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10 Sexiest Black Anime Characters – 2024

In the anime world, there aren’t many characters of color, typically. Finding a black character, that too, a black female character, may not be that easy to come by. However, things have been on an evolving course of late. We have been witnessing the anime world becoming all-inclusive. From that perspective, we thought of checking out the best, sexiest Black anime characters that you can relate to. 

And when picking those special black female characters, our focus has been on finding the best characters that are not racist and caricatures. 

10 Best Sexiest Black Anime Characters You Can’t Resist

Without much ado, we will straightaway delve into the best Black female anime characters. 

1. Coffee

Coffee is a black anime character that is a part of Cowboy Bebop. She has a very short screen time, but she still leaves a very lasting impression on the viewers. 


The character of Coffee belongs to the bounty hunter category and excels in her role even with the short duration she gets on the screen. Her fans love her for that sheer Blaxploitation aesthetic and mannerisms. Her characterisation is very wonderful when she confronts Edward and Ein.

2. Hilda

A character from Eureka Seven, she is one of the classic examples of a perfect black female anime character. One of the things I liked about her was her straightforwardness. If she finds something that she sees not fine as per her thoughts, she does not hesitate to express herself. 


She is calm, independent, and wise, making her a beauty with the brains. You will find a sign of bossiness in her character. In fact, she is never ready to take nonsense from anyone. 

3. Carole

In the anime “Carole and Tuesday,” Carole emerges as a remarkable character, celebrated for her unique blend of femininity and masculinity. Polite yet fiercely determined, Carole embodies strength and resilience in pursuing her passion for music. She challenges stereotypes and societal norms, standing as a beacon of individuality and empowerment. Carole’s journey reminds us to embrace our true selves and pursue our passions with unwavering resolve, making her an unforgettable figure in the realm of anime.


You will witness her as a fighter who is never willing to give up at all. But, on the face of it, she appears so soft and so charming. She is an embodiment of soft femininity and intense force – combined together. 

4. Caldina

Vibrant looks, pink hair, a killer dressing sense, and a hypnotiser – those should be a few terms that will describe Caldina. One of the most beloved characters from the anime  Magic Knight Rayearth, she has an excellent dancing skill and illusions. 


She is not just a dancer. She is an assassin as well. You would find her skills in using knives to be quite out of this world. She is also an expert in card games and every other game that involves gambling. Well, she has a very great-looking body, and she barely covers it. That should make her the most desired Black female anime character ever. 

5. Canary

Canary is a ruthless black anime character with a golden heart. She is a very decent, fabulous character. She is too young. But she can handle an entire group of invaders right away. You would not find her to be a caricature kind of character. 


Do not let those luscious locks and cool faces that are innocent fool you ever. She is brave and does not fear getting her hands dirty with the task that she has been entrusted with. That should perhaps be one of the prime reasons that would make her more likable. A part of Hunter X Hunter, she remains a name that should never be missed from the list of sexiest black anime characters. 

6. Miyuki Ayukawa

Miyuki Ayukawa is a true name for the beauty with brains. She is a very valuable character in the series Basquash! She is an engineer and one of the prime characters in making the upgrades to mechanics. 

Miyuki Ayukawa

She is known to be very gentle, loving and kind. You would find her to be an absolute angel, and she is definitely a worthy addition to the list of sexiest black anime characters of all time. What I liked in her character the most is she never hesitates to put her thoughts and feelings across. And yes, before I forget, let me tell you that her loving pink eyes would calm you down to a comfortable extent. 

7. Michiko Malandro

She is a Brazilian, and that should add that extra zeal to her character. The enigmatic presence that she shows is something you may not witness in other animes. She was brought up in an orphanage, and still, she is much aristocratic. Her resilience is one of her strengths – and yes, we are talking about both emotional and physical resilience. 

Michiko Malandro

But, yes, she comes with a huge power. She does not ideally let anyone win her trust right away. A real diva in the true sense of the word, she is definitely someone who can capture anyone’s heart right away!

8. Yoruichi Shihouin

A character from Bleach, she is one woman who can never be excluded from the list of best sexiest black anime characters that you would ever come across. She was born into a wealthy and noble family and has the title of princess. But she does not act like a princess. 

Yoruichi Shihouin

She is known to be strong and smart. She is also witty enough to help you kick the butt in many of the fights. You would definitely want to fall in love with her. She is both laidback, but she can also get into a cut throat fighting right away. 

9. Atsuko Jackson

A critical character in the anime show Michiko to Hatchin, Atsuko Jackson, is a badass black female anime character. She is an Afro-Brazilian anime character. She is a tough character and always in a determined mood to reach her goals. Her relationship with her companion is quite complicated, and that further adds more essence to her character. 

Atsuko Jackson

A frenemy character, she still cares for her friend but has her own issues with him. But, whenever he is in a dire situation, she makes sure to help him out of the situation. She portrays the character as a good friend with a golden heart but always fighting to get her way. 

10. Sister Krone

The character of Sister Krone shows up halfway into the anime show. She is shown as an enemy when she enters but is indeed a friendly character. She is quite adapted to the intense situations. She is quite capable of chasing down the kids and quite athletic in her endeavours. 

Sister Krone

The anime The Promised Neverland sometimes shows her in a stereotypical way of treating black women. Her character is quite complex in the anime, and that is what makes it more intriguing. She comes around with the unmistakable appearance of a black female character with an afro hairstyle and the plump lips of a black woman. She is also a very manipulative character who fights only for her own agenda. 

The Bottom Line

Well, that was a curated list of the sexiest black female anime characters. Japan still has a few racial depictions, and finding the black female anime characters with no sign of racism and stereotypical depiction wasn’t an easy task. We had to go through several characters before finalising this list of the sexiest black anime characters.

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