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15 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters – 2024

Anime is one of the most influential forms of entertainment, undoubtedly, given that it is so vastly cultural. And so it is no surprise that what we see in an anime has a big influence on us as viewers. Keeping this in mind, the beauty standards that are set on anime plays a major role in the development of a viewpoint of the audience. 

Anime is full of beautiful people with tiny waists.  But sometimes it is necessary for the inclusion of all kinds of people and body positivity to have a break from all the stereotypical protagonists. The plus size anime characters are that necessary break. So let us see among all those traditionally gorgeous beauties which ones have our heart.

15 Plus Size Girl Anime Characters

If we ask you to name one of the fat anime girls would you honestly be able to? Probably not because the anime makers don’t throw them in that frequently. Now there are characters who are very visibly overweight and then there are characters that are a little fatter than the rest of them and that makes them insecure and thus significant. 

And we should not even go to the lengths of how there are annoying stereotypes about these characters not having a personality other than being foody. So here are some of the Sexy Chubby Anime girls who deserve the spotlight no less than the others. 

Hanako Ohtani 

We find Hanako Ohtani in the anime Persona 4 The Animation. We started our list with a stereotypical chubby anime girl. Her being overweight is basically comic relief. 


  • She is a typical foodie who will not let anyone get away with being in the middle of her and her tray of food. 
  • She is very proud of herself with an arrogant attitude. 
  • She is a student enrolled in Yasogami High School in her second year.
  • She is very close with Ms. Kashiwagi and we see the two of them staying together at the Amagi Inn. 
  • She appears in two games.

Shigemi Kubota 

She belongs to the anime Sakamoto desu ga. She is an amazing person. She is an extremely sweet, chubby anime girl.


  • She is frightening as a mother.
  • She is clear about her appeal and looks.
  • She recaptured sight of her maternal senses.
  • She is a very exceptional character for which she makes the rundown.

Satomi Ishihara

She is from the anime Plastic Neesan. The list of the Sexy Chubby Anime girls does not become complete without including this girl because she is a very popular chubby anime girl.


  • She is very cheeky and confident of herself. 
  • She is narcissistic and so full of herself that she tells other people whatever she thinks about them right to their face to the level that it can be offensive. 
  • She is really powerful in character.
  • She projects herself in such a way that she makes herself not only desirable but everyone wants to be her.

Minamo Aoi

She is from Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu. All the characters in this anime are made with a more realistic proportion of their features in mind. Alas, the public reacted negatively and she is one of the fat anime girls who got it worse.  


  • She is aged fifteen.
  • She was an intern who was hired by Masamichi Haru.
  • She was the sister of Souta Aoi.
  • She gradually climbs up the ladder in her job and becomes successful.

Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste is from Howl’s Moving Castle. She is powerful, mean, and evil – all in one. We have to include her in the list of plus size anime characters.


  • She is not just another mean character but she is just the definition of evil itself. 
  • She is very narcissistic and thus uses magic to make her younger and more beautiful.
  • She is the main antagonist in the movie and her evil origin story has to be the fact that she is not what society expects her to be. 


She is from the anime Please tell me! Galko-chan. This girl has been memorable throughout the whole length of the anime.


  • She is one of Galko-chan’s schoolmates and is an individual from the young ladies’ group. 
  • Some people may think that being overweight directly corresponds to being flappy and Nikuko here would prove those people wrong. 
  • She has the epithet of “Sonic Meat” given by the young men of her age.
  • She is very shockingly quick.
  • She proves that being overweight is not a sign of being unfit.

Tamako Inada

She is from the anime Silver Spoon or Gin no Saji. She has a very strong personality that makes her so very memorable and thus the list would have been incomplete without her. 


  • She is one of Hachiken’s cohorts. 
  • She is a businesswoman and aims high like capturing her homeland and turning it into something better.
  • She is very genuine which is a good and also a bad thing
  • If she tries or goes on a fashion diet, one of the most significant Hot Plus size anime girls becomes quite an eye candy. 
  • She is proud of being large.

Yukino Itou

She belongs to the anime Real Drive. She is one of the most famous chubby anime girls. She has two very good friends named Minamo and Sayama. 


  • She is a quiet and chubby girl.
  • She is a teenager with black eyes and dark hair.
  • She is fond of tying a ponytail.
  • She has a very adorning face that is enough to make others jealous.

Mirei Yajimma

She is one of the newcomers and belongs to the anime Genshiken Nidaime. She is an indistinguishable girl who can be recognized from a group of different individuals. She is one of the very popular plus size anime characters.


  • She has an unbiased attire. 
  • She seems to be stocky and is overweight. 
  • She is never seen to have a progressive female dress up. 
  • Yajimma has a reluctant gesture regarding her appearance.

Natsumi Asaoka

She belongs to the anime The Kabocha Wine. She has got the nickname “L” because of her cup size. Natsuni is found to be greater than her partner Shunsuke.


  • She helps her partner to shed clumsiness.
  • She demonstrates to be a very loving partner and proves the word loving couple to be true. 
  • She is on the rundown due to her size.

Yukino Ito

She belongs to the anime RD Sennou Chousashitsu. She is Minami Aoi’s dearest companion and also a cohort. Primarily, she was an assistant at the EISF who later ended up being a full-time representative. 


  • She has an incredibly recognisable appearance.
  • She takes part in a wide range of exercises.
  • She is found to have food at cafes with her friends most of the time. 


Minori is one of the hot plus size anime girls. She has green eyes with shades of olive color and also olive hair. She belongs to the anime No-Rin. 


  • She is an over-defensive character. 
  • Her eyes are somewhat vicious and splendid in nature. 
  • The shape of her chubby figure is noteworthy.


Bertha belongs to the anime Darker Than Black. She has purple hair and green eyes. She depicts herself to be a holy messenger.


  • She is dependent on tobacco. 
  • She quit smoking only after she conceived. 
  • She loves to wear beaded jewelry.
  • Bertha was a Viennese drama artist. 
  • She cherished her youngstar depicting herself as unimaginably delightful.


Yunbo belongs to the anime Xam’d:Lost Memories. She possesses greenish-blue eyes and short hair. Yunbo was first noticed with Ahm in the Zabani cockpit.


  • She is a youthful and plump lady.
  • She has a light complexion which stands out to be a ruling factor for her looks.
  • She is the one who found and recommended Sentan Island. 
  • She has a typical look with a red scarf and a blue dress.


Anime has proved itself to be a very important part of teenage life. If you have been browsing for some of the fattest anime girls then here was an article that would be beneficial for you. We hope that you will not have to go for any further information in this regard.

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