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15 Hottest Dragon Ball Female Characters – 2024

Dragon Bal is perhaps one of the raunchiest shows that you would have come across. Of course, several scenes in the show have later been censored, but the series remains one of the best with the sexy female characters. The show is a mix and match of seduction and sexual overtones in certain places. 

That would indeed leave you looking for a few of the best hot Dragon Ball Female characters. Let us explore the top 15 hot and sexy female characters from Dragon Ball. 

Top  Dragon Ball Female Characters

Without beating around the bush, let us start exploring the top female characters from the series. 

 15. Gine

Gine is the mother of Goku, and she is one of the most powerful characters in the series. She is a female Saiyan and quite formidable in battles. However, she also has a kind-hearted and soft personality. 


She is not a cat girl, and despite that she has the most alluring part of her is her tail. Gine is one of the hottest females in her league and comes across as someone with a very captivating demeanor and personality. 

14. Caway

Caway is also known as the Universe 4 warrior. She is quite powerful, but she also has bad company, making her a bit of a bad character herself. She does look really hot and seductive. Her clothing and dressing sense make her quite attractive. 


In fact, when she fights people, she makes every attempt to seduce people she is fighting with. She simply takes off her cape and seduces her adversaries into losing. Her sexy looks and demeanor could even seduce Master Roshi. That in itself should be proof enough to show that she is the truly sexiest female character in the series. 

13. Helles

Want to pick the hottest and most graceful female characters in Dragon Ball? That should be Helles. She is beautiful, and she is powerful as well. In fact, she is considered to be the goddess of destruction. She has a very beautiful body that makes the men chase her. 


Her dressing sense is impeccable. She dresses to elevate her curves and make her look more alluring. The huge bust size is perhaps what further makes her more attractive. Even when she is a warrior, she is also one of the sexiest characters in the Dragon Ball universe. 

12. Launch

Launch is a really unique character in Dragon Ball series. She actually has a dual personality. You would find her very hot in both the personalities, but she has different temperament in each of them. The dual personality makes her very hot and cunning at the same time. 


One of her forms is calm, sweet, and innocent, while the other form is cunning and evil. Her dressing sense is wonderful and stylish. She has blue hair, and it changes into golden when she changes her personality. 

11. Fasha

Fasha was the first female Saiyan to appear in the Dragon Ball series. She could not live for long in the series, though. She shows a truly wonderful and powerful fighting spirit until she is killed. She is both beautiful and powerful,  making her a truly worthy addition to the list of best women characters in Dragon ball. 


She is typically seen wearing armor and has very short hair. You would find her having a really muscular body and a fierce temper. A proud Saiyan, she is ready to get into any fight if anyone stands in her way. 

10. Zangya

She is a curly-haired beauty in the Dragon Ball series. Of course, she is an obscure character, but she does impress a lot. She also appeared in Dragon Ball Z video games and a standalone movie.


She is one of the antagonists in the series and could beat Gohan initially. But, she was later bogged down by Bojack. She is one of the most powerful female characters in the Dragon Ball series. 

9. Pan

Pan is the daughter of Videl and Gohan. She has grown into one of the sexiest women in the Dragon Ball series. She is a quarter Saiyan. The cute, innocent looks and unique character make her the most adorable woman in the series. 


She is highly energetic. She also is similar in her demeanor to Trunks. She has a tomboyish nature, which is yet another attraction that makes her a promising among the hot Dragon Ball female characters. She also has an aggressive personality to her. 

8. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is Goku’s wife. Of course, she is not an impressive fighter, but she does impress with her impeccable character. She challenged Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. In fact, more than her fighting prowess, it is her fierce temper that makes her what she is. 


She is fearless when confronting anyone. In fact, Goku and Gohan do not want to upset her at all. In fact, she picks up the fights that she can’t win. That is perhaps what makes her a very unique character. 

7. Mai

If you have been watching the Dragon Ball series consistently, Mai is one character that has grown consistently over the years. She is one of the beautiful and confident women that you would perhaps come across in the series. 


She is tall and has dark hair, which makes her the best hot and sexy woman in the series. She has an unwavering courage to help stand against the dangers. You would love her chemistry with Trunks. Mai is also an intelligent character who knows how to stay calm in any situation. 

6. Android 21

Want to witness someone voluptuous and seductive? Android 21 capably fits the bill. In fact, she is one of the most popular succubus, to be precise. She is the major antagonist of the Dragon Ball universe. She has an appearance in the Dragon Ball Z Fighters Game and OVA.

Android 21

She is quite tall and slender. Those features make her a worthy inclusion among the best hot and sexiest female characters in Dragon Ball. She has a really curvaceous body and is very hot. That is why she makes an appearance on this list as well. 

5. Videl

Videl is Gohan’s wife in the Dragon Ball universe and one of the worthy additions to the sexiest female characters in the series. As you are aware, Gohan is one of the most powerful Saiyans in the series. Attracting him needs an equal level of zeal, and Videl definitely has it in her. 


Initially in the series, she is a fighter, but later on, she gives up fighting a bit. One of the humans married to a Saiyan, she comes across as quite unique in her appearance and looks. She is aware of how to fight and how to defend herself. 

4. Fortuneteller Baba

She is not a warrior. However, she has those other powers. Her abilities are capable of manipulating the events through their mystical powers. Her powers were initially introduced at the beginning of the series. 

Fortuneteller Baba

Baba has the ability to bring anyone back to life after death. She has helped Goku to return to Earth to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament and later fight Buu. She had also revived Vegeta when he was dead. She is not the sexiest woman in Dragon Ball, but she is definitely the best. 

3. Android 18

Android 18 is the wife of Krillin. They are indeed one of the best anime couples you would come across in Dragon Ball. Android 18 is the sexiest Dragon Ball female character you would ever come across. 

Android 18

Android 18 was introduced in the series first as the antagonist and was later transformed into a good character. Her temperament and personality are quite explosive. Her character is more focused on money. She is ready to do anything if paid well. 

 2. Caulifla

She is one of my favorite female characters in the series. She is known as the feisty, beautiful, and brave character in the Dragon Ball series. Her determination as a fighter makes her stand out among the other female characters in the series. 


She is strong and tough. But she is equally feminine and a bombshell in a way. She is quite sweet and caring. Caulifla has a really assertive personality and can take charge of practically any situation. She has a thin, slender figure and sharp eyes, enough to mesmerize any man. She is also a powerful warrior, being a Saiyan herself. 

1. Bulma 

And the winner is – of course, Bulma. She is the hottest-ever character in Dragon Ball. She belongs to the league of cutest, sexiest, and hottest women in the series. Bulma comes across as both an adventurous and stylish girl in the Dragon Ball series. She happens to be one of the first characters introduced in the series and is quite energetic. 


She was one of the main characters during the initial episodes of the series. But, later on, she moves on to play the supporting role. Even then, she inspires with her inimitable style and looks. And yes, if you have been a regular with the Dragon Ball series, you will find that her clothing and style have changed consistently over the years. 

Before we leave…

Well, that was a formidable list of the 15 hottest and sexiest female characters in the Dragon Ball series. Not that the list is complete. Dragon Ball is such a huge franchise, and picking just 15 of the best female characters among them is not that easy. However, we have attempted picking crème de la crème of the best sexy female characters that you can explore. 

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