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10 Best Succubus Anime Characters 2024

Are you an anime fan? You would have heard about the Succubi characters. Succubus is a female anime character that is known to seduce males. In fact, every genre of anime comes with a succubus character. Let us explore the best succubus characters that you might come across when accessing Manga and other animes. 

What Are Succubus Anime Characters?

A Succubus is a female demon or supernatural character, which is a common part of an anime show. They are part of a host of anime shows, irrespective of the gene that they belong to. There are only a few succubus characters in anime, but they form part of almost every anime show. 

A succubus character appears in the dreams of men to seduce them. They do it through sexual activity. You would also find the male equivalent of a succubus which is called an incubus

10 Best Succubus Anime Characters You Can Explore

Having understood what a succubus is, you can check out the top 10 best succubus anime characters you can explore. 

1. Len

Len is not a succubus, to be precise, but she can take the form of a succubus. She does not harm the people by taking their semen. Even when she assumes the character of a succubus, she also helps the others. In essence, she does not need to be a succubus all through her life, but she can become a succubus only when required. 


Len is a protagonist in the Manga series Type-Moon. She is created by fusing a cat’s body and the soul of a dead human girl. The character is known to be preferring to live alone. She typically hates socializing with others. With the ability to transform into a black cat, she can also manipulate people’s dreams. 

2. Tomie

The character of Tomie begins with her death. She is a beautiful high school girl who faces a very gruesome death. Her friends dismember and scatter her body parts. 


Tomie is a succubus with a jet black hair. She comes back to life again and again. She has countless ends all through her life. She is also seen as a character who keeps seducing the men and stealing their energy. 

3. Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland is another popular succubus from Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. She is a succubus character with a human personality. That is what makes her a bit ironic. She is shown typically as a hedonist. 

Morrigan Aensland

She keeps coming back to the material world to indulge in her hedonistic activities. She is a 300-year-old succubus and has allied herself with the good forces. She has a mixed heritage because of a demon father and a human mother. 

4. Koyomi Araragi

Rather than being a succubus, Koyomi Araragi is more about a male character that belongs to a harem. A male protagonist in a harem anime is typically perverted. But, Koyomi does not belong to the category. She is more like a generic harem protagonist. 

Koyomi Araragi

She is the primary hero in the Monogatari series. She is actually HE and was known to have endured the vampire assault during his high school days. The Harem members of Koyomi would include vampires, witches, yuki-onna, and other supernatural creatures. 

5. Elerelle

Elerelle is a succubus character and is the main character of the anime. She is a beautiful and seductive succubus. She typically preys on men and lives on it. She is capable of transforming her forms and thus uses this capability to lure other men into her trap. 


She lures the men and drains them of their life force. However, she also has a softer side. She is loyal to her master, making her one of the best ones to take care of her master. She is also known to be the one with a strong sense of justice and thus is hell-bent on helping those in need. She is the most sexy and dangerous succubus character. 

6. Akeno Himejima

She is a popular and supporting character from High School DxD. She is a beautiful young woman and has long black hair. She is also very intelligent and can deduce things really quickly. She is shown to be giving advice to her friends. 

Akeno Himejima

She also has a ruthless and strong side. She shows it when anyone gets her wrong. In one of the episodes, she makes a boy wet himself in front of everyone. Even when she has a strong and ruthless character, she has a soft side as well. You can witness that in her interactions with the male protagonist of the series. 

7. Louisa 

Lolisa is an adorable character from the comedic and lighthearted anime series “Konosuba”. She works at a succubus café known as “LunaLuna,”. The café provides the visitors with a host of dream experiences that are specifically catered to their own desires. She has cute pink shade eyes and pink hair. 


She is a bit insecure about her body size. She also has demonic powers and features. She is an adorable succubus, but she is often bullied and dumped by most of the other high-end demons. She is one of the playful and most adorable succubus characters that you would perhaps come across. 

8. Ageha Kurono

Ageha is the mother of Kuruma from Rosario+Vampire. She has maintained her beauty despite her age and being a mother. She is blessed with long cyan hair and purple eyes. She is one of the best succubus characters in the anime world. She is capable of enthralling others and bending everyone to her control. 

Ageha Kurono

She keeps trying to save her daughter from the darker side of their supernatural world. Her strength is a good combination of strength, intelligence, and cunning. She is perhaps a good option for the best of both worlds – a succubus with a human character. 

9. Artemis

The Succubus Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the same name. She is the supporting character in Maria the Virgin Witch. She has a light-colored fur coat, stockings, high heels, and leather that does not cover her body. She is in sharp contrast to the other typical succubus, who does not engage in any amorous fun for the men. 


She is actually involved in sleeping with men in power to seek confidential information from them. She is quite crafty and has a great degree of clever behavior. 

10. Mayospell

Mayospell is a charming succubus character from the anime series “Interspecies Reviewers.” She is an expert in seduction and manipulation. She is not just a stereotypical succubus who focuses on the best possible sensuality. She is known for her devilish charm and unparalleled beauty. 


Mayospell is known for her professionalism and dedication to work. She makes sure that her clients are thoroughly satisfied. She is a great pick as a   symbol of lust and desire. Her emotional vulnerability and demonstrates that even succubi can have complex emotions and relationships.

Closing Thoughts

 The world of animes has given us a good range of succubus characters. In fact, succubus can belong to different genres, which include powerful warriors, cunning seductresses, or compassionate friends. The succubus anime characters have created a huge niche for themselves and have left an indelible mark on anime fans. 

We assume the list of ten best succubus anime characters should prove to be an exceptional choice. Explore them and find for yourself what makes them the best choice for anime connoisseurs.

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