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Do Mobile Video Games Reduce Stress? {Do You Need VPN For Gaming}

There is one thing we all keep with us all the time, and that is our Mobile Phone. You can keep it loaded with various mobile video games which you can play when you are not feeling so good or something is bothering you simply say, you are in Stress!

You must be thinking why I am advising you to play the game and not listen to a song when you are in stress?

It is because when you start playing a game online, slowly you get into totally for it, and you forget all the stress or sorrow or what you may have. I can relate to it because I have done it so many times, and I am still doing it. When I am so stressed that I can’t work or don’t want to talk to someone, I try to play games that just transport me to a different world. And, even for some time, it takes out all the stress!

Listening to the song is also good, but at times, your sorrows or stress take over because you are not completely involved when you are listening to a song. On the other hand, when you play games, you naturally get into them completely.

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The pressures of daily life can be overwhelming, leading to stress and anxiety. Research has found that mobile games can help reduce the effects of stress and improve mental health. Mobile games and apps offer an accessible, convenient way to relax and have fun without having to leave your home or break the bank. 


It is good if you are playing games when you are stressed! It does wonders for you. But, if you are addicted to mobile gaming, then it may have adverse effects on your overall health as well. So, you would need to keep a balance.

Safety Advice For Playing Games Online

Working in the online industry for more than a decade, I would like to share a piece of safety advice. If you are going to access some random websites to download or play some games, always make use of VPN software such as VeePN or any other that you like. I have been using VeePN’s free chrome extension on my laptop and its mobile app on my smartphone to stay safe.

If you are not going to random websites for games, it is okay not to use a VPN but if you do, must install a VPN app on your device. It will keep your connection encrypted and mask your IP address as well.

I use VeePN

Since it is a security concern, I would like to share more information on this. Since I am using VeePN, I can say a bit more about this awesome VPN so that you are well aware of it, and use it to protect your identity while playing games on random websites. You can check reviews of VeePN and decide if you go with it. My experience has been awesome with this. 

When it comes to using a VPN, people are always skeptical about the Internet connection speed and they ask the question in their head does VPN slow down Internet? To all these people, I would say that gone are the days when we were able to access slow internet connection, and using a VPN slowed it down a bit more. Nowadays, we have high-speed internet, and also, VPN software programs are also advanced and they don’t affect your internet speed much. You will likely experience similar browsing speed while using VPN. But, to be honest, VPNs do slow down internet speed a bit because of the encryption of traffic to make you safe online.

Speed also depends on the VPN servers a VPN company has. If you have the budget, go for a premium VPN, and you will never face any slow-down issues as they have fast VPN servers.

There are many mobile games and applications that can help people with reducing stress and making their daily life easier, and this article will discuss some best of them. 

So, if you’re looking for some of the best apps and games to make your lives easier and stress-free, then keep reading this guide!

5 Best Mobile Games to Reduce Stress

Although all games are good, there are a few I have selected for you which you must play when you are under some kind of stress. I am sure, you will be able to reduce your stress naturally by playing these games.

Bubble Wrap – Pop It

The Bubble Wrap mobile game is a perfect way to reduce stress. With 5 unique patterns and sounds, it provides a calming and soothing environment for players to unwind. 

The bubbles popped counter helps to keep track of progress and provides an interesting challenge for players. With the ability to play infinitely, it can be used as a form of distraction from stressors and can provide an enjoyable way to relax.

My Oasis

My Oasis is a great way to de-stress and relax, and the variety of activities and sounds ensure that you are always enjoying the experience.

My Oasis features realistic brain exercises, relaxation activities, and high-quality sounds to help you relax and reduce stress in a matter of seconds. Smooth controls make it easy to play, and the peaceful sounds and calming music are perfect for calming your mind. 


The Antistress contains a pack of 50+ calming games. It has realistic 3D brain exercises and relaxation toys that help to calm the mind and release stress in minutes. It also has high-quality relaxing sounds to help you relax. 

The smooth controls make it easy to play with the 3D fidget toys, and the different missions in the game help to keep the experience fresh and engaging. All in all, this game is a great way to reduce stress and relax the mind.


The Shapes game is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, as it provides a calming and stress-free atmosphere that can help to clear the mind and provide a mental reset.

It encourages players to use both the creative and logical sides of their brains to complete challenging levels. Its soothing and immersive environment helps to relax the mind and encourages creative thinking. It also provides a sense of satisfaction when each level is completed, leading to a feeling of achievement and relaxation. 


Last but not least on our list of best mobile games to reduce stress is Connection. With its minimalist puzzle levels, soothing soundtrack, and flat design, it offers a calming and stress-relieving environment. 

With no time-limit rules, users can take their time to think and link the dots at their own pace, allowing them to focus on the game and forget about stress. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to relax and de-stress after a long day.


In conclusion, these are some of the best mobile games and applications that can help people with reducing stress and making their everyday life much easier. So, play games, and reduce stress. Also, make use of the VPN of your choice to protect your identity online.

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