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10 Sexiest Anime Couples

When it comes to the animes, one factor that makes them stand out is the characters that resonate with the audience. There are several anime couples who enthral the audience with beautiful love stories. There are several attractive options that you would witness, right from old age romances to modern ones. Today, we will check out the hottest anime couples who have become iconic with their exciting presence on screen. 

Top 10 Hottest Anime Couples That Stood The Test of Time

With no ado, we will list out the best and hottest anime couples who have redefined romance and inspired real-life couples to achieve their relationship goals. Of course, the couples in anime series are not real, but they stand as proof of how romance can bring new life into your relationships. 

1. Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga

Naruto and Hinata are perhaps the best among the anime couples of all time. Naruto is known for his determination and courage, while Hinata is a name synonymous with gentleness and a shy nature. The love story between the two tells the transformation of Naruto’s lonely life to a life filled with acceptance and love. 

Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga

In fact, they have different personalities, and this difference is what makes them the true couple. In a sense, they complement each other. That is perhaps what makes the anime fans drool over their romance. She is brave enough because of him, and she supports him with her gentleness when he is down. 

 2. Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh

From the anime series, Ouran High School Host Club, is yet another adorable anime couple that made a name for themselves. Theirs is a relationship based on secrecy. Tamaki has a princess-like charm about her. Haruhi is small and looks slight. He has the features that can be termed both feminine and masculine.

Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh 

The pair is perfect, and both of them impress as they are adorable as a guy and stunning as a girl. In fact, this is considered to be an excellent romance in a manga series. In fact, it is a comedic and satirical series, and the two indeed make the best painting ever in the series. 

3. Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma

The romance between Kyo and Tohru is a sort of love-and-hate affair. He pretends that he does not care about her, while he loves her to the core in his heart. And we would witness how she goes on to become a better person because of him. They end up together, complementing each other gradually. 

Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma

Both of them get along so well in the series making them the best anime could ever. She loves him despite him being a monster. They also seem to be doing the right things when one of them is down. The sort of realistic chemistry between them makes them one of the cutest anime couples you would come across. 

4. Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi

It is the romance and relationship between Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi that makes the central plot of the anime series Inuyasha. In fact, they should be the #1 couple in any list of the best anime couples that you would come across, The love story between the two has almost everything that you would expect in a relationship – adventure, battles, and a quest to collect shards of the Shikon Jewel. 

Inuyasha & Kagome Higurashi

Inuyasha has his first love, who is dead, and even when he appears to love her a lot, he is equally by the side of Kagome. She is stuck with him through thick and thin and is the one who loves him for what he is. They are the embodiment of true love, and they spend life together forever. 

5. Vegeta & Bulma

A wonderful couple from the Dragonball series, both Vegeta and Bulma make a good impression as one of the anime’s cutest couples. In fact, they are the most beloved couples in the anime world. Vegeta is a prince, and Bulma is a scientist. The combination of Vegeta’s pride and Bulma’s assertive behaviour makes them a great pair together. 

Vegeta & Bulma

The love story between the two begins as a conflict, but gradually, they begin to understand each other. It finally evolves into an enduring and genuine relationship. If you are an anime fan, you will indeed appreciate the transition of Vegeta from a ruthless warrior to a family man. 

6. Hak and Yona

Hak and Yona are yet another favourite anime couple that has grown adorable. Even when she has several handsome dragons around her, Yona decides to pair up with her protector, Hak. Even when anime fans may find him to be brooding, you will find the couple getting along really well. 

Hak and Yona

She flees her kingdom to be with Hak by her side. During this time, the sweet moments between them appear to be exciting and unique in every way. The occasional teasing and flirting between them makes it an exciting experience for the anime fans. 

7. Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) & Asuna Yuuki

Asuna and Kirito is yet another wonderful anime couples that made you feel oh so romantic. A part of the anime Sword at Online, the cute anime couples indeed impress the anime fans out there. The love that blossoms in the midst of a virtual reality MMORPG makes it quite unique in its own right. 

Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) & Asuna Yuuki

The couple has no awkwardness at all in their relationship. The way they fight along with each other and save each other makes them the most popular anime couples that you would come across. Their relationship is emotionally charged. Anime fans will love their unquivering strong bond. 

8.  Kaneki Ken and Touka Kirishima

They are a part of the anime show Tokyo Ghoul and are one of the anime’s cutest couples. Kaneki is a college student turned half-ghoul, and Touka is a ghoul with a deep mistrust of humans. The couple is perhaps one of the excellent options for the connection between the boundaries between humans and ghouls. 

Kaneki Ken and Touka Kirishima

Their experience is all about the depth of their emotions and the challenges. The pair talks at length about identity, acceptance, and the struggle to belong. Their relationship is all about a symbol of hope and unity in a society divided by fear and prejudice. 

9. Android 18 & Krillin

It is a couple built into the world of fantasy and science fiction. The story is all about Android 18, who is a girl turned into a cyborg. She is converted for destruction and murder. Krillin is supposed to kill her and save the world. But he sees past her Android avatar and wants her to get free. 

Android 18 & Krillin

This combination between a human and a cyborg is unique in itself. They are not definitely the kind of couple you would witness in the typical sense of the word. Anime fans consider them to be the best and perfect couples ever. The feelings that they have for each other are unique in itself. 

10. Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka

A part of the popular anime show Toradora, the pair of Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are indeed the best romantic anime couples. It is an excellent means to find someone falling entirely in love. It is a classic romantic comedy with a perfect twist. 

Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka

Ryuuji is a high school student with an intimidating face, and Taiga is a tiny but feisty girl. Fans love the gradual and heartwarming way of their friendship evolves into love. They help each other despite the personal insecurities that they suffer in their lives. You would find the humour and emotional depth of their interactions. 

Final Words

That was a formidable list of the best couples in the anime community. We would assume that the list of the best couple who love each other would make it a genuinely formidable enough in almost every respect. Most of the couples here stand as proof of the fact that opposites attract each other. 

Check out those favourite couples that have warmed your feelings. Explore each of them and tell us which among them makes a great couple in your view.

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