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10 Best Prank Websites Like Love Calculator

Our friends are extremely dear to all of us, and pranking them is something that we all love! However, pranks, too, like all other things, have taken a modern and digital turn. There are plenty of websites and apps available which can be used to prank all your BFFs.

Such is the site, Love Calculator. This is one of the best prank sites to send to friends and have some fun time with them. This site is great to tell you the name of your friends’ crush. All you have to do is log in and send the URL to the friend. When the friend opens the URL, it looks like a normal love calculator, but as soon as your friend inserts their crush’s name, the name will show up on your login page! 

With the growing trend of prank sites online, I have listed down 10 prank websites like love calculator:

10 Best Prank Websites Like Love Calculator

  1. lovecalculator.site

Love Calculator Prank is one of the best prank websites like Love Calculator. Your friend will be in deep shock if, one fine day, they get to know that you know who their secret crush is! Use this website to find who your friend is crushing on! Just add your name, register, and send the unique link to your friend, where they will put their name and crush’s name.  These names will now be available to you! Use this website to have some fun time by teasing them with their crush’s name. This website surely tops the charts when we talk about prank sites to send to friends.

  1. lovecalculator.ws

Trick your friends into believing that the link you just sent to them is of a site that calculates love percentage, but what it really is will shock them and amuse you! As soon as they click the link and type in their and their crush’s name, it will be visible to you! And there it is! Their secret is now out in the open! How cool is that?

  1. getlinks.info/love

This is one of the best prank websites like love calculator, as it can reveal the name of the secret crush of your friend! All you have to do is just type in your name, create a password, and share the personal link with a friend of yours. Let them think that this is a real love calculator. As soon as they add in their crush’s name, it will start showing in your dashboard. And that’s how you will get to know who they crush on so that you can go on and tease them and have some fun. 

  1. Love Calculator Prank – Gafla Quiz

We are all brutally honest to our friends, but there are still a few friends who like to keep their lives, especially their love life, super-secretive! And it’s always a fun idea to trick them and prank them. This is one of the best prank sites to send to friends if you wish to know the name of their secret love. As soon as you send a link, they will believe that this is a love calculator, which will display the percentage of love and compatibility. However, they would be shocked and surprised when they know that this is just a prank and they have been fooled! All you have to do is type in your name and create a link to send them. As soon as they add their love’s name, it will display on your webpage.

  1. prank.love-calculator.site

We all have secret crushes at some point in our life. Most often, we open up about them to our friends. But there are a few friends who never share their secret love’s names. This website like love calculator is specially made for them! You can trick them by sending them a link to a fake love calculator and get to know the name of the person they are crushing on. Just generate a unique link and send it over to them, and there is it! Their secret has been busted!

Hope you loved these love calculator prank sites mentioned above. To add more to the pranking fun, we are listing out a few more prank links that are not similar to love calculator prank sites but are great to prank your friends in different ways.

  1. The Scare

Don’t you just wish you could capture every moment of you scaring your friends, just to record their reaction? Well, The Scare lets you do so! Just turn on this app, and switch to some game, and hand over the phone to your friend, and suddenly a scare image will flash through the fun, giving your friend the chills. And the best part is, during the whole time, the front camera would be recording their reaction. How cool is that?

  1. FartScroll: Funny Pranks

This website is one of the most popular prank websites like love calculator. Embarrass your friends in front of everyone while they are reading your blog, as this website helps you make fart noises, that would be hilarious and amusing.

  1. Do Not Press The Red Button

This prank, like Pandora’s box, plays with the inquisitiveness that takes over you. When asked not to do something, we all feel compelled to do that. This website acts in a similar way. The description of the prank reads, “Whatever you do, do not press the red button.” This is one of the coolest prank sites to send to friends, as the victim, when presses the button, faces hilarious repercussions.

  1. Secret Codes From Google

Google is one of the most visited sites. It is not only useful to get a lot of information but also lets you play serious pranks on your friends and family. Calling the snow, shutting down web browsers, and breaking down the searches are all a part of this prank.

  1. “DUDE, YOUR CAR!”

Do you want to prank and scare your friends by showing them a burnt or dented image of their car? This app lets you do this easily. Just click a picture of your friend’s car, and use this app to modify it according to your liking. Add dents, scratches, and even fire to scare them to bits! 

These websites offer you a fantastic way to prank your friends the digital way so that even if you are miles away from them, you can still prank them in some or another way. Get to know their secret crush, or just trick them into believing that their car has caught fire! These websites are one of the best prank sites to send to friends and have a fun time together!

You can also play pranks with friends by sending them SMS without revealing your name or details using the website mentioned in this video. Check this video to find that out.

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