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How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections in One?

We all have internet connections at home. For our laptop or PC we have either Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. We have data packs for our smartphones and sometimes there is a facility of community Wi-Fi available to us. But, the thing is that we can use only one internet connection at a time. Have you ever wondered that, is there anything we can allow you to combine all the internet connections and use them as one big connection?


Well, the answer is yes. Dispatch proxy is a free and open source tool which can help you in combining multiple internet connections. It allows you to combine as many Wi-Fi connections, Ethernet connections and 3G connections you have. It will combine all this into a big connection thus increasing your internet speed in multiple folds.

In dispatch proxy, you can also prioritize connections which you think are faster and reliable. However, to enjoy higher speed connection you will have to use threaded download manager.

How to install dispatch proxy?

  • You will have to download and install node.js on your PC or laptop.


  • Now open command prompt in administrator mode. For doing this click on start menu and type “cmd”, then right click on the “run as administrator”.
  • Now run “npm install -g dispatch-proxy” in the command prompt as it will directly download and install the dispatch proxy.


  • Make sure that many internet connections are available to you.

Availblabe networks

  • To check whether dispatch proxy is properly installed or not, run the command “dispatch –V” in the command prompt. It will show you the current installed version of the tool. 


How to run Dispatch proxy?

There are two types of proxy which dispatch proxy supports. One is the http proxy and other is the socks5 proxy. HTTP proxy runs internet at http level which includes web surfing and downloading from http servers. Now to establish connection at TCP level, SOCKS5 proxy is needed. This proxy is needed for the software like Skype and bit torrent.

To start a HTTP proxy, you need to run the command “dispatch start –http” to start HTTP proxy and for starting SOCKS5 proxy you need to run “dispatch start” command.


How to assign priorities to the internet connections?

Not every internet connection has the same speed. There are chances that may be Wi-Fi is down or your mobile network are not up to the level. To solve this issue you can prioritize network according to your wish.

At starting you will realize that each internet connection will be given an equal priority and all connections are shown by a character “@1”. There is also an option where a user can specify exactly which internet connection he want to dispatch to, and he can also assign a priority to each interface.


In the above pic you can see all the network connections and there IP addresses. Note down the IP addresses of all the networks and you are good to go.

To assign priorities to IP addresses, you will have to type the IP address followed by @priority_number after the “dispatch start” command as shown in the pic below. 


How to use dispatch proxy?

It is like using normal proxy. For using dispatch proxy first open the internet application’s proxy configuration settings and enter the proxy address “localhost” and the port number as shown by the dispatch command.

If you wish to start an HTTP proxy, enter the address shown by “dispatch start –http” in the HTTP field. If you wish to start a SOCKS5 proxy, enter the same details in SOCKS field.


Final verdict:

Well, I don’t think there is much to say. You can just see the comparison below.

without-dispatch-proxy super-speed-with-dispatch-proxy

No need to say thanks! Enjoy the Double speed by combining multiple Internet connection using this Guide

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  • Hi Atish,
    Indeed a Great article. So artistically you have put forward your thoughts in front of us. All the points which you mentioned regarding combine Multiple internet connection in one are great. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  • this is too much configuration. there are software that do this in a single click. try inetfusion, allowed me to combine my 3g and lan connections, without an iota of cmd configuration.

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    From my personal experience ExpertDAQ is good enough in providing such kind of ethernet converters.

  • Hi Aatish, Right now I have 5 connection in my locality that’s password is known to me. All of them are wireless connection and right now on my laptop there is only one wireless card. Every time my router define ip address to my laptop. So do you think i can combine all these wireless connection to increase my internet speed.

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