 

You can also act as a stern boss or some other higher-up to warn the victim. In fact, the best way is to try this prank on a colleague who is known to indulge in some of these tasks. 

The Concluding Thoughts

There are several other pranks apart from the ones I have listed here. However, it is important to ensure that the email pranks that you try should appear believable and true. To make this possible, the email address you use should also look reliable. You may need to create an email address that looks entirely professional and reliable, depending on each of these pranks.

Enjoy playing these pranks with your family and friends.

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